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Unknown Desire

I realized the moment I saw him I loved him. That I could never love anyone else, no matter what I may think. That at this very moment, I wanted his lips on mine, and I wanted him. Forever.
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Nessie has reached full growth and she has made up her mind: she wants to try dating. She meets a new guy named Josh. With two men battling for her heart: will she choose her soul mate, or someone new?

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12. Chapter 11

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“Hi Josh. What's up?” I wondered.

“Listen, sorry I haven't called you.” he apologized.

“It's fine. I need to talk to you,” I started.

“Lemme ask you something first.” he cut me off. “Wanna go out tonight?” he offered.

“Er, Josh. I can't.” I declined.

“Oh, that's fine. When are you free next?” he just wasn't gonna give up.

“I can't.” I repeated.

“What? Why not?” he demanded.

“Well, I-” he cut me off again.

“Is it because of our kiss?” he asked.

“Uh, no. I-I-I,” I stuttered, I didn't want to hurt him.

“Just spit it out already!” his tone was so rude! As if using my Uncle Jasper's power, I took his emotion as my own. I was furious.

“Okay, I got back together with my ex! I'm going out with him tonight! There! Don't call me anymore!” I shouted into the phone, snapping it shut. I hoped I would never hear from Josh again.

I checked the clock, 12pm. Five more hours. Ugh. I decided to go eat something, not my favorite thing to do. I didn't want to hunt alone, I definitely don't want my family with me, so I settled for human food.

I walked to the kitchen and decided on pizza. I put the pizza in the oven and waited for it to be cooked. It took 20 minutes, so I went to the living room to see Emmett and Rosalie making out. I cleared my throat loudly, they didn't respond.

“Hey! Stop sucking each other's faces!” I shouted. Rose pulled away, embarrassed, to Emmett's disappointment.

“Thanks.” he turned on me.

“Anytime!” I responded, he scowled at me, causing me to grin back. I sat right in between them, Rose didn't mind but Emmett did. I grinned wider at him.

“Love you, Uncle Emmett!” I annoyed him. He hissed.

“Emmett! Don't you ever do that again!” Rosalie scolded him, hugging me. I stuck my tongue out at Emmett.

“Whatever.” he murmured and stormed away. I started laughing and Rosalie joined in. We slapped quick high-fives.

“Nice one.” she praised me. We talked for a little while. The timer beeped, signaling my pizza was ready. I ate slowly and hung out with my Aunt Rosalie. We were soon joined by my Aunt Alice, then my Mom, making it a girl's bonding time.

After some laughing, watching TV, and talking, I checked the clock to see 4:30pm.

“I have to get ready!” I screamed, as I scrambled up the stairs.

I ran to my closet and threw on a short, pink, spaghetti-strapped dress and matching heels. I let my hair be its natural curls, and applied my make-up easily. I added a little jewelry, and I was done! Getting ready is so easy for me, but I always stress. The clock read 4:30pm, so I grabbed my purse, keys, and phone, and went downstairs to wait.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Ding-Dong. I skipped to answer the door. Jake was dressed nice, a nice shirt and pants, even a tie. We stared into each other's eyes, neither one of us speaking.

“Hi.” I breathed.

“Hey.” he replied.

“Ready to go?” he snapped out of his daze. I nodded and he took my hand, eagerly leading me to the Rabbit. After driving for a half hour, I couldn't wait any longer to ask,

“Where are we going?”

“It's a surprise.” he answered.

“I hate surprises.” I whined.

“I know.” he grinned, I glared at him. I decided on a new approach.

“Pleeeeaaaase?” I begged, my eyes staring into his. His eyes told me he was about to give in, but he regained his self-control.

“No.” he denied, obviously pleased with himself.

“You're getting better.” I complimented him.

“It's so hard to say no to you!” he complained.

“Hasn't stopped you lately.” I mumbled under my breath. He pulled the car over, which made me think he was mad at me for saying that. He couldn't be mad at me, I only spoke the truth. He couldn't, right? Oh no! He's mad at me. My thought raced ahead. He got out, making me think he was leaving, but to my surprise, opened my door and took my hand.

“We're here.” he announced, kissing my forehead. He took me into a restaurant and gave the hostess his name, she led us to the back. Once we walked through the back door of the restaurant, I was amazed at what I saw.

A beautiful gazebo, with a table for two. Candle-lit dinner, soft music playing, and a waiter standing by the table.

“Wow.” I breathed.

“Surprise!” he boomed.

“It's beautiful.” I whispered. He led me to the table, pulling the chair out for me. He sat across from me.

“Why are you so far away?” I complained.

“Sorry.” he chuckled, he moved his chair next to me.

“Who knew you were so romantic?” I teased. We stared into each other's eyes, he leaned in to kiss me gently. The kiss started out light but my hands locked in his hair, refusing to break away. I don't think he minded too much, he responded easy enough.