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Beautiful Voice

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (again not supposed to be for adults although adults may read this) What if Bella wasnt just a klutz but a girl with a voice. what if her long time dream was to become famous and share her voice with the world. What if Bella didnt handle the breakup with Edward like someone had died but a regular teenage breakup. What would happen?? What if bella met someone new? I mean shes got them popping up EVERYWHERE! Oh, but wait theres a TWIST!! You have to read to see what it is. Remember this is only just the beginning Bella/ Luis, Edward, Jacob, or ??????(Unknown or more like unknowns) who will be the lucky guy to fully win bellas heart. My wonderful banner made by eternitys_Charms!!New Chapter is HERE!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to all of those who have reviewed!! you push me to keep updating.Warning: There is a lot of drama


35. Shocked to the Core

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There was Jared, and in his arms was another girl. They were in a loving embrace, but broke apart when they felt everyone stiffen and become silent. I looked around, ashamed of myself. Tears came and tried to escape, but i tried with all my might to keep them from falling. Thoughts in my head whirled around, my heart felt as if it were breaking but healing at the same time.

"What are you guys lookin-" Jared drifted off when he turned his head towards me. His eyes widened. "Bella!"

A tear fell down my face. I cleared my throat as Jared got up and started coming towards me.

"No. Its okay. I'm sorry I interrupted. I was just looking for Jacob." I said. I looked around the bon fire, but didn't find Jacob.

"I guess he's not here. Sorry again." I said and turned to leave. I felt like a fool.

"Bella wait!" Jared said running towards me.

"No its fine. Just do what you were doing. I'll go and find Jacob." I said continuing to walk back towards my hummer.

"Bella let me explain!" Jared said jogging up to me and making me turn towards him. I looked away towards the trees. I wished with all my might that i never came.

"Bella, please, look at me!" Jared begged. I turned to look at him slowly. My heart beating wildly.

"Explain what? Theres nothing to explain. Honestly, I'm just looking for Jacob." I said trying to make it sound convincing even to my own ears.

"Bella, i know that's not why you came here. Its just that,I don't know how to explain it. Its like while you were gone, I felt disconnected with you. I felt like something broke between us, like...didn't you get that type of feeling?" He asked, almost pleadingly.

"Yes." I said softly. More tears escaping even though i tried with all my strength not to. Jared seemed to relax at that.

"After that thing broke between us, I was depressed, almost suicidal. I stayed in my room all weekend. I tried to call you, but you never answered. Last night my mom made me go to the store and get groceries. I ran into Kim and I don't know. It was like how i felt when i first met you, but stronger. Its just confusing. I'm sorry Bella." Jared bowed his head and looked down at the ground. "Sorry about what happened to your mom and now everything between us."

"Jared." I said softly. "Its okay. It's not your fault. I actually came tonight to tell you something."


"That I love someone else. Over the weekend a lot of things happened. When i thought of you, i didn't feel anything but guilt. That's all i felt." I admitted. Jared just looked away and nodded his head.

"So where do we stand?" He asked.

"As friends." I said, one last tear falling. Jared wiped it away and smiled.

"I like that. And I'm sorry Bella, about everything."

"Jared its okay." I said cutting him off and laughing."It hurts a little about me and you, but we've both obviously moved on. And about my mom, well... I'll get through it."

"That's good. I'm still here for you Bella. I'm still here, don't forget that." I smiled up at him.

"I wont." I hugged him then. "Thank you."

"Nothing to thank me for." Jared said as I pulled from his arms.

"Bye Jared."

"Bye, Bella."

As i began to leave, Jared called from behind.

"Oh and since you were making a big deal about looking for Jacob," Jared said smiling. "He's at your house, probably waiting for you. Or he's at his house because he didn't want to come to the bon fire and look at me. He was disgusted for what i was doing to you, you know being with Kim. But he understood, he still didn't agree though. He really loves you Bella. Really, really loves you."

"I know." I said to myself.

"Thanks Jared! I'll see you around." I yelled back at Jared.

"Bye!" He yelled back and then disappeared back into the woods.

As I got into my hummer, I felt relieved but confused and overwhelmed with emotions again. Jared and I were friends now. We understood each others circumstances and we didn't hate each other. That was a plus. Falling in love with Mana, another plus. Dealing with Edward and finding out where we know stood was another plus. All i was confused about now was Jacob, But first i had to deal with the most important thing in my life. Planning my own mother and step fathers funeral. How did this happen? _______________________________________________________________

Authors note:

Bella's boy count: +:done with * :thinking about

+Edward *Jacob +Luis *Mana +Jared +Nicholas

There are many more twists and turns to encounter. Will there be more boys? Or will some come back to win Bella's heart?