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Beautiful Voice

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (again not supposed to be for adults although adults may read this) What if Bella wasnt just a klutz but a girl with a voice. what if her long time dream was to become famous and share her voice with the world. What if Bella didnt handle the breakup with Edward like someone had died but a regular teenage breakup. What would happen?? What if bella met someone new? I mean shes got them popping up EVERYWHERE! Oh, but wait theres a TWIST!! You have to read to see what it is. Remember this is only just the beginning Bella/ Luis, Edward, Jacob, or ??????(Unknown or more like unknowns) who will be the lucky guy to fully win bellas heart. My wonderful banner made by eternitys_Charms!!New Chapter is HERE!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to all of those who have reviewed!! you push me to keep updating.Warning: There is a lot of drama


14. School

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As I finished eating my breakfast my doorbell rang. It was probably Luis. When I opened the door I was surprised to see…Jacob.

“um… hey Jake.” I told him. “Come in”

“I need to tell you something very important Bella.” Jacob told me as he came into my house.

“Well can you hurry I have to get to school.” I told him

“Bella do you like me?” He asked me

“Duh, of course I like you silly. You’re my best friend. If that’s all I best be going now.”

“No Bella do you like me like me?”

“Jake…” I started. I thought he knew how I felt about him. “Jake you’re my best friend and I love you with all my heart but not in the way you want me to. I’m sorry”

“That’s okay Bells. I just needed to know, for sure. But don’t worry about me, okay.” I looked up at Jacob and stared into his eyes. Pain was hidden deep in them but I could see that he meant every word.

“Jake I love you. But in the right way. I’m sorry we couldn’t be more.” I said hugging him. He hugged me back tighter. “And hello I’m getting married and I expect you to be there.”

“Sure, sure.” He told me. Ah bring backs memories when we would hang out in his garage. “Anyways we are having a bon fire on Friday, you want to come?”

“Sure I would love to. Can I bring my fiancé?”

“Yes, I guess.”

“well I have to get to school and you have to, to.” I said pushing him out the door while I grabbed the keys and my bag. “Ill call you!” I yelled at Jake as he walked down the street. Hmm, he must have walked far.

As I arrived in the school parking lot everybody had their eyes on my truck. I was forever thankful that the windows were tinted. As I looked around the parking lot I spotted the jeep with an empty parking spot next to it. Luis was leaning against the door and waiting for me. As I looked at the empty parking spot I saw the one thing that I wished I never saw. The silver Volvo was right next to the empty parking spot. My heart started to exhilarate. It couldn’t be him, it must be someone else’s car. I pulled right in between the jeep and the Volvo. Luis walked to my side of the truck and opened my door for me. As I got out Luis gave me a kiss that lasted forever. For a complete second I forgot that the silver Volvo was even there. As I broke the kiss for some air I heard the Volvo door slam shut. I looked at the Volvo and saw Edward looking at me. OH my gosh! He just saw me kiss my fiancé. Wow that sounded weird on so many levels. I didn’t realize that I was still staring at Edward until Luis coughed. My attention snapped back to him.

“Are you okay, sweet?” I asked Luis. For some reason it felt weird to call him sweet. I could also feel Edwards eyes and practically the entire schools eyes on me waiting to see what happened.

“I’m okay love.” Luis told me. Just then I saw Derek and Spencer walking towards us. I ran towards them and gave them a big hug. They were like my big brothers and even during the short amount of time we haven’t seen each other I was beginning to really miss their irritating and annoying voices. After I finished hugging them both I looked past them trying to look for Mana. Hmm.. Where was he. I looked at Derek and Spencer with bright smiles spread a crossed their faces. Next thing I know two arms in circle me from behind and lift me up in the air.

“Mana!” I said laughing. every time he picked me up like that I always laughed. That was where I was the most ticklish. “S-s-s-stop!” I screamed at him. He finally put me down.

“Sorry little sis, I couldn’t help it.” Mana said amusement in his eyes and a smile across his face. I punched him in the arm playfully.

“I know.” I said still laughing. “But your going to get it, watch out.” I looked around the school and saw that they were looking at us with smiles displayed on their faces. Then I spotted Angela, mike, Eric, Taylor, Jessica, and Lauren. Wow did Lauren mess up her hair, she looked like a boy. I started to giggle. I turned back to look at Luis and the guys.

“Lets go say hi to my friends.” I said cheerfully. I grabbed Luis’s hand.

“I thought we were your friends?” Derek said pouting. Mana and Spencer following his lead and pretend crying.

“You are not my friends you are my best friends and practically my brothers. You guys will always be my favorite.” I told them they perked up a little

“Well I guess. But if you leave us to hang out with them that means you like them better.” Derek said putting his hand on his hip looking at my old group of friends.

“Oh shut up. Lets go.” I walked with Luis hand in hand towards my old group of friends. As we approached them I let go of Luis’s hand and ran towards Angela. We gave each other a big bear hug. Then I said hi to Mike, Eric, Taylor, And Jessica and gave them hugs. I ignored Lauren. They all greeted me. They were happy that I was back. We all went to the picnic tables and began to talk about what we’ve all been up to. As Luis sat next to me I rested my head on his shoulders as he placed his arm around me keeping me warm from the cold air. Mana sat on my other side while Derek and Spencer sat across from us. Th rest of the gang sat down in different places. I was so warm in Luis’s arms that I started to drift off to sleep. As everyone kept on talking they became softer and softer, that is until the Bell went off. We all got up to head to our classes. Luis and I had first, third, fourth, and sixth period together. As we said our goodbyes to everyone Luis, Derek, Mana, Spencer, and I headed off towards the same direction until I saw the Cullen’s.