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Unknown Desire

I realized the moment I saw him I loved him. That I could never love anyone else, no matter what I may think. That at this very moment, I wanted his lips on mine, and I wanted him. Forever.
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Nessie has reached full growth and she has made up her mind: she wants to try dating. She meets a new guy named Josh. With two men battling for her heart: will she choose her soul mate, or someone new?

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6. Chapter 5

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Knowing what they were doing downstairs made me cringe. I decided to give Jake a call. I called Billy's house. He didn't answer. I didn't leave a message. I got changed and went to bed.

That was the first night that I dreamt of Jacob Black.

Nessie, I love you. I want to be with you forever. I want to be more than friends.” Jake declared

Jake, I don't know, I just need to think.”

Okay, until you decide, I'll wait for you. You understand?” I shook my head.

I huge wolf took Jake's place and howled in pain and ran from me. I chased him for hours, but I just got lost. “Nessie! You need help?” Josh's voice appeared.

“No.” I replied coldly.

My eyes flew open. What was that supposed to mean? My clock said, 10am. I looked around my room and nearly jumped out of my skin when I saw someone sitting on my floor. I screamed.

“Shh!” Jake shushed me.

“You scared me!” I whispered.

“Sorry.” he grinned, I had to grin back.

“You were talking.” he told me. Shit. The worst human trait of my mom I inherited, talking about my dream.

“What did I say?” I asked, skeptical.

“You said 'Come back' and 'Wait' and 'I need to think' over and over. I didn't wanna wake you. What were dreaming about?” he asked.

“I got lost in the woods.” I halfway lied. He nodded acceptingly.

“How long have you been here?” I wondered.

“Since about 8.” he answered.Two hours of my talking. Yikes! I mentally worried.

“Well, I need to get dressed, so if you could-” I motioned with my hands for him to leave.

“Oh, okay.” he left the room. I changed into jean shorts and a t-shirt, I straightened my hair and wore little make-up. Instead of putting on shoes, I threw on a pair of wolf slippers that Emmett bought me to be funny. I didn't plan to go outside, so I wore my slippers. After about 20 minutes, I opened my door, which Jake must have been leaning against, and Jake fell on top of me.

I began to laugh hysterically, but I stopped and we stared seriously in each other's eyes for a minute. He pulled away and stood up and helped me up. It was one of those moments you saw in movies.

“Sorry.” we apologized at the same time, which caused us to start laughing. We walked downstairs, I noticed I was leaning into Jake and his arm was casually around my shoulders, which I didn't seem to want to pull away.

When my mother saw our stance, she gave me a satisfied look. I shook my head slightly, so Jake wouldn't notice, so she didn't get the wrong idea. She rolled her eyes and mouthed 'soon'. Emmett came and laughed at my shoes.

“Hey! You wore 'em! Ha-ha! Member what you said when I bought them?” he teased. I stuck my tongue out at him. He laughed at me. My phone buzzed in my pocket. Josh.

“Excuse me.” I said as I slipped out on the patio.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Nessie. It's Josh. I promised I'd call you.” he chuckled nervously.

“Wanna go out tonight?”he offered.

For some reason, I didn't want to- yet, I did.

“Okay. Pick me up at six?” I suggested.

“Kay. Where do you live?” he asked. I gave him directions.

“I'll see you at six!” he said enthusiastically and hung up. I went back inside before my slippers got soaked.

“Who was that?” Aunt Rose asked.

“My friend. I'm going out tonight.” I announced.

“Your date?” Jake surprised me, as he asked. I nodded.

“Don't be modest. I know you're dating remember?” he said lightly. I remembered it perfectly, unfortunately.

Jake and I hung out most of the day, until he went to a bonfire at four. He said good-bye to me and gave me a big hug. I hugged him back, and went to get ready for my date.

I put on a skirt and blouse, traded my slippers for silver flats, and applied a little more make-up. At about 6, there was a knock at the door.

“I'll get it!” I shouted, my family gathering in the living room to meet Josh. I gave Uncle Jasper a questioning look, he wasn't quite adjusted to being too close to humans, but he nodded telling me he was fine.

I looked at my father, and thought Be nice. Or I'll have Mom deal with you! I mock threatened him. He chuckled. Finally, I opened the door.

“Hi Josh.” I greeted him.