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What if the Cullens weren't the only ones who were special? What if Bella could do something they had never seen before? Canon pairings. Slightly OOC.


5. Chapter Five - Information

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Chapter Five - Information

I glanced around the already full parking lot as I stepped out of my truck. The sun was finally shining, having broken the relentless routine of the never ending rain in the tedious town. The lot was filled with enthusiastic teenagers buzzing and bouncing with joy, enjoying the little time they knew they had with the borrowed sun. I tensed up as I had done every morning for the last week and scanned every inch of the packed parking lot.

There were no signs of him. I sighed and breathed out in relief. Again he was gone. It was starting to get ridiculous, he had been gone for a whole week. I had literally driven him away, I was actually so awful that he saw the need to flee. I frowned as I thought of this. What did I do? It was seriously starting to aggravate me.

I thought that I could just forget about everything until he returned, be normal for a little while. No such luck, for the past week, seven excruciatingly long days, I hadn't done anything but obsessing about the bronze haired Adonis.

What did I do? Why did he leave? Where was he? Why did he hate me? What was he?

The questions went through my mind at all times and I feared that I was driving myself to insanity. I swiftly swept my eyes over the lot again, searching. I grimaced as I saw Mike walking towards with a blinding smile. His stride was confident and he was pretty sure I was in love with him. I rolled my eyes, strolling slowly towards him.

"Bella!" he exclaimed in happiness and tried putting an arm around my shoulder. I quickly ducked it and hit him a little too hard on his arm.

"Tag, you're it!" I called out before running towards the entrance. I glanced back at Mike and saw him still standing there his face contorted with pain while clutching his left arm. I smiled back at him and stuck my tongue out to taunt him further.

He quickly reassembled his surprised face and started chasing after me. I was faster and I knew that, smirking all the way, I ran into the school with an extreme speed and headed directly towards my locker in the end of the first hallway.

I smirked again as I remembered Mike's flabbergasted expression and held back the laughter that was threatening to spill if I even opened my mouth. At that exact moment Mike burst through the doors and they flew open, blowing an enjoyable wind in my direction.

"What's up Mike?" I said, feigning innocence while batting my lashes at him.

"But you just..And you..What?" he said, panting.

I opened my locker, seeming totally indifferent. I could feel his eyes, staring at me intently. He was trying to make sense of my behavior and was getting nowhere. I chuckled softly as I felt his sharp annoyance pointing directly at me. I snapped my head to face him and slammed my locker shut. He gasped, slightly alarmed by the loud noise and trained his eyes further on me.

I smiled brightly at him and his eyes abruptly softened. He no longer felt suspicious.

"Oh, Mike. You're such a joker" I said amused. His face was still confused and he wanted to ask me about what I was talking about and why he just chased me. He shrugged feeling very content in the fact that he had made me laugh and smiled smugly.

"English?" I asked after awhile with his staring. He nodded excitingly, his eyes as bright as they always were when we had class together. The boy was so ridiculous but he did distractions well. I shook my head in amusement, I hadn't even thought of them in the last five minutes.

We walked to class in silence. Mike was contemplating my weird behavior and I was just trying to hold back my laughter.

What's with Bella? Why did she make me chase her? I bet she really wants me, how can she not? I'm handsome, smart and funny. She laughs all the time. Maybe I should make a move...

I rolled my eyes while stifling a chuckle. Mike was glowing by his newly-found confidence about me, planning his next move. I sort of felt bad for the guy, as conceited as he was he would never find a true love. I shook my head, suddenly feeling glum. The poor boy had no chance.

We walked into class right before the teacher came in and took our usual seats. I sighed. Another boring class with no distractions and nothing interesting to do. I propped myself up with my elbows on the table and peeked out of the nearby window. The clouds were gathering, shutting out the little sun this place had and throwing a dark shadow over the whole town. The inevitable rain was coming just as I knew it would.

He couldn't be gone for long. He would be back. I inhaled sharply as I thought of this. He would be back.

Mr. Varner threw a thick pile of papers on our table and I quickly pulled out of my thoughts, reacting with a jump from the loud thump the papers made against the surface of the table.

I narrowed my eyes at him. He did it on purpose. "Ms. Swan. I'd appreciate it if you paid attention in my classes" he smirked. I looked around in the classroom, finding every pair of eyes trained on me. I flushed deep red and nodded. Mr. Varner turned to walk away and I stuck my tongue out at him. Mike chuckled under his breath and I smiled. Stupid teacher.

I glanced at the pile of papers that Mr. Varner used as a weapon to aggravate me and briefly caught sight of the date. I gasped loudly, my eyes widening and stared intently at the paper.

It can't be.. Not now..

But it was there. Written on the paper, black on white. My stare didn't falter and I felt my mouth falling open. I felt a mist-like haze surrounding my eyes, shutting out the outside world. I thought I had more time. I thought I would be able to do something about it. A gut-wrenching pain stabbed my heart over and over again.

It would happen soon and it would all be my fault. Of all the things that could slip my mind, this did. It was all my fault..

I was I wandered around helpless in my haze of thoughts I felt someone nudging my side. I ignored it and kept dwelling over my guilt. The nudging wouldn't stop and irritation was getting the best of me.

I blinked and returned to reality.

Mike was staring at me, worried. I must have been gone for awhile. I saw myself through his eyes and I looked paler than my usual self. My deep brown eyes were wider than ever and my posture was rigid. It truly looked like I had seen a ghost. I shuddered at the thought and felt the nausea building itself up. I suppressed it and glanced at the paper before me again.

March 20th

As I glared at the words in front of me, I felt hopeless.

"What's wrong?" Mike asked cautiously, eying me carefully for any reaction.

I slowly faced him, recomposing my face on the way.

"My cat died a year ago today" I lied smoothly. I put on a sad face and stared at my intertwined fingers.

Mike patted my shoulder. "It'll be okay" he said sadly. He actually felt bad for me, I might have underestimated him. I furrowed my brows and shook my head. They were going to announce it on the speakers any minute now.

I had failed her, I swore to myself I would do everything in my power to stop this. The anguish enveloped my heart tightly and I winced from the pain.

"Good morning students. We have a sorrowful message to deliver this morning. Ms. Cope had an accident and died this morning. To honor her memory you will all be excused from school today" voice in the speaker faded away.

I dropped my face in my hands as I heard all of the students gasping. I squeezed my eyes shut fiercely, trying to ignore the people in the room. The feelings were overwhelming. Usually this was the part of my ability I could easily ignore. But the emotions were hitting me like a wrecking ball, throwing me off balance. There was shock, denial, sadness, guilt, sympathy, rage and even a hint of giddiness. All of these emotions were freely flowing towards me in the small classroom.

I rubbed my temples, my eyes still shut, trying to calm myself down. I needed to separate my own feelings from the emotions of the people surrounding me. I breathed in and out for several minutes, initially wanting to just give up and let myself drown in the ocean of emotions but persevered.

I rose from my seat, scrambling my books together frantically. Mike livened up after I got up and followed behind me like a loyal retriever. The burden of knowing I could have done something was heavy on my shoulders. I needed to get out of there.

I picked up my pace, waving Mike goodbye, and raced out to the parking lot and straight to my truck. I needed some time alone to think, far away from the Forks population. I hopped into the driver's seat and quickly started the engine. The sound reverberated in the truck and I gasped as the sound scared me.

I maneuvered my way out of the parking lot quickly, avoiding the jam that would occur in a few minutes. I drove a little faster than I normally did even though I was in no hurry. The thoughts that were buzzing around in my head were so loud that I was barely aware of where I was going. After awhile I recognized the familiar road I had taken. I pushed the truck's engine to its furthest, making it groan loudly. I wanted to reach my own secret haven. A place no one had bothered me with they're stupid questions or meaningless banter. I had been going there every day the last week. I smiled as I thought of it, my personal haven.

I reached the vacant beach in minutes. I breathed in the cold, fresh air and strolled up and down the length of my haven. It was quiet as always, the gentle rustling of the trees far away being the only sound I heard. Serenity.

I inhaled one more gust of air before I surrendered to my thoughts. Accident they say. Ms. Cope, poor Ms. Cope. I failed her, how could I forget. How? I had been busy, yes but that was no excuse for my recklessness. I could have saved her.

I abruptly stopped my pacing and swiftly flopped down on the cold sand. I rapped my arms around my knees and kept staring at the ocean, wishing it would spew out an answer for me to take or even an advice. The sky above me was clouded, not one ray of sunlight getting through the thick layer of clouds. I gulped noisily and let myself immerse in the last thoughts and actions of Sharon Cope.


She was descending the stairs of her house, happy and content having the feeling that everything was okay. She walked into her kitchen downstairs her hair flowing freely around her small head. She turned on the lights and smiled, feeling victorious and not bothering to be afraid as she usually was. She wandered over to her fridge, lolling her free arms back and forth against her body, careless. She smiled as she opened her fridge, again feeling absolutely no reason for anxiety.

She had just been at the police department and reported her ex-boyfriend. She shuddered as she thought of his abuse but smiled as she remembered he was finally locked up. Her smile was gentle and subtle but still lightened up her whole face. She put her earbuds in her ears and started washing the growing dishes in sink.

She was clueless and heard nothing. She was naïve and believed in the good. She was finally relaxed and enjoying the peace, even enjoying a dull task like doing the dishes. She was content as he slowly made his way towards her from behind and silenced her forever. She fell to the ground, not knowing what hit her, and he snuck out of the house again not leaving any evidence at all behind him.


I shook my head fiercely, trying as usual to shake the images out of my mind. The corners of my eyes had gotten considerably wetter and was creating an eerie fog around my eyes. I hugged my knees closer and trembled slightly as I thought of the blood. The nauseating red liquid was flowing rapidly and freely out of her huge gash in the back of her head. I winced as I saw Ms. Cope lying on her kitchen floor, lifeless and pale. Her chalky skin creating a striking contrast against the red pool surrounding her. Her eyes were staring out in the air, blank. Her hair thoroughly soaked in her own deep red blood, turning her usual dark-blonde hair into something unrecognizable. No life was left in her.

I shut my eyes again, regretting the decision I had made. I should have just buried her memories, attempt to forget them as soon as they announced that she had left this world. But of course I couldn't do that. I laughed a humorless laugh in the inappropriate moment.

"Curiosity killed the cat..." I murmured to myself.

And in my case that was probably the truth. Curiosity would in the end kill me.

I opened my eyes and looked at my watch. I had been sitting there for hours, only thinking.

I decided it was time to go home as Charlie was having friends over and wanted me to meet them. I sighed as I pulled myself up straight from the uneven surface. Meeting new people was the last thing I was up to right now. I had grief on my hands. Shouldn't I be allowed to have some time to deal with the sorrow? It was after all my fault, all of it. I could have saved her...

My mood darkened as I really thought of the reason why I missed this. I was preoccupied. The only thing I had been doing was worrying and speculating. About the Cullens. I frowned as the thought passed my mind. Technically, this entire thing was their fault. If it hadn't been for their almost rude mystery, Ms. Cope would be alive and well.

The chagrin knitted my brows together. It was they're fault. As I got into the cab of the truck I sighed and slumped back. I knew deep down that no one else was to blame but me.


"Bella!" Charlie greeted me as soon as I walked through the door. He was so excited. I sighed before dragging myself towards the sound of my father's voice.

They were in the living room, Charlie and a young boy lounging on our couch while another middle-aged man was sitting in his wheelchair. I stopped by the door-opening to really inspect the situation. They were all smiling bright smiles, looking at me with expectant eyes. The change of atmosphere was nearly overwhelming, I had done nothing but wallowing all day and these three men were in bliss.

It threw me off again, I couldn't bear any type emotions, and everything seemed overwhelm me.

I inhaled sharply as I felt another wave of happiness hit me, and I couldn't help but smiling when I felt my mouth twitching.

"Hi, dad" I finally choked out while walking towards them.

As I sat down next to Charlie on the couch I got a better view of their faces. They both had a tan, russet skin and dark hair. Father and son, obviously. Their faces looked both pure and experienced at the same time. Strong but innocent. They looked good. Safe. I instantly relaxed, knowing no danger could possibly come.

The young boy was wearing a blinding smile and his long black hair was tied back. His face had a hint of childish roundness he had yet to outgrown, indicating that he was quite younger than he looked. He was staring at me intently and I flushed red before I offered him a weak smile. Jacob, I remembered. The older man, the father, was staring as well and had black, long, glistening hair equivalent to his son. Billy was his name. They both seemed nice.

Jacob had cocked his head to the left to get a better look of me and was curious about me. Some of his dark locks were falling down in front of his eyes. He brushed them back swiftly and had a sly smile on his face. I arched a brow and took the mental note to find out what that was about later. Billy was still smiling brightly at me, his features not changing from their, what I guessed, characteristic optimism. His face was heavily wrinkled, his russet skin clustering together at places.

"Bella, this is Jacob and Billy Black" Charlie interrupted my thoughts. "You know them, right?" he continued. I didn't really know them, I met them one of the summers down here but only knew what Charlie knew about the Blacks.

"Um, yeah sure. I think I met you once" I said looking up at them. They both nodded in agreement and smiled once again.

"Well, dad I can make dinner and you guys can watch that football of yours" I smirked and Charlie chuckled.

"I can help" Jacob said quickly as I had started to rise from my seat and started making my way to the kitchen. I turned to look at him and he had already leaped from his seat, his face excited.

"Sure, why not. The more the merrier" I said, smiling, their presence had already lightened my mood several degrees.


Jacob was such a comfortable person to be around. Always making jokes and making me laugh. Jacob was fun and had just brightened and eclipsed the earlier glum happenings of the day.

We were sitting by the island, done cooking and waiting for dad and Billy to finish their game. They would be in here in thirty minutes.

"So how is Forks treating you? School any good?" he asked abruptly after just making a joke. His deep brown eyes were eager and his face was suddenly faced me. He wasn't just asking to be polite, he really wanted to know.

I hesitated for awhile, what was I going to tell him? The truth? That school was one living hell at times and at others completely uninteresting? I really wanted to tell Jacob the truth, he probably was the only person here I really had gotten along with. And truth be told, I really was hoping to keep him as my friend.

He noticed my indecision, arched an eyebrow and scrutinized my face. "What is it Bella?" he asked after awhile, suspicion evident in his tone. I internally groaned at the thought of explaining to him how for no reason at all a whole family of breathtakingly beautiful strangers loathed me to the core of my being.

I bit my lower lip nervously and glanced up at him under my lashes, still unsure. His eyes softened as they met mine and he seemed to blanch for second before he shook himself out of it.

"Really Jacob, it's nothing..." I trailed of, staring intently on the kitchen tiles. I didn't need to worry him about my petty worries. It probably was nothing at all. Nonetheless I felt the urge to spill everything to this kind teenager. Jacob was safe.

"Bella, just spill it" he said simply, almost repeating my own unspoken words.

I bit down on my lip roughly, nearly piercing it with my teeth. I inhaled deeply and stared at Jacob's face, watching him for any difference during my explaining.

" It's just this "family" I guess at school. They're just, I don't know unfairly rigid against me" I hesitated, fumbling with my sleeves.

"Family?" Jacob asked, arching a brow.

"Well, yeah. They're all adopted and go to my school. They're not really siblings. That's beyond the point anyways..."

"The Cullens?" he asked, suspicious and surprised at the same time. A chill ran down my spine as he said their name, it had been so long ago since I had even mentioned their name to myself. I recalled Rosalie's fierce and glaring face and shivered once again.

"Yes, do you know them?" I inquired as I realized that he probably did. He shook he head, an amused look covering his face.

"No" he said solemnly, still stifling his laughter. "People aren't that nice when they talk about them though, down at the rez. They're kinda hated, I guess" he shrugged, accepting his statement as a truth.

"But why? What have they done? Do anyone even know them down there?" I asked as I defended the very same people that hated my guts. My heart sank and the familiar stabbing, that seemed to be constant these days, resumed.

"I have no idea, well there are stories about them but they're just silly superstitions though. Nothing serious" he grabbed an apple, appearing indifferent.

"Well, tell me. I want to know" I said, my enthusiasm leaking through.

He chuckled lightly and told that it was not to be taken seriously once again but I disregarded it. I would be the judge of what was important or not. At this time of frustration, something new to ponder on was always welcome.

Jacob told me about his tribe and the Quileute legends that he had grown up believing in and eventually grown out of believing. Even though he claimed he didn't think much of his ancestors' history and his tribe's beliefs, I could tell that he was enjoying the story-telling. His eyes were glowing from excitement and he was gesturing with his hands every time to show just how big things were, just like a child. He told me about the beliefs of their direct contact with wolves and rolled his eyes as he finished that part.

He then began the story about the Cullens. I stiffened as I heard their name and Jacob watched me carefully throughout the story.

"Well, don't freak out ‘cause it gets freakier than the wolves. I don't even believe myself" he gave me an intense look, waiting for my answer. I nodded. He exhaled loudly and continued.

"Okay, like I said the wolves are protectors. Protecting the humans from danger" he shifted his gaze away from me, contemplating how to phrase the next words. He opened and closed his mouth a couple of times before he started up again.

"They supposedly existed because this" enemy-clan" exists. The wolves were born for one reason, to annihilate the enemy and protect the innocent humans" I blinked as I heard this, enemy? Were they Cullens the enemies? I knew they were dangerous but evil? No, that they weren't. Jacob picked up on my inner conflict and pursed his lips, contemplating his own words.

"It's just stories Bella. Don't get to caught up in them" he shrugged and smiled. I nodded stiffly and smiled weakly.

Just then I heard footsteps getting closer and knew I wasn't getting anything else out of Jacob today. I didn't understand what Jacob was implying. Just the story of the supernatural, that supposedly wasn't true, was mind-boggling. What if they were the enemies?

"Mmm, smells good in here" Charlie said, breaking my train of thoughts.


I closed the door behind me in my room and breathed out. I was exhausted. Billy and Jacob had stayed over for a long time, chatting away as the talkative people they were. They had just left and I was relieved the day was over.

I jumped on my bed, sprawling across it and closed my eyes. Jacob entered my mind and made me smile like he had the last few hours. He was smiling as well and I decided I wanted to visit some of Jacob's blissful memories.


The sun was shining high above the little head of the round-faced toddler. He was sitting on the beach near their house, playing with the sand under him. He smiled as realized that the sun would hit his face if he tilted it backwards. The little toddler closed his eyes, marveling at the touch of the sunbeams warming his face.

When he opened his eyes, he found a pair of brown eyes beaming down at him. Her chestnut hair was flowing down the sides of her face and touching his, tingling him. He smiled his widest grin and reached towards her, his arms aching to touch her. Mommy. She grabbed him and lifted him from the ground and into her arms, clinging to him dearly. He pressed himself closer to her, resting his head on the nape of her neck.

He sighed and leaned back to look at her face again, trying to remember every one of her features. He studied her quietly before he laid one of his petite hands on her cheek. He felt her warmness and kindness, just by touching her and she leaned in on his touch. She smiled a sweet little smile that made the toddler bounce with excitement and laughed quietly as she saw the happy face of her child.


I laid my head down on my pillow, smiling from ear to ear with the little toddler in the memory, happy that Jacob was happy.