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Beautiful Voice

AGE: TEEN/ EVERYONE (again not supposed to be for adults although adults may read this) What if Bella wasnt just a klutz but a girl with a voice. what if her long time dream was to become famous and share her voice with the world. What if Bella didnt handle the breakup with Edward like someone had died but a regular teenage breakup. What would happen?? What if bella met someone new? I mean shes got them popping up EVERYWHERE! Oh, but wait theres a TWIST!! You have to read to see what it is. Remember this is only just the beginning Bella/ Luis, Edward, Jacob, or ??????(Unknown or more like unknowns) who will be the lucky guy to fully win bellas heart. My wonderful banner made by eternitys_Charms!!New Chapter is HERE!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to all of those who have reviewed!! you push me to keep updating.Warning: There is a lot of drama


7. Happening now

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***** 1 year later*****

I just finished my second album called love me, leave me. It was amazing. I got my favorite band, Cold Love to back up my vocals and an amazing co- singer, Luis who is also my boyfriend for about a year. I’m in L.A right now and enjoying every part of it. I cant believe it was only a year ago that I was a clumsy girl and lived in forks. Now I’m living the dream I’ve always wanted. I still have my six best friends, Angela whose my manager, Luis my boyfriend and Co- singer, Derek, Spencer, and Mana, who are my band, and Jacob my comfort for when I’m sad.

“Bella.” Angela said waving her hand in front of my face.

“Yeah?” I asked her

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m just thinking.”

“Well okay than.” Angele said wiry. “Oh don’t forget we are all going to go out to eat.”

“Yeah!” I yelled after her as she walked out my door of my studio. Everything seems like a dream. I’m just so excited that I finally made it this far. I already sold over a million albums on my first album called Breaking Heart over a 5 months ago. I’m rich, happy, and have the best boyfriend and best friends/ co workers ever, but there always seem to be something missing. I just don’t know what it is and it makes my mind wonder.


Edwards POV- 5 months ago

I was curled in a ball trying to keep from hyperventilating. My insides were screaming aloud from the pain. My heart was aching for the one person I had chose to leave for her own safety. Bella, my Bella. I don’t even have the privilege of saying my Bella anymore and that made me start to sob uncontrollably. I had lost my angle, my wonderful amazing angle. My air, my light, my life, my reason for existing. I pushed her away and told her I didn’t love her and she believed me. That night I told her that my world came crashing down, my head started spinning, and my heart shattered into a million pieces.


We came to a stop in the forest. We were on the trail and her house was still in view. I didn’t want to do this but I had to find the strength to do it.

“Bella we’re leaving.” I said, talking about my family and I.

“Where are we going?” She asked. She didn’t understand what I meant by “we”.

“Bella, when I meant by we, I meant my family and I.” I looked at her, but she was still calm.

“When are you coming back?” She asked sounding more pained than her expression let out.

“Never.” I said staring at her. Her face fell but she put her expression back together. I knew she was hoping that I hadn’t noticed.

“But… w..w…why?” She said finally breaking down. I kept on a straight face.

“Because Bella. I need space. I cant stand being here with you anymore. It kills me to smell you or even look at you. I just need my own space Bella. I cant handle it any more.” I said. My heart starting to break and the pain coming faster. “I don’t love you Bella. Cant you see that. I never loved you and never will. We just weren’t made for each other.” I looked at her. Her expression filled with pain, resentment, and just pure understanding. When I told her I didn’t love her my world went blank and I was on the verge of sobbing. I needed to get out fast

“I get it Edward. I always had a feeling that we weren’t made for each other. I knew you couldn’t love me and I except that.” She said biting her bottom lip that was trembling. I knew she was lying to herself. She loved me, right? I felt my heart being wrenched out. “ But promise me something.”

“Anything.” I said softly.

“Find a beautiful girl you can love. One that will brighten up your day and make you want to sing and dance.” She said letting out a sad giggle. “I want that for you, promise me that.”

“Of course.” My Bella my wonderful Bella was hurting and she was concerned for me. The person who just told her that he doesn’t love her or even care for her. Why was I doing this. I was being a cruel, cold hearted monster. “But Bella I need you to know that, with all my frozen heart I lo-”

“Please Edward, just don’t. Please just leave and never come back.” I looked at her and I could see she meant it. Every single word she just said was true. She didn’t want me. I had to go before I broke down in front of her.

“Its nice meeting you Bella. I have to go. Goodbye forever.” As I said that I raced home. As I came into the house in under 10 seconds I flew up into my room and broke dawn and sobbed.

End of flashback

I finally got out of my ball and turned on my radio. My family and I were currently living in Alaska with the Denali coven. I went to my black couch and curled up into a ball once more. I started sobbing ever so lightly so none of my family members could suffer with me. They missed Bella to and were quiet mad and understanding towards me. As I put my self closer into a tight ball I heard someone on the radio.

“Hey everybody we have a surprise for you. Bella Swan is our guest speaker!” The radio announcer said. My Bella was on the radio. “ So Bella how does it feel to have your new hit single ‘Cinderella Story’?

“Well Dj Mack.” Bella said with a giggle. Ah her beautiful giggle so soft and sweet. My heart winced in pain and my head went dizzy. Oh how I was torn to pieces. “ it’s a wonderful song. I know I shouldn’t be saying this but I actually made this song up from my old relationship. This song kind of relates to how I felt when we broke up.” I was the one who left her. She didn’t even do anything wrong and it hurt me to hear her say this. “ Oh I also made this song with one of my old friends from Hawaii who played this song on the ukulele.”

“Well why don’t we put your number one hit song on? I’m sure everybody’s dying to hear it.” Dj Mack said.

“Why not. I also want to dedicate this song to all those girls who’ve had bad relationships.”

“Okay heres it is folks.” Dj Mack said

[Verse 1]
I was walking down the street one day
when I realized what I had to say to him
There was something that was on my mind
coz these feelings I just can't hide
But it wasn't the right thing to do
coz he called and said, "Girl i'm breakin' up with you"
You always broke my heart
and thats why i'm falling apart.
It was supposed to be a Cinderella story
we were supposed to make a very happy family
but it turned out to be that he wasn't
He wasn't, the right guy for me
[Verse 2]
Did I do something wrong please tell me
did I hurt you oh baby please tell me
Was it you or was it me please tell me
it was supposed to be a Cinderella story
I remember when you would call me your baby
i was supposed to be your queen
And you supposed to be my king
living happily ever lasting

My heart was aching, this song was shredding me up. But Bella’s voice kept me from turning it off. It was so beautiful and amazing. I never knew she would become famous one day. I need to see her.