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What if the Cullens weren't the only ones who were special? What if Bella could do something they had never seen before? Canon pairings. Slightly OOC.


3. Chapter Three - Turns

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Chapter three - Turns

I left for school early the next morning. The sweet feeling of acceptance was still lingering in my mind. Even though I didn’t want to acknowledge it, subconsciously I was overjoyed. Never in my life was I that easily accepted by people.

It was odd and gave me a feeling I just couldn’t overlook. Something bad was coming. I could almost feel it in my bones. Nothing ever came this easy to me. I knew nothing special was going to happen in the near future of the ones eyes I had gazed into, accept for Tyler that is. But still I had this feeling of insecurity. Like I was missing something. A crucial part in a puzzle. I shivered as this passed my mind. Was I missing something? That had never happened before and the possibility left me frightened.

I let out a breath and concentrated on the road instead. As a drove in to the school’s parking lot, I noticed I was the first one there.

I sat in my truck actually happy I didn’t need to deal with Jessica or Mike or Lauren. I groaned as I thought of Lauren. The girl was actually envious of me. What did I have? Except my stupid gift that’s pretty much useless most of the time and a constant annoyance. I shook my head and chuckled. She was going to try and embarrass me today.

At least it was going to be an amusing day.

I soon noticed that the lot was starting to fill itself up and got out of my truck. I started walking towards class as I knew that the teacher was going to grace us with a pop quiz. I rolled my eyes as I thought of the teacher’s pettiness. Most of these teachers’ just wanted to humiliate and didn’t really like children at all.

I quickened my pace as I remembered the reason why I was early.


The voice came behind and I knew who it was. Damnit, what kind of omniscient was I? I let out a humorless laugh and turned to face my own personal hell in human form. Mike Newton.

He was half-running towards me, shoveling his way through the crowded hallway. The naïve, generic little boy already had a crush on me. I stifled a snicker as he made his way to me.

“Bella” he said breathless. “We have English together” he stated somewhat jubilant.

He was contemplating different ways of asking me out as his blue eyes softened and stared at me intently. I quirked an eyebrow to his thoughts and a frown immediately covered my face.

This was going to be a long year.

I gestured Mike quickly into class cutting him off so he didn’t get a chance to offer carrying my books. The boy was really reminding me of a golden retriever. He took his seat next to me as he always would do from now on and started bantering about something unimportant.

I froze as the same unnerving feeling hit. The feeling of not knowing. The feeling of danger. Except this time it felt closer than before. As the teacher started the class and Mike’s banter came to an end, I let myself zone out and really search for a threat. My eyes got wider as I for the first time saw blurred images of five pale creatures.

I couldn’t pinpoint anything about them. I could feel the panic rapidly building itself up inside of me and my agitation was set off. I furrowed my brows, the questions raging inside of me.

Why couldn’t I see them clearly?

What was so special about them?

Who were they?

“Bella!” Mike shouted, abruptly ending my reverie. I jumped and fell out of my chair and to the floor. I looked up, flushed and found Mike stifling a laugh. “Class is over” he said grinning smugly. The only thing on his mind was how close he just had me.

I quickly shot up and ran out of room.

“Stupid, no good..” I muttered to myself. I still felt the same odd tension in my body while I was walking to Biology. The five pale creatures were etched into my mind and the newly found anxiety felt like a side affect they caused. They were coming, that much I understood.

As I walked into Bio I froze and a shiver ran down my spine. They were already here. The tension and panic hit me tenfold.

I started walking towards my table and noticed someone sitting there. His tousled bronze hair was the first thing I noticed. It was by far the most peculiar hair color I had come across. When I finally reached the table and sat down, he turned to face me. My breath caught and every cell in my body tensed up.

He was the most beautiful creature I had ever laid my eyes on. Every feature on his face was perfectly angular. His jaw, his nose, his full lips. He had the face of an angel. His tousled bronze-colored hair was a perfect mess. What struck me although, was his skin. He was one of them.

I quickly broke my stare and fixed my attention on the teacher. The pale-faced angel did the same and tensed up as well. I swiftly glanced at him and saw his stiff posture, sitting as far from me as possible.

My heart pace quickened.

I briefly caught a death glare from his jet black eyes but quickly countered and darted my eyes towards the blackboard. It wasn’t enough to even get a glimpse inside his world, but I didn’t dare looking at him again.

The angel was glaring at me?

I frowned at the thought of an angel like him glaring. It wasn’t right. He was pure.

Throughout the whole class he never relaxed one bit. His onyx eyes kept boring into the side of my face. The anger and resentment was practically rolling of him and making me feel uncomfortable. I blushed fiercely and I could swear I saw him twitch, still never breaking his stare.

His pale white hands were balled into fists on top of the table, again never moving. He was like a statue; I couldn’t even hear his breathing.

What had I done to him? Why did he suddenly hate me with such intensity?

In an instant he was up and out of the room before the bell even rang to signalize the end of the class. I gaped after him, shocked as hurt took over. What did I do?

I grabbed my stuff and made my way to lunch with Mike. We sat at the table we had yesterday with all the same students. They were all there before us so I took the only vacant seat next to Jessica. As soon as I sat down my eyes widened and I noticed four deathly pale painfully beautiful teenagers sitting perfectly still like the Adonis I had just encountered. There were two girls and two boys.

“Who are they?” I asked Jessica incredulous. I nudged her carefully. She quickly saw who I meant and a smile overtook her features. I assumed she was getting into her gossip mode.

“They’re the Cullen’s and the Hale’s” she said, pausing for suspense. I nodded. “The blonde girl is Rosalie Hale and the other girl is Alice Cullen. She’s really weird.” Her smile grew as she continued. “The big guy is Emmett Cullen while the other is Jasper Hale. The two blondes are twins and they were all adopted by Dr. Cullen and his wife.”

“That was nice of them” I said while I peeked at the odd family.

“Yeah, and the weirdest thing about them is that they are all together. Like together-together” she said sounding jealous and darting her own eyes at them.

Rosalie was probably the most beautiful woman on earth. My self-esteem dropped just by being in the same room as her. Her wavy, long golden blonde hair cascaded her flawless face and left me deep in envy.

The burly, big man had an arm around her and immediately intimidated me with his size. Even sitting down it was apparent that he was much bigger than the others. Emmett, as Jessica called him, had short, curly dark hair. As he laughed he seemed careless and his dimples showed themselves.

Alice was short. Really short, probably several inches shorter than me. She had short and spiky black hair. She truly looked like one of those fairytale pixies. She was grinning and was whispering something to what I assumed was her boyfriend. She seemed like the bubbliest of the bunch.

The last one was a slim boy with dirty blonde hair. He looked..pained. There was no other word to describe the lanky boy. He had his arm around Alice and smiled as she whispered something in his ear. At the very same moment, he glanced in my direction and I quickly turned to face my own table.

“You forgot Edward” Angela said winking in my direction.

“Oh, yeah! Can’t believe I forgot about him!” Jessica replied in a rush. She looked me straight in the eyes, amusement evident on her face. Clearly, gossip was her favorite pass-time. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. She was one of those girls.

“Edward Cullen is absent I guess” she glanced around the packed cafeteria before she met my eyes again and leaned in. “He’s gorgeous but for some reason he doesn’t date” she shrugged and pushed back her curls trying to look indifferent but failed miserably. She replayed the time Edward Cullen had turned her down in her head.

I almost burst into laughter. Jessica practically threw herself at him and he didn’t even give her a look in her direction. When I looked at her, she almost looked like she was in pain. She was definitely not over it.

So the angel's name was Edward. Edward Cullen. It seemed fitting.

Thoughts of the Adonis made me recall my initial reaction. Fear. And confusion.

“So why is he gone?” I said trying to seem indifferent and taking a bite of my apple. I eyed everyone carefully, making sure they didn’t notice my burning curiosity.

“I don’t know. He was in Bio. So, did you stab him with a pencil or what?” Mike asked.

My eyes widened. So they did notice.

Every conversation at the table came to a halt and they’re attention was fixed on me. I blushed and Mike grinned smugly.

He was thrilled that Edward Cullen didn’t seem to like me much. He was glad he didn’t have to deal with him as competition.

“What are you talking about?” I asked innocently. I wasn’t about to confess that the angel probably hated me.

Mike rolled his eyes and searched my face for the lie he knew I was telling. Dissatisfied he leaned back in his chair.

“He was unusually anti-social. He didn’t even bother talking to you. He’s a freak” Mike said and made a face. He started laughing and the other boys joined him.

“Maybe he just didn’t like me, Mike” I spat his name.

He threw up his arms, saying he meant no harm.

Liar. I glared at him and he gave me a sheepish smile.

I glanced back at the weird family from across the room and found them still positioned like they were five minutes ago. Their trays of food were untouched.

The only resemblance between them, other than their striking beauty, was their deadly pale skin. They were without doubt the five creatures that were the holes in my otherwise flawless way of seeing.

My brows knitted together in confusion. What are they?

“What are you like obsessed with them now? Have you like NO life?” Lauren’s sneering voice broke my relentless stare and brought me back to the conversation. I only scowled at her. She was really getting on my nerves. This was her trying to embarrass me.

“Lauren stop picking on Bella” Tyler shot in and I gave him a smile. He smiled back and beamed just like he had won the greatest victory in his life. He was alright and I knew Lauren had a crush on him.

She threw me another dirty look and crossed her arms, looking like a little child that had just been denied a piece of candy. I smirked as she thought her malicious thoughts about me for having any kind of interaction with Tyler.

It couldn’t have been me, could it? The thoughts were swirling around in my head. I was lying on my bed, still on edge because of the day’s events. I took a deep steadying breath and went through the whole day in my head

Did I do something?


I was being perfectly normal. Being me anyways.

I closed my eyes and his pale face emerged from the darkness. His onyx eyes were cautious, staring at me intently. The eyes were intense, like they were holding a secret. His perfect lips parted and he barred his white, sharp teeth at me. All of the sudden he started growling at me. The look on his face was frantic and he was reaching for me with his arms.

My eyes flew open and I sat up on my bed panting.

I frantically glanced around my room, looking for something out of place. The room was dim as the sun had just set and gave the room an eerie feeling. I shivered.

Something was wrong. I felt danger. They meant danger.

I dropped my face to my hands and replayed the frightening images again in my head.

“It was just my imagination..” I muttered to myself.

He wouldn’t harm me would he?

No, what kind of maniac would do that? The angel wouldn’t harm me. I shook my head as I dismissed the ridicules thought. He was a high school student for crying out loud! I let out a nervous laugh and laid back down on my bed.

I shifted my eyes towards my window. It was completely dark now. I had been home for a couple of hours just stewing in my own hell. I couldn’t get him out of my mind.

I forced my eyes shut once again. His face appeared for the second time but this time he was smiling.

My breath hitched.

Why couldn’t I get him out of my mind? He hated me obviously and why wouldn’t he? I shook my head annoyed and got up to get ready for bed. The day was finally over and I knew one thing for sure. I had to look into Edward Cullen’s eyes. And I had to do it tomorrow.

He and his family was something out of the ordinary. I could sense it. I needed to know why he loathed me with such intensity. I cringed at the thought of his glares.

And last but not least:

I needed to unravel the mystery that was Edward Cullen.