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Liz and her vampire family return home to Forks after their gruesom encounter with the Volturri in England. What happens when someone comes after her, yet agaain, and what if this new person just doesn't want her for their master, butalso for themself? Can the Cullens save their youngest child from a deadly fate? Or will all hope be lost when the new person seems to take control? Squal to: Luna First story in series: Estrella

Alright, this is the third, and most likely final edition to the Diamonds and Rubies series.The first story in the series is: Estrella the second is: Luna read those first!

1. Interuption of the Perfect Rainy Day

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I climbed out of bed; it had been a long night, again. Edward and the others had gone hunting, and they still haven't gotten back yet. So, I had the house to myself, almost. Ryan was hanging out with me, well, that's how Edward saw it, but it was really like he was babysitting again, something I voted against after we got back from England.

After the attack, well, the vampire half of me got stronger, but I wasn't fully turned since it wasn't enough venom, and for the fact that it was the night of a lunar eclipse. Nothing had really changed for me, I was stronger and faster, and my senses were also strengthened, but everything else remained the same. And Edward was as overprotective as ever.

He was the one who insisted that I had a family member with me at all times, no matter what, that is unless I needed a human moment. Which then someone was always just outside or around the next corner, if you ask me, Edward was going insane.

There was a knock on my door after I had changed into some new clothes. I sighed, "Come in Ryan."

The door opened, and he walked in, looking the same as always. "Hey, so I was thinking, maybe, that we could go over to California for a little while and let you run around Hollywood."

I rolled my eyes, "Let's not get you caught in the sunlight and have the Volturri fly over here so soon after what happened. Edward would kill us both, maybe."

He nodded, seeming slightly disappointed, "So, what do you want to do then?"

I shrugged, "I don't know. Some of my human friends were heading over to Newton's place, and then down to La Push, I kind of wanted to go, but then you wouldn't be able to..."

He waved me off, "You go ahead, I'll stay here and pretend that you're here, and when your parents get home I'll make something up."

"Are you sure?" I asked, we've hung out a lot together since coming home, and well, I haven't had any time to spend with Alec, and school was going to start up again in about a week, which would give me even less time to hang out or talk to anyone outside of my immediate family.

"Its fine," He said as we raced down the stairs and into the living room. "I'll probably be just north hunting anyways. So just scream at me if you need anything."

I stuck my tongue out at him, "I can manage on my own thank you very much."

"Well then, manage away. Just be home by six."

I rolled my eyes, "Yes mom. Do you want me to do the laundry and then sweep the house after that?"

He laughed and ruffled my hair. "Nah, I'm not that boring. Go have fun."

I took his advice, grabbed the keys to my new SSC Ultimate Aero, and sped off down the drive and out onto the deserted streets towards LaPush.

* * *

It didn't take long before I reached the boundary line that separated the local vampires (my family and me) and the local pack of your friendly neighborhood werewolves. Although they all seemed to not trust anyone in my family except for me. Once I was past that invisible line on the road, no vampire could help me if I ended up getting myself killed; it was a good thing the wolves were on my side.

I pulled up to the small parking lot of sand that was part of the beach. It was cloudy out today, as usual, but still warm as the summer was coming to a close.

I stretched out onto the old log of driftwood that formed a natural bench. I've been here so many times that Alec can find me here if I tell him I'm at the beach. He could probably find me almost anywhere out here if I called him.

Speaking of which, I dug around in my jacket pocket for a second before finding my cell. I haven't seen Alex since we got back. Might as well see if he'd like to hang out since I'm here an hour and a half earlier than my friends and I agreed to.

He answered on the third ring, "Hello?" He sounded really tired; he must have been out on patrol last night.

"Hey Alec, you wanna hang out today?" I asked as nonchalantly as possible.

"Hell yes!" He nearly yelled into my ear, "I'll be at the beach in five, no, make that two minutes, or less."

I laughed, "I'll be waiting."

"'k, I'll be there shortly."

"Just say bye and get over here." I joked.

The line went dead and I laughed. For once he's taken my advice.

I made it to forty five seconds mentally counting when I saw the familiar steel-grey wolf bound up and over the hill in the distance. I laughed as Alec skidded sloppily to a halt in the soft sand and looked up at me, his dog face beaming.

"Alright puppy boy, how about you shift back so we can really talk." I said after a second.

He barked once and took off into the trees. He was back less than twenty seconds later, fully dressed and his smile still stuck on his tanned face.

"Hey Liz, how've ya been?"

"Oh just dandy. My parents are having me be babysat twenty four seven, but Ryan let me out for a while today, so I figured I'd hang out with you. What's up on you're side of town?"

"Not much." He said as we started walking, "Sam's still got us running patrol, just in case, but other than that nothing's changed much."

"Hey Alec!" A voice called from a ways back. I turned to see a younger looking version of my friend racing towards us, his long human legs seeming a bit uncoordinated.

I raised an eyebrow.

Alec sighed, clearly annoyed and thought, that's Chris, he just morphed about a week ago. He's been sticking to me like glue. This kid takes more out of me than taking down four leeches. Sorry, I mean "evil vampires".

I laughed lightly, "It's fine, just as long as you're not talking about my family. I won't say trash about you dogs, woops, I mean the friendly neighborhood werewolves."

He laughed just as Chris reached us looking really confused. Which just made Alec and me laugh harder.

"What's so funny?" Chris asked.

I came very close to falling over and onto the soft dirt that was just hidden by the tree line of the woods that we had walked into, but I was stopped by something. There were thoughts coming towards us, but I couldn't get a picture of what they were seeing. All I saw was what was directly in front of me.

Alec looked up at me; he'd fallen over and was clutching his sides, his shoulders still shaking from silent laughter. "What is it?" He wheezed.

I concentrated harder, trying to figure out where the thoughts were coming from, but this time I couldn't hear anything. "Someone, or something's blocking me. They're nearby, but I can't get anything."

"What?" Chris asked.

Alec rolled his eyes, "She can read thoughts, get over it."

Chris's jaw dropped, and I'm pretty sure it did almost hit the ground. He turned to me, "No wonder you smelled so weird."

I stuck my tongue out at him and made a disgusted face, "And you two don't smell too hot either. So the feeling's mutual. And you're not helping, so stop thinking for all of five seconds and let me concentrate." I said annoyed.

I listened again, hard, probing around where I'd last thought I heard the thoughts coming from, and sure enough the was the faintest whisper. It wasn't coherent, but I could guess the location of whoever they were within a few feet.

"They're that way," I pointed off into the trees, and I could hear the figure move, my finger followed them in a semi circle faster than I could have gone before now. "There." They moved again, "They're heading farther out."

"What do you think it is?" Chris asked.

Alec sniffed, and frowned, irritated, "Leech, on our land. Let's go take care of this. Come on kid."

"I'm coming with." I said and took to the trees, changing my form as I did so to a shorter blonde with bright blue eyes.

"Alright, just stay like that." Alec said and then shifted.

Will do, I though as I swung lightly through the trees as if I did this daily just for fun.

It didn't take long before Alec caught the new vampire's scent and took off before he lost it. I followed behind easily, listening for any thoughts at all that might belong to the other vampire. I still got just below a whisper. Then another, more familiar set of thoughts entered my mind.

Got to get home before this leech figures out we're here and that Liz's still alive. If I don't get there soon Bella's going to kill me. No matter how much I love that woman I'm going as fast as the Volvo will let me go. If she'd just lay off the screaming in my ear for four seconds...

Crap. Edward was on his way home, and he thought I was there already, and haven't been out for an hour. Great. Now supposedly this new vampire's after me, and now I have to beat my ever speeding father home. This will be interesting.

"Gotta go guys, dad is on his way home. Wish me luck. I think I've got about fifty seconds before he hits the driveway and doesn't hear me thinking."

Good luck Liz. See you later. Alec thought and I took off in the direction of the beach. Thirty seconds left. I was sooo dead.

* * *

I got to the house just after I saw Edward race into the house, closely followed by my mom, Bella, Alice and Jasper, and then Rosalie. Emmett stayed behind, keeping an eye on the perimeter. This would be interesting.

I parked and climbed out, thinking about my trip up to Seattle and a mall up there, and the fact that nothing seemed to catch my eye, and feeling slightly disappointed. I pretended to then notice that everyone was freaking out.

"What's going on?" I asked in the middle of the doorway of the front door, keys still in hand.

Everyone turned around looking slightly surprised and relieved.

"Nothing's wrong Liz." Edward said.

Mom elbowed him, "Oh just tell her, its better if she knew about it and was careful."

Edward nodded and sighed, "There's a new vampire in the neighborhood. We don't know why he's here. I can barely hear his thoughts, and that's even after a lot of concentration. Alice didn't see him coming either. We got a call from Ryan about twenty minutes ago saying he heard something that sounded like a vampire jumping through the trees, and it wasn't on our side of the line. I've already called Sam and told them what we know, so the wolves will be busy for a while. Its best if you stay with one of us at all times now Liz. It's for your own good."

My shoulders sagged, "Fine, lock me up. See if I care. I do have a life you know?" I stalked off to my room afterwards.

"Elizabeth," Edward started, but I cussed him out mentally in Hungarian, shutting him up for the moment, or just pissing him off even more.

I fell onto my bed, landing on my back. I just wanted to hang out with people today. I haven't seen anyone outside my family in about a month, and school started next week, so that means being stuck with humans again for another year. Great. I so wasn't looking forward to having to hide my powers again. I wondered if Lucas was going to show up at school again since I turned his "Queen of another dimension" offer down. Probably not. So that left me with Ryan to hang out with all the time. And maybe Chad, but that was no fun. I wanted that awesome warlock back too. Jeremy on the other hand could go rot and die for all I cared.

I rolled to one side and turned on my sound system, letting myself pretty much get lost in the music. I was glad for that escape.

I laid there for about an hour before I heard something other than the chat downstairs and the music blasting from the speakers. It was just above a whisper, thoughts, but it sounded like they were being interrupted by static? I tried to focus harder, rolling over to stare out the window into the now pouring rain, and nearly screamed.

Sitting on one of the branches outside of my room was a guy around my age, his face hard and focused, his crimson eyes stared right at me. His hair was a dark brown and hung slightly past his shoulders, his black uniform was obviously wet, but the thing that scared me the most was the red insignia on the breast of his shirt. I'd seen that one just one group of people. Volturri. He was a guard member.

"...run away, I will attack, run away, run away now, I'll attack..." I whispered the lyrics along with the playing song and heard footsteps lightly on the stairs.

Edward burst through my door and was out one of my windows faster than I could track. There was a thwack as he landed on something, or tackled whoever was outside because I didn't see them when I looked out again. I could hear snarls from out in the woods though, man, that had been creepy, and the sky was black from the dark cloud cover, but it was only around noon. How long had he been watching me?

I heard another set of steps on the stairs and Alice appeared in the doorway, "Come on. Get out of the house, now."

I didn't have time to ask questions because she dragged me out of my room, down the stairs, and into the passenger seat of her car.

"What's going on? Or well, what was going to happen?" I asked when we were safely driving at least twice as fast as the legal limit.

"They were going to come fly back through the window and land in your room. You'd end up getting attacked, then running around the house being chased by that Guard member, and most likely end up sucked dry. I couldn't let that happen."

"Thank God you didn't." I whispered.

She laughed, "I'd never do something like that to you."

"You never know..." I mumbled under my breath, earning myself an elbow in my side.