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Liz and her vampire family return home to Forks after their gruesom encounter with the Volturri in England. What happens when someone comes after her, yet agaain, and what if this new person just doesn't want her for their master, butalso for themself? Can the Cullens save their youngest child from a deadly fate? Or will all hope be lost when the new person seems to take control? Squal to: Luna First story in series: Estrella

Alright, this is the third, and most likely final edition to the Diamonds and Rubies series.The first story in the series is: Estrella the second is: Luna read those first!

2. An Very Unexpected Blue Appearance

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I sat by the window of Alec's house. Jacob and Alec were both pacing in the living room behind me, thinking about what strategies to use if we did get attacked by Mr. Invisible Guard Member. All of them ended in the new vampire being ripped to shreds, the mere fact that they were mentally picturing it happen was just enough for me.

Alice had left a while ago to go back and help Edward and he others track the new vampire down, but I hadn't heard anything more about it for over an hour. So I assumed they were still hunting him down. This was, as previously stated several times, just great. I'm loving life right now. The whole being stuck inside all the time with two werewolves and possible visits from my vampire family was just as good as it ever got! Just in case any of you were wondering, I was being sarcastic.

I sighed as I watched the rain pour down. Alec had offered up a movie earlier, but I was too distracted by this mysterious vampire that I wasn't supposed to be anywhere near at all, and couldn't seem to break that fascination to watch some movie. It was kind of sad, and I knew Alec was a little disappointed, but, it's weird, it was like I had seen that vampire before now. Like I'd passed him on the street, or in the hall, just seen him walk by.

I was curious, and I guess that's what scared most of my family. I knew I wasn't supposed to go out looking for this guy, and I wasn't going to, I just wanted to know more about him, if I had actually seen him before. All I wanted to do was to be able to put a name to the face.

"Hey Alec," I started, he turned to look at me, "Do you want to head down to the beach? I'm starting to get cabin fever."

He smiled, almost apologetically, "If you really want to I guess we can, but we have to be careful, no running off into the woods to go vampire hunting." He teased.

I rolled my eyes, pretending to give in, "Fine, no vampire hunting, but I can't promise with the careful thing."

He smiled ruefully, "Alright, I'm in."

I grabbed my sweatshirt from off of the rack that hung by the front door. It was still pouring, but well, a little rain doesn't even phase a half vampire freak, so why bother with annoying protection against it?

We walked on the wet and soggy sand for a while, just talking about what happened and what we think will happen in the near future. We were both stuck as seniors, and Edward's already been pressuring me on college applications - none of which I've filled out.

Alec laughed when I told him that, "I'm planning on sticking around here, helping dad with the shop and everything you know? I think it'll be easy enough to take over if anything happens to him. I'm done with school really. I don't care if I pass or fail this year as long as I have fun."

I looked at him; there'd never really been another option besides college for me. It seemed so odd that anyone would not want to go on to another school and be successful, but it made sense. Alec would have to stay with his pack for the rest of his life unless he gave it up, and it was obvious that would never happen. I knew him well enough to see that if he could stay young forever and still eat vampires, then he'd do it. He's also truly loyal to his pack; he'd never be able to live with himself if he left.

"Well then I'll have to come by and visit you and your greasy mechanic's shop a couple times a year then." I said smiling, "I'll be the successful business woman that inspects the place and decides if she still wants to give you loans."

He hit me playfully, "Oh and of course you'll always want to help out your werewolf friends."

I nodded, "Of course. I could never forget about you guys."

It was then I heard the whispers. It almost sounded like a hissing, wind hissing through the trees, but it wasn't. It was thoughts.

... he'd want me to do this. I'm supposed to do this, but look at her, she's so innocent. There could be nothing she would do to ever upset anyone. She tries to make everyone happy. There's no way...

They faded into static, he must have heard me listening in on his thoughts. The small amount of information I got though, sent my own mind into circles. Who was he, why was he here, what did Aro want with me? Have I seen him before? How old was he, why was he with the Volturri, why didn't they send someone else to come and get me? Like Jane. Jane would have me back in Italy by now, kicking and screaming of course, but she would have gotten the job done by now.

My name's Erick. A voice said loudly and clearly in my mind, I looked around, thinking someone had spoken aloud, Alec was staring at me, I'm here to find you, Aro wants you as part of the Guard, you have seen me before. I'm just over twenty-seven years old. I was bitten when I turned eighteen. I'm with Aro because he's the only one I could find. I'm from England, or I was anyway, and Jane can burn in hell for what she's done to your family.

By the end of that I was staring into the trees, wide eyed, and pretty much stunned. What could this guy do?

"Liz...?" Alec asked cautiously, "Are you alright?"

I shook myself, "He - he just talked to me." I whispered.

"Who?" He asked.

I glanced around, "Promise you won't drag me back inside?"

He looked at me, "I promise, now who...?" It seemed to take a second for it to click in his head, he turned towards the trees, "LEECH!" He shouted angrily. "If you do anything, and I mean anything to mess with us, I'll kill you."

I held onto his arm, there were destructive things going through his head at the moment. "Alec, don't. He hasn't attacked anyone, he might be alright. Let's just go somewhere else." I started to try and pull him away from the tree line, but he pulled his arm out of my grasp.

"There's a leech on my land and you expect me to just let him sit there?" He looked appalled by my suggestion.

I nodded, "Uh yeah, I kind of do because this leech hasn't hurt anyone."

"That you know of." Alec grumbled, "He's still a leech and he's on our land. No leech is supposed to be allowed over here."

I put my hands on my hips, "And yet here I stand. A perfectly good example of a crossbreed, and you don't care. Why care if we know that he hasn't hurt anyone."

"But you don't know that!" Alec was nearly shouting, "You couldn't possibly know if he's hurt anyone or not yet. He might have just raced down here after attacking people up in Forks that we couldn't take care of because of this god damn treaty! You family might not even know where he is right now, and if they found out you talked to him, you're going to be shut in a room with no doors and windows for the next eight years or something ridiculous like that and we'll never get to see each other again."

I stared at him. I didn't know what to say exactly, just the fact that Alec went off like that was so bizarre and out of character for him that I was shocked speechless.

"I haven't hurt anyone around here." Said a male voice.

Alec spun back towards the tree line, phasing while doing so. His fur was on end, and he almost looked like a hissing cat, just six times larger, and a dog. He had his teeth bared and was ready for an attack.

"I promise you, I've done nothing to the locals." Erick said again and I spotted him a good fifty yards into the trees, a black outline against the dark brown barks of the trees.

Ask him who he is. Alec demanded, still angry.

"My name's Erick." Erick said, Alec turned to look at me, and I shook my head. I hadn't asked him verbally.

Alec turned back to Erick and growled again.

Erick stepped out from his spot in the trees, walking a few feet onto the beach, "Please, I just want to talk."

Then talk away. Alec thought the acid obvious in his thoughts.

"Listen, I'm here on order of the Volturri to keep an eye on the Cullens, make sure nothing's going on that's against the law." He looked from Alec to me and back, "It's just my job to watch, I'm not here to do anything other than that. I'm supposed to leave for Italy in a month or so."

Alec looked at me, asking if it was the truth or not. It wasn't but I didn't want to get Erick in trouble, so I nodded. It was lying, but what Alec didn't know wouldn't hurt him. Maybe.

"I just want to talk to Elizabeth and her family. Are they around?"

I shook my head; they're out looking for you to rip to shreds.

He frowned, "That commotion earlier wasn't the best way to introduce myself. It would have been better if you would have just stayed quiet."

"But I didn't do anything." I said in protest.

"But you did." He contradicted, "You saw me, and your father read your thoughts and got all pissed off and came out to eat me."

"But that's not my fault that he hates you."

Erick nodded, "True, it's not." He walked towards us again.

Alec growled and Erick laughed, "Easy there dog boy. I'm not going to hurt anyone."

Alec growled again and moved in front of me. I sighed; maybe I might be able to trust Erick, maybe not. Who knows? Alec didn't want to find out, but yet I did. And I had no idea why.

I yawned, it was still raining, and I was starting to get cold, but not a sick kind of cold because that never happens to me. I walked past Alec and sat down on the naturally drift wood log and stretched. Alec raced after me, standing in front of me and blocking my view of Erick. Why was he so protective all of the sudden?

I don't like him. Alec thought. I just don't know why. He's not like you, look at his eyes, they're red.

"Well no duh, he's a vampire. So if you wouldn't mind moving, I'd be fine, otherwise I'll just sit here and freeze until you do."

Alec turned his furry head, looking shocked that I might actually freeze and stepped aside.

Erick smiled at me, I smiled back, and he sat down next to me, "You're not really going to freeze are you?"

I laughed, No, I just said that to get Alec to move.

"That's what I thought."

I looked up at him; he had to be at least a foot and a half taller than I was, and almost gasped. His eyes weren't red, but a grey blue. He could manipulate his appearance too.

He cocked an eyebrow, "What?"

I shrugged and continued to watch his expression as I made my hair shorter and straighter and my eyes from green to an icy blue.

"You..." He trailed off, his expression amazed.

I shifted back to my own self, "Yeah, I know. I like myself the most though. I'm told not to do it at home because I'd confuse people supposedly."

He laughed, "I'd be confused if I hadn't seen you do it."

I shrugged, "There's more that I can do, but, well you'll have to wait and see."

"Hmm," He said and his face looked like he was thinking hard. "Let me guess, you can... talk to animals?"

I snorted, "No, not even close."

"Hmm, well then..."

Crack! A blue light flashed five feet out, just past where Alec was standing and a very pissed off looking Luke appeared. "You!" He pointed at me, "Are coming with me!"

I rose and eyebrow as he stormed past Alec, "What?"

"You're coming with me. I've had enough of you almost getting yourself killed, now come on."

"Luke, no. I'm staying here. I can deal with what's up."

"Oh, so you mean that you can deal with Jeremy coming back with all of his demons and other shadow creatures just to get to you?"

"What?" I nearly screamed, terrified. "But - but, I've already said no to him, to you guys. Why does he still want me?"

"Who knows, he's insane, and evil, and... would you just come on already?" Luke asked annoyed, "And no, you can't bring your new friend with you, or even the dog. It's just you and me. I can't take anyone else right now. Maybe in another week in your time, but who knows when Jeremy will show up in your demission."

He thrust his hand out at me, glancing around the beach. I glanced at Alec, who nodded, and I took his hand. "I'm sorry Alec." I said meekly, "Let Edward know I'm safe would you? We don't need him running around the world trying to find me and ending up getting him and the rest of the family killed by demons in the process."

He nodded slowly, sad to see me go, but I knew he'd do what I asked as long as I could try to come back some day. Whenever Jeremy gave up on me.

"It was nice meeting you Erick." I said sadly, "I'm sorry we didn't get more of a chance to talk."

He smiled and nodded, hiding his thoughts from me again.

Lucas spun around. "Wait! You're Erick?"

Erick rolled his eyes and nodded, staying mute.

Lucas continued, "So you're the guy who got out of our dimension as a small chilled, your mom's a witch, isn't she? That's how you got out. We've been looking for you and your mother for over three centuries! You must come back with me! Nympth needs you! The kingdom's been lacking in its warrior training since you and your family left. Are the rest of your family close by?"

I personally was shocked that Lucas could talk that fast. Nothing else could really faze me much anymore. I've been through so many twists and turns thus far in life that I'm used to the crazy sounding things. It's the normal things that scare me now.

Erick shook his head, "No, my dad split when I was nine, mom's been living in Florida ever since, and there's no way she's going to come back with you Prince. She hates you and your family, and whatever you've gotten her into," He nodded towards me, "Well I feel sorry for her family when they find out you've kidnapped her."

"This is far from kidnapping, this is saving both Earth and Nympth in one person!" Luke protested.

"So you call dragging a girl out of her own dimension and into yours for the next thousand years in you time, fifteen years in Earth's time, away from her family until you bring her back not kidnapping? Well then, what do you call it? Barrowing certain people against their will and taking them to an alternate dimension for a certain amount of time?"

Luke glared at him, and I stepped away. There was no way I was going to chance getting hit by one of his random blue light ray things when he looks this pissed. Alec stood next to me as we watched.

"So, I take it you're declining my offer then." Luke said curtly.

Erick shrugged, "I guess. I still haven't said yes or no yet, all I told you was that neither of my parents would want to return."

"So make up your mind already before I blast you from here to Hong Kong!" Luke nearly shouted, he glanced around again, seeming really paranoid.

Erick sighed, "I'm in I guess. I wouldn't mind a visit back to Nympth."