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Beautiful Voice

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (again not supposed to be for adults although adults may read this) What if Bella wasnt just a klutz but a girl with a voice. what if her long time dream was to become famous and share her voice with the world. What if Bella didnt handle the breakup with Edward like someone had died but a regular teenage breakup. What would happen?? What if bella met someone new? I mean shes got them popping up EVERYWHERE! Oh, but wait theres a TWIST!! You have to read to see what it is. Remember this is only just the beginning Bella/ Luis, Edward, Jacob, or ??????(Unknown or more like unknowns) who will be the lucky guy to fully win bellas heart. My wonderful banner made by eternitys_Charms!!New Chapter is HERE!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to all of those who have reviewed!! you push me to keep updating.Warning: There is a lot of drama


17. Airplane Ride

Rating 4/5   Word Count 651   Review this Chapter

Luis and I sat next to each other on the plane. Luis was my best friend of course not as close as me and Jacob but close enough. All because we were dating and he was cheating on me, and I was cheating on him, didn’t mean I we still couldn’t rely on each other, right? I couldn’t hold it back any more. I was going to come up front about last night.

“I saw you last night.” I told him quietly. He looked at me with shame in his eyes. “I think I knew for a long time.”

“Bella I’m sorry. Its just that I didn’t want to hurt you. And I love you. Trust me I truly do but in a sisterly best friend kind of way.” Luis told me. I took in his words listening to them carefully and seeing how I felt about him.

“I feel the same.” I told him. “I think we both knew that for a long time but we just never really wanted to see it that way.”


“What about the band, the engagement, the fans, and what about us?” I asked him. “Are we going to stick together as friends and tell the whole world that we’ve both been cheating on each other, or what?”

“How about we take it one step at a time.”

“You know what, I agree. Plus this is great material for a song, wait no songs.” I told him creating lyrics in my head. “I already have one song down.”

“Great. How about we announce at the concert that we will not be getting married and have new songs for them.”

“How will we learn the songs in time?”

“we can practice at the hotel.” he said

“Okay we handled the engagement”






“The fans?” I said looking at Luis.

“I think they’ll be okay.” Luis said smiling.

“cant wait till the concert.” I said squeezing his hand.

“Yeah the new songs are going to be a hit. You’re the best song writer I know.”

“I like just being friends.”

“Best friends.” he told me smiling. Then I remembered something.

“Here I think you should have this back.” I told him taking the ring off my hand and handing it to him.

“No you keep it. It was meant for you and only you. Think of it as a friendship ring.” I didn’t know what to think or do so I just kept it.

“Thank you.” I was about to kiss him on his lips but then remembered. We were friends not friends with benefits. So I kissed him on the cheek.

“I’m going to miss your kisses that’s for sure.”

“But you still get my hugs.” I said hugging him.

“It doesn’t feel the same.”

“Yeah it doesn’t, does it?” I asked. “Ha I just got another song in my head. I’m on a role.”

“hopefully the guys will learn the songs fast enough and understand that we aren’t engaged anymore but just friends.”

“They’ll understand. Did they know about you?”

“No I was ashamed to tell anyone. I knew I should’ve broken it off with you first.”

“I should’ve to before I kissed another guy.”

“Hmm. So you were also turning people on.” he said smirking.

“I guess.” I said with a smile. “oh I got another song.”

“Hey I guess our break up is going to be a hit.”

“Yeah, what ever.”

We were interrupted by the pilot.

“The plane will be landing in 10 minutes.” thank goodness. My butt was starting to cramp. I looked out the window and saw a landscape so beautiful. There were huge mountains and trees that danced in the wind. Then as we approached, buildings became bigger and bigger. I saw cars that looked like ants and just everything that I love about getting to sit by the window on a airplane.