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What if the Cullens weren't the only ones who were special? What if Bella could do something they had never seen before? Canon pairings. Slightly OOC.


2. Chapter Two - Forks High School

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Chapter two – Forks High School

I could feel the stares as I got out of my truck the next day. I knew this. “Well of course I knew” I reprimanded myself. I hated attention and being the new girl at school would definitely draw some attention.

I turned my attention towards the sky and noticed that it was sunny today. A smile crept up my face and before I was even aware of it, I was grinning. People were openly staring at me now and my infamous blush replaced my grin.

They probably thought I was crazy already. Grinning at the sky for no apparent reason.

I mentally slapped myself for that one and fixed my eyes on my feet as hurried my way towards were I knew the office was located. You can do this, you can do this, I repeatedly chanted in my head.

The office was where I expected to be and as I entered the little space, the woman behind the desk quickly looked me up and down. I immediately felt self-conscious and tried to cover myself up with my arms. I knew she was inspecting the new meat. I frowned and the woman understood I had caught her.

“Isabella Swan?” the woman chirped with an annoying voice. I quickly nodded and stepped closer to the woman’s desk while avoiding her eyes.

I could sense the poor woman’s discomfort as I took the step towards her. I fought the urge to roll my eyes.

People always felt a bit weird around me. I can’t exactly say why, I guess it might have been some sort of sub-conscious survival instinct against me. Although I wouldn’t say I was directly dangerous, I was a freak. And people understand that pretty much instantly.

“Here you go dear” the lady said hesitating while handing me a note that was to be signed by all the teachers and my schedule. Her hands shook and I couldn’t stop myself from glancing up at the terrified woman.

That was odd, I thought to myself. People got a bit uncomfortable, but never scared. She quickly looked out the window before she finally met my eyes and the flashes hit me.

I gasped and the woman knitted her eyebrows together in confusion. I offered a quick smile before I bolted out the doors and into the half-empty hallway. I shook my head trying to shake the images out of my head. No such luck. I sighed and pulled out my schedule.

My first class of the day was English. I headed towards the right building and knew that Mr. Banner would arrive in exactly 5 minutes. I found myself a desk in the back and pulled out a copy of Wuthering Height. I had read the same book about a 100 times and knew every word printed in the book, but it didn’t matter.

I didn’t even bother paying attention to the stupid class and fortunately the teacher didn’t call on me either. I already knew the whole curriculum by heart as soon as Mr. Banner met my eyes. Class soon ended and as I was packing my bag, I felt someone approaching me. I abruptly turned around and startled a boy with short blonde hair. He was quite a bit taller than my 5’4 and he had the cutest baby face.

He eyed me carefully before he flashed me a grin and I forced a shy smile myself.

“Isabella right?” he looked like a love sick puppy. ”Bella” I corrected quickly. He flashed me another grin as I looked into his startling blue eyes. My whole body tensed as the blue-eyed boy’s life flashed before me. I saw his birth, his deepest fears, his family, his wedding, his mother’s maiden name, his room, his death and so on. I cringed.

This was exactly why I stayed away from people. How the hell was I supposed to have a normal conversation with anyone when I knew absolutely everything about them?

There was no reason getting to know them. I looked up at Mike, still a bit shaken up from what I just saw, who was still smiling. I internally groaned. This boy was never going to leave me alone.

“I’m Mike Newton” I know I wanted to reply. “I, uh, can walk you to class?” he offered.



The classes were dead boring and I was actually relieved when lunch time finally arrived. As I stepped into the large, bright lunch room, every set of eyes were set on me. I blushed and swiftly walked over to where they were selling the food. I again hurriedly grabbed the food. Any food, I didn’t really care. The only thought that was racing through my mind was how to escape the hell I knew I would experience when I faced the crowd.

That’s when I heard the voice. I cursed loudly in my head for going so slow. I knew the voice, it was the voice of the over-friendly blue-eyed boy. It was the voice of Mike Newton.

I slowly turned around and saw waving at me like a mad man. I slightly frowned but dragged my way towards Mike’s table.

As I reached the table, Mike had the goofiest grin on his face I had ever seen. “Why don’t you sit with us today Bella?” he asked. He was so excited, he was bouncing. The whole table was staring at me, expecting my answer. “Sure” I said and plopped down on the nearest seat.

“Where are you from? Why did you move? Is that your real hair color? What do you think about Forks? Do you like the school?” the petit girl with curly brown hair fired her questions at me so fast I barely caught them. “I’m Jessica by the way, I think I’m in your Trig class.”

“Oh, yeah” she was okay. I usually didn’t dare looking into people’s eyes when I first met them, but I guessed I’d better get it over with. I looked each and every one of them deeply in the eyes as I let all of their cherished memories and hated fears engulf me. I gave all of them a quick nod, pretending that I was only acknowledging them.

“So, Bella you like Forks?” a boy with black oil slick hair asked me looking quite interested. He looked like one of those chess boys. Eric Yorkie was his name. “It’s fine, bit much rain but fine” I answered.

They all looked briefly amused except for one girl. She was sitting across from me with her arms crossed and looked agitated. As I glanced at her, she pushed back her silver blonde hair and scowled at me.

She didn’t like me. Petty, stupid blonde girl. The only reason the girl didn’t like me was because she thought I was getting far too much attention. Her thoughts had a sneering voice, as her words were laced with jealousy. Tyler Crowley. This was maybe the only time I ever felt grateful for my gift. Tyler Crowley was indeed useful.

I dismissed Lauren’s thoughts as I was bombarded with questions from everyone at the table. It was strange. Everyone at this school seemed to have a weird interest in me. I failed to see why. All of the students at my last school I Phoenix didn’t even spare me a look. They seemed engrossed as they gazed at me. Maybe I could actually make some friends.

I shook the last thought away. It couldn’t be possible. They probably just wanted to use me. And they did, most of them.

I swiftly glanced at the most sincere girl in the bunch. Angela Weber. She gave me a shy smile and I returned the favor. We didn’t need to say anymore. I could see from her thoughts that she was worrying about some English project. I liked her.


I rushed to my truck after the last class of the day. I climbed into my truck as relief washed over me. I had survived. With only minor damage. I felt victorious. People actually talked to me in this town. Renee was right; I needed a change of pace.

When I got home I quickly retrieved my iPod and threw myself on the couch. Suddenly my thoughts drifted back to Mike Newton. I flinched. I shook my head again trying to shake the thoughts away. The poor guy. He was going to be hit by a bus in exactly ten years from today. I winced as the image flashed by again. I closed my eyes and let out a breath in exasperation.

I didn’t know why I had this uncanny ability of mine. It’s the weirdest thing. It’s just like I’m omniscient or something. I only have to look into someone’s eyes once and my head is filled with everything about the person. Absolutely everything that will happen, has happened and everything that goes through the persons mind. I sighed. It was annoying as heck. The only one who knew about this was my mom. I actually started talking to her a little over a month after my birth. Yes, I know I’m weird but I couldn’t help it at the time. My intelligence was much higher then than the common full grown man or woman.

I opened my eyes and realized that I had been lying on the couch for hours. It was twilight and I took the time to admire the colors being displayed on the blue sky. I sighed as I got up from the couch and headed for the kitchen. Even though my first day had gone well, I knew tomorrow couldn’t be good. It all would go downhill from now on. It always did. When the Bella – quota was filled, they would all retreat carefully away from me.

I quickly pulled out of my thoughts as I heard Charlie coming through the front door.

“Bella?” my father called. “I’m in here”

“So, how was your first school day?” Charlie tried to ask inconspicuously as we started eating dinner. I could almost feel the curiosity rolling off him. I rolled my eyes and told him about my first day at Forks High School.