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A Gift for Cecillia

A gift for Cecillia In the 1600's Carlisle Cullen is just a young boy in England. The son of an Anglican Pastor and a participant in a forbidden love affair with a Catholic's daughter. Have you ever wondered what or who might have happened before his days as a vegetarian vampire? And how did those circumastances shape the person he became? Here's my view of what happened...


1. Forbidden Fruit

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"Carlisle ? Carlisle ?" My sweet Cecilia with skin the color of amber. She calls to me from outside my bedroom window and of course I come running.

"Cecilia? Are you there love?" My voice is rigid and rough compared to hers, which sings like an angel.

"Come out Carlisle hurry!" Her quiet laughter feels the air and a warm smile floods my face. My father tosses and turns in his sleep but does not wake as I open the heavy wooden door. As soon as my skin touches the outside air Cecilia is surrounding me with her warm embrace. I can only hold her for a while.

"I can not take long darling. Father will be up any minute. What brings you to my door at such a late hour...or should I say early? It is nearly dawn and I see that you haven’t had any sleep. What ails you love?" Her bright white teeth gleam in the moonlight and I catch myself drifting from our place of darkness into the bright light of heaven....and love.

"I've been thinking of you all night Carlisle dear. It is almost as if my very heart aches when you are not near. I was sitting up writing in my diary-and oh what wonderful things I had to say about you! Then it over came me like a familiar uplifting shadow. I love you Carlisle. My heart sings for you like no one else. That is what keeps me awake at night, that is what brings me to your door steps." Before she could continue I pulled her forward until our lips met perfectly in the middle. Her kiss is like a beautiful summer rain, her lips are like the morning sun or the midnight moon, all too beautiful to be real. All to beautiful to be mine.

"Oh Cecilia I love you too as you love me! I cannot keep my mind off of you and when I do try it hurts to be there for too long. Marry me dear Cecilia! Marry me and make me the happiest man alive!" Suddenly my sweetheart grows rigid with my touch and I too grow cold and distant.

"Carlisle I...I....." Her eyes begin to tear and I wipe away a single droplet with the tip of my finger.

"What is it love?" Her sudden mood seems to affect the whole world and the earth grows quiet.

"You know my father will surely kill you. I love you yes but it is not meant to be! What will we tell him? He will not give me away to an Anglican Pastor’s son! It is all to ludicrous for him to even imagine. He has high hopes for me and his hopes all but grant you permission to keep me. I'm afraid he will discover me as we speak!" Her eyes are frantic with worry but I hold her close in fear that she will flee.

"Don't say that Cecilia! We'll find a way! True love has no boundaries now a days and we will run away if we have too!" A pained look crosses over her face and I fear the worst.

"Yes, love does not have boundaries yet though love conquers all it is not without great loss! Are you prepared to sacrifice all for the mere likes of me?" My eyes shine bright with hope and faith, but I can feel the emptiness slowly regaining it's composure.

"I love you more then words can express dear Cecilia and I would give life to lead you into my arms! I say this now with the up most respect and though it hurts to say I will just say it! Nothing can keep me from taking you away Cecilia! Our fathers, not mine or thine and neither our ancestors who have long past away into some other unearthly place! Do you not see how I see my dear?" And then with an abrupt but short cry Cecilia is once again holding me as before.

"Oh yes Carlisle ! This is exactly how I want it to be! I love you more then life itself and I too am willing to give that life in order to share it with you!" She kisses me again with more willingness then before. All seems right in the world and when I retire to my chambers my heart is giddy with pride and joy.


The morning approaches all but too soon! I simply can't wait to be in my Cecilia’s arms once more, it feels almost like flying you see, captured in her golden touch! Her eyes shimmering like bejeweled onyx and hair smooth as a crows feathers, fingertips as soft as a light breeze and her skin the smell of orchids! I memorize these appearances by heart and recite them to myself as I complete the morning’s tasks. Everything is so much more splendid when in love; a new light seems to illuminate every surface besides me! My father glares at me with his ever watchful eye, perplexed by my wonderful mood.

"What troubles you son?" He asks. My eyes are piercing with a crystal blue that mimics the ocean perfectly and they dance gracefully from surface to surface.

"Troubles? You think I am troubled father?" I ask incredulously.

"Well you are walking around like a mad man son! Like a blind man who has just seen the sun or a mute who has just uttered his first word or a deaf fellow who has just heard the birds sing! Out with it son! What is it with you?!" My father smiles a smile that is perfectly symmetric to my own, his black suit is ironed and pressed neatly and Sunday services are just about to begin. The church bells ring impatiently as he waits..

"I have found that I am in love father!" I proudly announce hoping that all the women in the land can hear...

"Well tell me who the lucky lady is my son! Who is it that makes you appear as if you were flying?" My father's laugh is throaty and course which ushers me to continue.

"Well it is Cecilia Borchorno father." My voice was now very timid and quiet, because I knew that all my life's entire planning came down to this one moment.

"Do you think I am a fool Carlisle? How dare you harass me with such horrible news! You can never marry a Catholics daughter! You know enough to see that it is against all my life's work for you to do so! Be gone son! This very news troubles my heart and soul beyond repair!" With that my father walked away clutching at his chest in agony, I thought of how utterly overdramatic and faulty my fathers opinion was until I heard a gentle rustle in the bushes behind me.

"I'm so sorry Carlisle ! What were we ever thinking!?" Cecilia fell into my arms and wept uncontrollably. I set my lips on her head gently and breathed in her intoxicating scent. The whole altercation had left me stunned, I didn’t even know how to comfort her in such terrible times.

"Don't cry my love. I told you we'll find a way..."


Two nights had passed since the ill fated talk with my father. All seemed to be going well in appearances but really our home was shot with tension and disgrace. I watched my father bustle around the house noisily snorting and murmuring foul words, it was all to painful to hear.. I needed someone to speak! I needed someone to assure me that everything would soon find it's way but all I heard was the rustling of papers and the scratching of ink.

"Are you going hunting tonight father?" I asked attempting to feel the silent void between us.

"Of course I am Carlisle. Is that not what I do?" He sighed, tired and disheveled.

"Yes father I guess that is your duty but you see it does not always have to be." He turned to look at me with tempered, accusing eyes.

"Of course I will not do this forever. You will succeed me when I have grown to old." He turned away from me again and grabbed his coat from the chair. "Goodbye Carlisle, I will be back before dawn." I looked down at my readings and frowned.

"Be safe father." I whispered before we parted ways.