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What if the Cullens weren't the only ones who were special? What if Bella could do something they had never seen before? Canon pairings. Slightly OOC.


4. Chapter Four - Waiting

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Chapter Four – Waiting

I saw five blurred, pale silhouettes gliding towards me in an inhuman pace.

I didn’t know why but I had this feeling that I needed to run. Escape.

So I did.

I frantically glanced around and noticed that I was running through an eerie, overly-green forest.

I stole a look at the strangers that were chasing me and I saw that they were gaining on me.

I pushed myself faster, avoiding pebbles and three branches as I was running.

My heartbeat was erratic and the adrenaline was coursing through my veins like my life was depending on it.

At the far end of the forest line, I spotted sunlight shinning through to the darkness.


I squinted my eyes at the light but kept running to my salvation.

Just as I was to creep out of the godforsaken darkness, my foot caught in something and I fell to the ground.

The pale strangers were quickly by my side, surrounding me.

They towered over me, slowly diminishing the gap between us.


I woke up with a shriek, my eyes flying open. I quickly covered my mouth, not wanting to wake up Charlie.

I breathed heavily into my hand while simultaneously inspecting my room. The panic eased as I realized nothing was out of place.

The sun was making its appearance and I looked at the red digits at my nightstand.

4.53 a.m.

I breathed in deeply, trying to steady myself. I closed my eyes and rubbed my temples gently.

What the hell was that?

I never was the one to have bad dreams, not ones that scared me anyways. I had seen about anything you would consider frightening. I wasn’t easily scared.

I didn’t even fully understand the stupid thing.

The only thing I recognized was the fear.

Fear for the unknown.

The creepy creatures were blurred and pale like the-

My head jerked up and my whole body tensed as it dawned on me.

The Cullens.

They were exactly the same.

They were haunting me in my dreams?

I didn’t have many nightmares but I recognized one when I had one. I was afraid and I was running. Running away from them. I could clearly remember the danger I felt they radiated in my dream.

A shiver ran down my spine and I laid back down on my bed.

I still had a couple of hours left before I had to go to school.


They would be there. My curiosity was almost getting intolerable. What were they that made me sub-consciously aware and on guard when it came to anything regarding them?

I furrowed my brows at the thought as I buried my head in my pillow. Something like this had never happened before, so normal was something I could rule out for the Cullens.

It was quite obvious to me now that I had some sort of awareness when it came to danger. I breathed out in relief as I contemplated this. Danger could never take me by surprise.

A smile tugged on the sides of my mouth. At least I would always feel safe.

I stared at the white empty ceiling, my arms crossed like a little defiant child.

I still wanted to know what they were hiding. I recalled Edwards intense and mysterious eyes and I almost stuck my tongue out at him.

I hated secrets.

I always knew everything, secrets were aggravating.

I was suddenly sullen and I knew I had made up my mind. I needed to know what they were hiding. The mystery of it was just too tempting. I couldn’t not do it when I clearly could. I rolled my eyes at myself and snorted. I was always too curious for my own good.

And they were anything but good.

But I had to do it. I had to look into Edwards eyes.

I shuddered at the thought and frowned.

This meant that I would find out why the angel loathed me.

The mere thought of his angry glares upset me. I remembered the deadly glares he constantly kept shooting at me for no apparent reason and squeezed my eyes shut.

His angry and hostile demeanor was etched into my memory and I was sure I’d never forget it. His motives for hating my guts were something I’d rather not know. And frankly, the thought of learning this made my stomach churn, my head spin and my heart pound as if it was its last hour.

Yet I had to find out and Biology would be… interesting.

Again I was early for school.

I parked my truck closest to the school entrance. It was the easiest. The parking lot was completely empty and the silence was relaxing. The first students would arrive in five minutes so I took the chance to get some quiet minutes by myself.

I walked over to some benches that looked like they were never used. They were placed far from my parking spot. I sighed. Sometimes I really believed someone up there just wanted to mess with me.

Like they just wanted to have some fun. Play a game. Create- A- freak they called it. And of all people in the world, I was the one to be chosen.

“Some luck” I muttered glumly.

I dragged myself the rest of the way. I plopped down on the bench swiftly, not thinking about that it would actually hurt.

I winced. Stupid bench.

I glanced briefly at the lot and found it still empty before I closed my eyes to enjoy what I knew would be a short-lived silence. The cold wind was whipping in my face, ruffling my hair and scattering it all over my face.

It felt good.

I felt the smile tugging on my mouth and surrendered to it. I took a slow deep breath, just tasting the air around me.

The atmosphere in the air was nice and fresh. It was cold but you could feel the hint of summer that was coming. Phoenix was never like this. This I liked. With this I could endure the never ending rain and the constant clouded sky.

I breathed in once more. I leaned back and let the calm surrounding me sink in.

All of the sudden I heard a twig break behind me. The serenity I had established was abruptly gone and replaced with a new tense atmosphere. My eyes flew open and I whipped me head around facing the nearby forest. I got up in one swift movement and cautiously walked towards were the sound came from. As I got closer the hairs on the back of my neck suddenly stood.

I searched the edge of the forest for any movement.


I pursed my lips and furrowed my brows.

I hadn’t seen this. What was happening to me?

Was I losing my gift?

I shook my head at the ridiculous thought. It couldn’t be. When this sort of thing happens to you, you’re in it for life. You can’t escape it.


I couldn’t. I wouldn’t escape it. I was so dependent on my gift. I had always had it, it was a natural part of who I was and I couldn’t really function normally without it. Doing anything without my seeing and knowing would feel like being blind.


Crap. I gave the trees one final glare, scowling I turned around and quickly walked back to the front entrance.

The parking lot was already filled and as always Mike was waving at me like crazy man I knew he was.

I groaned and made my way to him. There was no point in avoiding him. He would hunt me down. Seriously.

If I wasn’t so annoyed, I might have been slightly amused. I wasn’t completely sure.

“Bella, what were you doing over there?” his blue eyes were bright with enthusiasm.

I almost rolled my eyes. Almost.

I didn’t understand what he liked about me so much. Even though I knew what he liked, it was just superficial. And stupid.

I actually rolled my eyes this time.

“Nothing Mike, I just thought I heard something.”

“English?” he asked excited. He always walked me to class. I don’t even know why he would ask.

“Sure, sure” I replied while nodding.


I raked my fingers through my long mahogany hair, trying to push back the nerves and distract myself from what I had to do.

I stopped my fingers at the end of my hair and stared at my split ends.

I sighed. This wasn’t much of a distraction.

I looked up from my hair and frantically glanced around in the half-empty hallway. No sight of him yet.

I breathed out in relief.

I was walking to Biology, fidgeting with my zipper and anxiously scouting for Edward.

I searched the hallway for even a glimpse of bronze but I couldn’t see him anywhere.

I didn’t want to do this.

As I turned a corner the Biology lab appeared and my heart pace suddenly quickened.

I had to do this.

I picked up my pace so I’d get there before I changed my mind.

The class room was empty and I quickly made it to my seat. As I sat down the room started filling up and I stared intently at the door. Just waiting for the bronze to appear.

Mr. Banner came through the door and disappointment washed over me.

He wasn’t coming. I felt an unfamiliar ache in my chest. It felt like something was stabbing me from the inside. I frowned and winced from the gentle throbbing. I then adjusted myself to my seat to get comfortable.

What was this?

Wasn’t I relieved I didn’t need to find out why he hated me?

I furrowed my brows and unexpectedly felt someone staring at me intently.

I turned to my right and saw Jessica staring at me quizzically. She met my eyes and smiled before she mouthed that she needed to talk to me. I nodded.

As soon as the bell rang, Jessica was by my side practically beaming.

“Hey” I said after examining her form. The girl had some issues, how else could she be bouncing and beaming at all time?

“Hi!” she chirped. As we walked to lunch, Jessica started an insane banter in full speed about nothing and everything. I just nodded and inserted “ah’s” in the right places. Fortunately she didn’t need much response.

“So, Bella. What do you think about Mike?” she asked after awhile into her mindless banter. She looked away trying to seem indifferent. I rolled my eyes and smirked. The girl was such a bad actor.

“Um, he’s alright I guess”

“Oh, has he said anything about me to you?” she looked so hopeful.

“No, sorry Jess” Her face fell and I smiled apologetically.

We reached our table and Jessica bounced away plopping down next to Mike and giving him a huge grin. He smiled back and turned his face towards me. I was sitting on the other side of the table, trying to keep a certain distance from Mike.

I really didn’t want to give him the wrong idea and now that Jessica seemed to have smile for him, literally, I didn’t want the drama. I didn’t need the drama.

“Bella” Mike almost sighed my name. He smiled, searching and inspecting my face. I didn’t understand what he was looking for but gave him a weak smile.

My eyes slowly drifted towards the Cullens table as the conversation on our table droned on. They were all there except for one. Their beautiful faces were stiff and they were all rigid. They looked worried and slightly angered.

My eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

He was the only one that wasn’t there. Was it because of me?

Was I really that bad that he needed to skip school just to avoid me?

I shook the thought away. Why would it be me? I didn’t do anything.

My heart sunk into my stomach and I briefly looked away.

I glanced at them again and like the other day none of the food on their trays was touched.

What, they never ate?

As I pondered on this weird little habit of theirs, the anger kept building itself up.

He didn’t even have the guts to settle his differences with me?

I frowned. That’s right he hated me. I almost forgot.

It didn’t matter, I‘d stay away from him anyways. That was easily done.

As soon as I thought the words I knew they were a lie. I couldn’t stay away and I knew it.

He was confusing, annoying, odd and most of all intriguing.

I narrowed my eyes, still staring at them when Jasper abruptly turned his face and stared at me quizzically.

I quickly looked down on our table, my cheeks burning with embarrassment.

The blond boy looked confused and almost intrigued?

The bell rang and I grabbed my stuff making it look like I was in a hurry. Mike was waiting for me and I rushed my way to him, avoiding looking at their unusual pale faces on my way.

As Mike and I were about to walk out of the cafeteria, I couldn’t help myself and sneaked a swift peak at them.

They were turned to look at me leave and their faces were all contorted by confusion and anger. Rosalie shot me a brief angry glare before they huddled together like they were going to have some sort of conference in between them.

I snapped my head back quickly, redirecting my eyes to the floor. I guided us out of the cafeteria and dragged a now very happy Mike and myself to class. That was the third time I had been caught looking at them. I mentally slapped myself for the sloppy work.

Mike walked me to Trig that I thankfully didn’t have with him.

I released him as he needed to get to class himself.

He lingered a bit longer, wanting to compliment me on something.

His blue eyes swept over my small form before his ogling came to a halt and his eyes gradually widen by the sight.

He had noticed that I was wearing a deep-blue blouse that was clinging to my body and was slightly v-necked.

His eyes lingered on my pale and naked collarbones before his eyes widened further and he openly stared at my breasts.

I grimaced and fake coughed to snap him out of his daze.

He quickly shot his eyes to mine and met me with his wide and bewildered eyes.

He then flushed a deep crimson and I had to fight to keep my laughter at bay.

“Bye, Mike” I said playfully and waved him off. His blush instantly deepened at my playful tone. He knew I had caught him and he looked at me with his intense eyes, apologizing.

I shook my head in amusement and walked into class.

The boy really had it bad.

I immediately spotted Jessica in the back as I entered the classroom.

I hurried my way to her side so I could take the empty seat next to her.

“Hi, Bella” she smiled. I smiled in response and plopped down beside her.

Mr. Varner walked in and I turned my attention to Jessica. He really didn’t have anything new to learn us today and he knew it himself. He was radiating insecurity and every student could sense it too. We wouldn’t get in trouble if we talked.

“Hey, Jessica…” she turned to face me as she understood I wanted to talk.

I looked down at my intertwined fingers and just blurted out what I needed to know.

“Have you ever talked to Edward Cullen?”

I glanced at her and she was smiling as wide as possible. She was reminiscing the time she actually found the courage in her to approach the God-like creature.

“I have” she said, feeling triumphant as it was something I hadn’t done. I restrained the eye-rolling and urged her to continue with a nod.

“He was sort of withdrawn and kept making these faces once in a while through the conversation. Not much of a conversation though, he didn’t exactly say much. After awhile I just gave up and left” she sighed and slouched a bit with her body. She was disappointed.

I knew he wasn’t talkative. He didn’t utter so much a word to me through the entire class.

“He wasn’t..um..hostile or um..angry?” I stuttered, hesitating.

“No, why would you think that?” Jessica laughed and shook her head. She replayed her sacred and treasured meeting with him once more to be completely sure she wasn’t wrong in her assessment.

I blushed deep crimson and stared at my palms, avoiding her eyes. I didn’t want to tell her why. She didn’t need to know about my not so pleasant encounter with the Adonis.

And the way he behaved that day obviously wasn’t normal for him. Jessica wasn’t lying the way I thought she would have just so her favorite memory would sound that much better to me.

I shook my head in mock disappointment and smiled a convincing smile, coming up with a lie fast.

“He just looked intimidating and I kind of pictured him mean. It would have suited him” I said smiling while pretending to be deep in thought.

She looked puzzled and considered my weird assessment before deciding that I was right.

I grinned at her and she smiled back a bit taken aback. She was so blue-eyed.

If I told her I had a tail, she would most likely believe me without even showing her the damned thing.

I shook my head and chuckled.

When I got home I threw my bag at the wall hard, trying to act out on some of the frustration that had been steadily building itself up inside of me.

I glared at my silent inanimate victim that was sprawled on the floor with my poor books peeking out. I sighed before bowing my head in exasperation.

I leaned against the nearby wall in our small hallway before I slid down against it and landed on the floor with a quiet thump.

I grabbed two handfuls of my hair and closed my eyes.

They were really taking their toll on me.

I sighed and tilted my head back.

All of these secrets and abnormalities would drive me out of mind.

And where was Edward today?

Did he really skip school because of me?

I felt a twinge of guilt in my chest, just tugging gently at me.

Simultaneously the anger quickly came and overpowered all other emotions.

Coward, I mentally sneered.

I grounded my teeth together and just breathed deeply to calm myself.

Just inhale and exhale, I thought to myself.

Soon I was calm again and started pondering on his family’s odd behavior.

The entire family was intriguing.

The way they carried themselves, the way they looked indifferent and disinterested. Like they had done and seen everything. Who knew everything?

Besides me, no one.

Even I didn’t know absolutely everything.

But they gave this wave of confidence and superiority that was beyond interesting.

And yet I had not been able to depicter a clear image of the five odd creatures.

I furrowed my brows and tried to rein in my annoyance.

I sighed and decided to get up so I could make dinner for Charlie. He would be home in an hour and I knew he would be hungry.


“Dad..” I spoke, hesitating again.

We were eating dinner and Charlie was, like I knew, beyond hungry. He was eating so fast, there really weren’t any openings for his words.

He looked up from his plate and at me, willing me to continue.

I opened my mouth to talk, but abruptly shut it again.

What was I going to say?

I couldn’t be totally straightforward with him.

Charlie noticed my contemplative expression and gave me his full attention.

“What is it Bells?” he asked, eying me carefully. He must have sensed my indecision.

“Um, nothing really. I just wanted to ask you about the Cullens” I said, using with my best indifferent expression and shrugging.

He dropped his fork on his half-eaten plate and gave me a firm look before he frowned.

“Why? Has anyone said something?” he asked cautiously.

“Well, yeah. Sort of” I replied. I didn’t understand his reaction, he liked them. I heard it in his mind all the time. How thankful he was that Dr. Cullen worked in the town’s only hospital, how their children were all saints and he even sometimes admired how all of them were quite beautiful.

I didn’t feel like entering his mind right then so I just waited for his own edited answer.

“They’re good people Bells. The doctor and his family never cause any trouble and do you know how lucky we are to have Dr. Cullen here?” he asked, his eyes burning with passion.

I quickly nodded so he could continue.

“Never have any of their children done anything wrong. They’re all well-behaved not like all of the other hell-raisers around here. Don’t believe the gossip around here, it’s just because they’re new-comers”

“I believe you” I said carefully

Charlie met my eyes and smiled.

“I just don’t like when people are narrow-minded like that” he said before he resumed to his dinner.


I spent the rest of my evening finishing my homework before I crawled into my bed.

I was exhausted.

All the frustration was tiring.

I wasn’t used to this. I knew everything. Always.

I forced my eyes shut and reviewed what I did know.

- There was an odd family.

- They were something else.

- Edward had fled my presence.

- Edward hated me.

- They were mildly said intriguing.

- I needed to know what they were hiding.

I let out a breath I didn’t know I was holding and crossed my arms defiantly.

Edward couldn’t really skip school that much. He would be back, I only needed to endure a couple of days tops.

What made me so sure he was skipping school in the first place anyway? He might have been sick or had a doctor’s appointment or something of the sort.

He wouldn’t skip school for something as trivial a “quarrel” with me.

I wasn’t in the center of the universe. It wasn’t all about me.

I chuckled at the thought.

Why would it be about me?

He could have been staring at something on my face, I reasoned with myself.

But something in my gut told me otherwise.

I shook my head at were my thoughts were heading.

He would eventually be back and I could finally figure it all out.

The mystery would be solved and I could be done with them.

I exhaled sharply as I felt the same stabbing pain in my chest as I felt the same morning.

I ignored the feeling and settled comfortably in my bed.

In a couple of days it would be over and everything would go back to normal.

I felt the drowsiness coming, pulling me under and I fell asleep with smile on my face.