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Beautiful Voice

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (again not supposed to be for adults although adults may read this) What if Bella wasnt just a klutz but a girl with a voice. what if her long time dream was to become famous and share her voice with the world. What if Bella didnt handle the breakup with Edward like someone had died but a regular teenage breakup. What would happen?? What if bella met someone new? I mean shes got them popping up EVERYWHERE! Oh, but wait theres a TWIST!! You have to read to see what it is. Remember this is only just the beginning Bella/ Luis, Edward, Jacob, or ??????(Unknown or more like unknowns) who will be the lucky guy to fully win bellas heart. My wonderful banner made by eternitys_Charms!!New Chapter is HERE!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to all of those who have reviewed!! you push me to keep updating.Warning: There is a lot of drama


21. Concert thoughts

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Emmet’s POV

As we took our seats the voices of teenage girls screaming and everyone else who were there was staring to hurt my ears. There were over 2 thousand people all screaming and chanting for Bella. My little sis. Well not my little sis anymore thanks to stupid, selfish Edward. He must’ve been listening to me because he growled and inaudible growl to low for any humans to hear.

What? It is your fault she’s not going to be my clumsy little sis. Now she has those other guys as her big brothers. They even get to call her sis. I’m not even aloud to. I thought. Edward just glared at me but pain deep in his eyes from the mention of the other four guys Bella had in her life.

“I am not pained by the mere mention of them.” Edward hissed at me.

Sure. I thought back.

A few minutes later Bella came on stage and announced her big news. I was shocked that they would break it off so soon. In the limo ride here they looked like they couldn’t be separated at all. No wonder why Edward was so darn happy when we went to Bella’s hotel room. I looked at Edward. It looked like he wanted to dance and sing on stage from the joy that Bella was single. And to think that she’ll take him back just like nothing ever happened. As if. I looked at Edward again he was looking at his hands.

Esme’s POV

Oh, my. Bella, our Bella. Can sing! How lovely!

Rosalie POV

Pfft. She thinks she can sing. I bet if I had my own band I would be number one world wide. I mean who could resist me. Edward let out a chuckle.

Shut it Edward. I thought, giving him a glare. He just had on this stupid smirk of his.

Alices POV

Isabella Marie Swan… can sing! OMG! Why didn’t she tell me she could sing. And why didn’t I see this coming. Ugh! Wait now I remember why I didn’t see this coming. Because Edward didn’t want me looking into her future. As Bella sang her new song so what I was engulfed in a set of multiple visions.

First vision.

Bella was on stage with her band touring the world. She had no one to love and had given up on Edward and the rest of the guys who adored her.

Second vision.

Bella’s future was blank, empty, gone, dead. she’s was nowhere to be find. Her world was empty from my mind.

Third vision.

Bella was snuggled close to Edward as they looked up into each others eyes with so much love, until they gave a heart warming kiss. They were reunited. Edward had on a smile that I haven’t seen him wear since he left Bella.

End of visions.

I was bewildered. Three visions. One with pure happiness that Bella and Edward might be together again, one where Bella may stick to her music and tour the world, and one where she may possible have died. Edward looked more excited then he ever been that there might be a chance with him and Bella. But I was still wondering what was going on in that head of Bella’s. all I could do was keep my highly trained eyes on her. The concert finished and I ran up to her backstage and we started to talk about the special song that I knew had to be about Edward, but we were interrupted by Nicholas Braun. I looked into the future and saw he was going to ask her out but she turned him down. Poor fellow. He was pretty cute.