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Unknown Desire

I realized the moment I saw him I loved him. That I could never love anyone else, no matter what I may think. That at this very moment, I wanted his lips on mine, and I wanted him. Forever.
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Nessie has reached full growth and she has made up her mind: she wants to try dating. She meets a new guy named Josh. With two men battling for her heart: will she choose her soul mate, or someone new?

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16. Chapter 15

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Tons and tons of skimpy outfits. Alice pulled me into the section labeled Sexy.

“NO!” I screamed, thankfully nobody noticed.

“You're being ridiculous.” she rolled her eyes.

“I'm not that kind of person! I doubt anyone would wanna see me in these.” I motioned to a rack of tiny clothes.

“Oh, Jake would love that.” she giggled, I growled.

“Plus, Esme made a house for you and Jake!” she revealed.

“What? When? Oh god, how am I supposed to tell my parents!” I slapped my forehead.

“Already done. Where do you think they've been lately? They've been decorating!” she grinned.

“Well, regardless, I'm not wearing that.” I insisted.

“Try some on.” she demanded, launching a few outfits at me.

“Fine.” I groaned in defeat.

“Yay!” she began to celebrate her victory by whipping more clothes at me as I was in the fitting room. I tried on the first outfit, a complete nightmare. It was blue, and cut in a horrifying way. I did want to look good, but resorting to lingerie made me feel like a cheap hooker. I unwillingly put on the outfit, and called Alice in to show her, after she demanded to see.

“Oh. My. God. Nessie!” she squealed.

“It's perfect for the first night in the house! I can see it now! Well, I can't see it, but I know it'll be perfect!”she gushed.

“Fine. I'll buy it. Can we leave now?” I whined.

“Yeah, sure.” she had a guilty look on her face, with something behind her back. I spun her around before she could realize what I was doing.

“Alice! What's all that for?” she had a ton of clothes in her small arms.

“Oh, you need some... I need some.” she tried to sound blasé.

“Okay, mental picture.” I teased her, she stuck her tongue out at me.

Once we paid, we finally got to leave. We chatted a little while, laughing every few minutes.

“Alice, you're like my best friend.” I declared.

“Nessie, you're my best friend too.” she grinned, I gave her a quick hug.

After just a half hour, we were home. I went straight to my room, Alice ordered the men to bring in the bags. There was a something flat on my bed addressed Nessie. I opened it up.

Dear Nessie,

I have to run a patrol, I'll be gone for a while. Sorry. Don't be mad. I'll be back as soon as I can. I love you, Jake.

Damn. I thought, he'll be gone all night. Well, there goes my night! I laid my head on the pillow and shut my eyes. Somehow, I fell asleep. I woke up at about 3pm.

“Damn! I slept the rest of the morning!” I said out loud. I looked around, No Jake. I decided to go to La Push, to say hi to some friends. I put a bikini on under my clothes, in case I went to the beach. I walked downstairs, out the door, and hopped in my car. I drove quickly to La Push.

The beach was kind of crowded, I went to sit on the end of a cliff. I noticed that there were people cliff diving, I recognized them as werewolves.

“Hi Seth!” I shouted as I saw Seth.

“Nessie!” he shouted back and ran over to me, pulling me into a tight hug.

“You're all wet!” I complained as I got soaked.

“Ha ha, you're wet too. Look at you! I haven't seen you in weeks.” he grinned at me.

“Yeah, I haven't made it here in a while. Who else is here?” I asked as I saw some people jumping.

“Um, Quil and Embry are here. And Leah.” he answered.

“Ah, Leah.” I mumbled.

“I don't see why you guys hate each other.” he chuckled. Leah. She had hated me since I was born, even though she never said two words to me. I tried to talk to her, it didn't end well.

Hey Leah.” I greeted her one day. She began to shake a little.

LEAH! CONTROL!” Jake shouted at her, always protective.

What else am I supposed to do when a leach wants to be my friend?” she spat back at him.

Leah, stop it.” he didn't want me to hear that.

Why? Shouldn't she know that she's a monster?” she challenged. Jake's hands began to shake, Leah's body began to shake. That was the first time I had ever seen Jake almost lose control near me.

Jake,” I put my hand on his chest. “Stop it.” he calmed at my touch.

Oh great! She has complete control over you. Pathetic.” Leah growled and ran into the woods.

I shuddered at the memory of the day I vowed never to talk to Leah.

“You know, she feels bad about that one day.” Seth whispered, sending my flashback away.

“Yeah, alright.” I grumbled.

“You wanna dive with us?” Seth offered.

“Um, can I?” I wondered, terrified of Leah.

“Quil! Embry! Ya want Nessie to come?” Seth called to the others.

“Hell yeah!” they answered.

“See?” he smiled at me.

“That's not who I meant, but alright.” I took my t-shirt off, and my jeans.

“Let's go.” I said and we walked to the cliff. Seth jumped off, I hesitated.

“Maybe I'll just watch.” I murmured, sitting down with my legs dangling off the edge.

“Oh come on, Ness!” Quil shouted, I rolled my eyes.

“Come on!” she called. She? Leah? Leah wanted me to join her?

I stared at her, my jaw wide open. She laughed at my expression and waved me on. I leaped off the cliff. I shot up from the water, joining the others.

“Hey! Look who's not a scaredy cat!” Embry teased me, I rolled my eyes at him, he mocked me.

“And look who's not being a bitch!” Quil pointed to Leah, causing me to laugh. Somehow, so did she.

“I'm sorry about what happened before.” Leah apologized.

“Er, yeah, it's fine. I just don't understand why.” I shrugged.

“I was just being a bitch. I'm sorry.” she repeated.

“Alright.” I nodded. We continued to jump off the cliff and have fun all day,even starting a bonfire, until about 10pm.

“I should get going,” I started.

“I'll take you home.” Seth volunteered, we walked to my car and he drove.

“Thanks Seth.” I said as we arrived at my house.

“You and Jake need to come back and visit, okay?” he practically begged.

“Okay.” I agreed, heading for the door.

“Can you see if Jake's almost done?” I asked.

“Yeah, sure. He'll probably come back when I phase.” he answered and trotted into the woods. I went inside to wait for him.