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Unknown Desire

I realized the moment I saw him I loved him. That I could never love anyone else, no matter what I may think. That at this very moment, I wanted his lips on mine, and I wanted him. Forever.
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Nessie has reached full growth and she has made up her mind: she wants to try dating. She meets a new guy named Josh. With two men battling for her heart: will she choose her soul mate, or someone new?

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11. Chapter 10

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My mom shielded our minds so he wouldn't hear us. I had to admit, I was very nervous. Jake seemed at ease, but I can't say the same for myself. I took my hand out of his, not to be suspicious, and stood next to him. My dad walked in.

“Hello everyone. Is something wrong?” he asked when he saw everyone crowded in the room.

“No, Daddy. Every thing's fine.” I answered.

“Then why is Bella shielding? What is it?” he looked pretty frustrated.

“Dad, Jake and I are a couple now.” I thought I should just come out and say it.

“Okay.” he nodded, I stared at him, astonished.

“What?” I breathed.

“I'd rather you date Jacob than someone we don't know.” he shrugged. My mother seemed as surprised as me.

“Wow Edward. I missed this side of you!” she walked over to him and kissed him.

“Ew, that's our cue to leave!” I shouted, pulling Jake out the door. We ran to the meadow my mom and dad loved so much.

“See what I meant?” I asked when we got there as I sat on the ground.

“Yeah, they are a very much in love couple.” he answered.

“What would that make us?” I teased.

“The same, but we won't do that in front of your family!” he laughed. I looked around.

“Well, I don't see any family here, do you?” I had a mocking tone to my voice.

“Nope.” he grinned, joining me on the ground.

“Well then, what should we do?” I raised my eyebrows. He kissed me, pushing me backwards. I put my hands on his face, showing him some of my thoughts from earlier. He growled in response.

“No.” he declined against my lips.

“Fine then.” I said, moving away from him and turning my back on him.

“Aw, don't be mad. You know that I want to!” he said.

“Do you? I'm under the impression that you don't.” I pouted.

“Nessie, how could I not want you? I love you. Your perfect in every way. I'm just thinking of you. Not now, okay?” he didn't want me to be upset with him.

“When?” I demanded.

“Soon.” he promised, brushing my hair from my neck as he kissed it. I moved away again.

“No, I should get home.” I started to get up, but he stopped me and pulled me back to him.

“You should stay here.” he protested. I decided to try reverse psychology.

“I really should go.” I said.

“I wish you would stay.” he murmured.

“Prove it.”I challenged. He brought our lips together, in a way to make me think I could win this now. Keeping my reverse psychology plan, I pulled away, stood up, and began to leave with a smile on my face so he couldn't see.

“Told you I would make it hard!” I called as I ran to the house, laughing my head off.

When I walked into the house, I was still laughing at the revenge I was getting.

“Whatcha laughing at Ness?” Emmett asked.

“Nothing. I imagined something funny. Girl stuff.” I lied.

“Oh, alright then.” he wasn't gonna keep up the conversation. I went upstairs and took a shower. I dressed in a pair of silky shorts and a t-shirt and walked back to my room. I jumped out of my skin when I saw Jake on my bed.

'What are you doing?' I mouthed.

'Visiting you.' he mouthed back and shrugged. If we talked, everyone would hear us with their super sensitive hearing. I was grateful that my parents were staying at the cottage tonight, for some reason I did not ask about, so my Dad wouldn't catch us.

I felt a bit turned on that we were being so sneaky. I skipped to the bed and sat next to Jake. I put my hand to his cheek, wondering what we were gonna do. He shrugged in response. I rolled my eyes, and imagined him kissing me goodnight. He made my thought come true, and I settled into bed. I made sure my door was locked, not that it would stop anyone in this house, and fell asleep in Jake's arms.

I woke up to banging on my door.

“Renesmee, you better open this door, NOW!” Dad's voice ordered. I sighed and opened the door, poking my head out.

“Yes, Daddy?” I asked. He shoved my door open and glared at Jake.

“Why the hell is he in here? You cannot have a boy in your room!” he shouted.

“Yes, I can. I am an adult now. You cannot tell me what to do.” I rebelled.

“Like I don't know what you've been doing!” he replied.

“Sleeping? Read our thoughts, nothing happened! You can't be mad at me for this anyway.” I instantly knew my defense.

“Why not?” he demanded.

“You did the same thing.” my voice was full of acid. He didn't answer, his face was angry. “It's not the same.” he replied.

“My boyfriend, watching me sleep. That's not what you and Mom did?” I asked with a mock questioning voice.

“Well, I- we, ugh!” he stuttered.

“Bye Dad.” I shut my door in his face, smiling at Jake about my victory. I went back to where I was before I was interrupted, in Jake's arms.

“Nice.” he said sarcastically.

“Well, I wasn't just gonna let him freak out when there wasn't a reason for it!” I argued. He nodded in agreement.

“I bet he's gonna hate me now.” he said.

“No, he won't. There's no reason. Yet.” I smiled. He rolled his eyes. There was a loud howl from outside.

“Wanna do something tonight?” he randomly asked.

“Sure!” I agreed.

“Okay, I'm gonna pick you up at 5 okay?” he asked.

“Great. See you then.” I kissed him good-bye. He began to jump out my window.

“Jake! You can take the stairs!”

“Not unless I wanna die!” he replied.

“Oh, right. You can die after out date.” I joked. He sighed.

“Bye Ness.”

“Bye Jake.” he ducked out my window. I heard the sound of him phasing in the forest. I sighed. I had a date tonight. With Jake. Suddenly, my phone rang.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Nessie, it's Josh.” the voice greeted me. Oh crap.