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What if the Cullens weren't the only ones who were special? What if Bella could do something they had never seen before? Canon pairings. Slightly OOC.


6. Chapter Six - Confrontation

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Chapter Six – Confrontation

”Ugh” I moaned into my hands. My eyes were closed, my tiny hands cradling my face and I was enjoying the serenity of the darkness that was surrounding me at the moment. I exhaled and rubbed my temples in vain, trying to lessen the blows of my banging headache. The headache was disturbing the peace the darkness created for me. It felt like someone was intentionally bugging me by poking my brain over and over again on the same spot. Like the annoying non-existing someone was trying to force me to understand something I obviously didn’t see. With my eyes still shut, I breathed in and out heavily, using a technique I picked up from someone’s memories. It was apparently used to calm people down.

I sighed as the relentless stabbing and throbbing didn’t surrender to my technique. I forced my eyes open and squinted them as the blinding light hit me with full force. The sun had just risen and was illuminating the kitchen, drowning my pale face in sunlight. I raked my fingers through my hair and stopped them at my temples. I rubbed gently, hoping gentleness was the key.

My head had been throbbing persistently since I woke that morning, never giving me a chance to collect my thoughts. I propped my elbows on the kitchen’s island and pursed my lips thoughtfully. I couldn’t find the reason why. Was it because of all my reminiscences the day before? I furrowed my brows as I considered the fact. It might have been, I never really did that often at all. I never found it interesting and I usually couldn’t find it myself to snoop around in other people’s most cherished memories and hated fears.

How would I feel if someone took the liberty to take a close look at my thoughts just because they had free access?

I shuddered at the thought. I would feel violated.

I shouldn’t have done it and now I got what I deserved.

“Karma’s a bitch…” I mumbled unintelligible to myself.

I rubbed my face mindlessly in exasperation as my thoughts drifted back to the day before.

She died.

And it’s all entirely your fault.

You could have saved her .

But instead you spent your time contemplating the actions of that…that… wretched…meaningless…

I felt a stab of pain deep in my chest as anger and guilt swept over me like a huge wave.

When was he coming back anyways? I needed someone to take my rage out on. I needed an outlet before all of the bottled anger I had accumulated throughout his absence would leak and burden someone who probably didn’t deserve it.

Ridiculous. Coward. I scoffed.

Even with my pounding headache, I knew it was something that needed to be done. I couldn’t live in uncertainty and it was probably a stupid idea but I didn’t care. Not then.

I took a deep cleansing breath and closed my eyes once again. I searched every one of the people in Forks’ futures, the ones I had met anyways. I blindly scrutinized everything I had stored in my head, images flickering in my head like I was switching a television intently. I looked for everything relating to the Cullens but came up empty- handed. It was like looking for a needle in a haystack except that I had the feeling that it wasn’t there. The oddly familiar deathly pale, striking faces were etched into my mind but none of them were to be found. It was like they weren’t alive at all. Usually people would pop up once in awhile in other people’s futures even though I had never even seen the color of their eyes.

I grabbed a fistful of my hair in both my hands, frustrated and grimaced.

What was wrong with these people? Where they purposely trying to make my life hell without even doing anything?

They were not common, that much was obvious. I couldn’t see a speck of them in anyone’s futures. What, they never went out?

My fingers loosened by their own accord as I thought of this. That was impossible, they went to school with every teenager in town. They had to be involved with other people in some way either they wanted it or not.

I dropped my hands, mentally beaten and defeated.

I let out a sigh.

I leaned back in my chair and glanced out the window. Clouds were forming and as always the borrowed sun would only be out for little awhile. The rain always came back and engulfed everything else. That’s how it went around here.

I sighed again as I remembered that I needed to get ready for school and make some sort of breakfast for Charlie who would be up shortly.


I dragged with me my rain-coat with a sigh as I knew it would be pouring later.

“Dad! Bye!” I called as I stepped out the house. For the first time, Charlie had the day of and was planning on fishing with some of his friends from the reservation.

The sun was still out but the ominous looking clouds were threatening to overpower shortly. That’s how things worked in this world. One could never stand on his own, no matter how special and good the one was. You were always outnumbered.

“Keep up the fight old friend” I said before I climbed into my truck, staring directly at the bright blob of blaze.

In some strange way I felt comforted by the notion, at least I wasn’t completely alone.

Somewhere out there some other weirdo had one-sided conversations with the only thing truly alone.

I felt the tugging in the corners of my mouth as I drove out our drive- way and started heading for the school.


I drove into the fairly full lot as I had done a dozen times by now, frankly getting bored. I groaned as I the heavy rain started to trickle down the windows, clouding up my view. I quickly parked it in my usual spot and hopped out of the cab, hurriedly putting my coat on.

I glanced around the parking lot swiftly finding nothing out of place.

I rolled my eyes and curtly scoffed. This was getting old…

I pulled my hood over my head, attempting to save the last of my hair that already wasn’t drenched.

I sagged towards the entrance, noticing how my jeans had already gotten wet as I stared at my feet. The frown forming was easily detected and I shook my feet trying, but failing, to dry my feet a little.

Just as I was returning my gaze forward, I tripped in my own two feet and suddenly I was flying. I closed my eyes expecting the hard impact of the asphalt beneath me. I threw my hands out in front of me so they could take the blow instead of me.

But I didn’t fall.

I stood perfectly still in the air, feeling two strong arms enveloping me.

I shivered as I felt the touch and I wondered why. It wasn’t that cold.

I cautiously opened one eye at the time, they raindrops stopping each try half-way. The rain was heavy and had probably drowned half of my face, making it near impossible to see my rescuer.

I squinted and rubbed eyes furiously but it was no use.

He tensed up at my movement and froze for moment before he quickly helped me straighten up.

I stood up straight, flustered and my cheeks burning from embarrassment. Of course I would find a way slip and fall on the straight asphalt. Considering my major klutz issues it really wasn’t a surprise. What was a surprise though was the not falling part. I glanced around and became aware of the twenty pairs of eyes staring at me with disbelief.

My blush deepened and I mentally cursed myself for being so clumsy.

“Umm, thanks…” I said hesitating as I turned around to thank the one who had saved me from landing flat on my but in front of the whole school.

But there was no one there. He was gone. He didn’t even want me to thank him.

I frowned and picked up my now soaked bag. I looked around for a second time. The people were still staring, as people always did when I tripped, some girls even glaring. I furrowed my brows but shrugged it off. I spotted a new car in the lot, one I hadn’t seen before. Or noticed.

Either way, it wasn’t there the last day and I immediately grew curious. The small silver car was probably the best looking car around here. I was faintly intrigued by why the students didn’t flock around the car the way I would have predicted they would.

All the cars here were crappy, that was a fact.

This car almost looked ostentatious next to the others. Like it shouldn’t have even been parked next to them.

I made a mental note to ask Jessica who owned the only actually decent looking car here before I trudged off to my first class of the day.


The day passed quickly and uneventful as always and I found myself walking towards my least favorite subject.


I cringed and shuddered at the same time.

I actually liked Biology before I moved here but he ruined it for me. Biology now signified stress in my eyes. I never could relax and let my guard down. I had no idea why and it irritated me to no end.

I let out a strained breath and glanced around the hallway.

Still nothing.

I was hoping to get a quick look at the owner of the silver car but no such luck. He or she was nowhere to be found.

How I missed seeing a person here at this tiny school was still unbelievable. They all knew each other. There was no way I could have missed someone.

As I these thoughts occurred to me and I walked through the door to the classroom, I stiffened. The same feeling as the first time I met him washed over me.

The feeling of danger quickly surrounded me and the room suddenly felt freezing. A chill ran down my spine and I shivered as the memories flashed before me.

Was he back?

Did he finally come to his senses?

What was wrong with him?

I scanned the room quickly before my eyes stopped at my table and widened.

He was there. His bronze disarray of hair stood out in the crowd of generic hair colors.

All of the sudden my heart was racing, pounding too loud in chest almost begging to get out. Get out before the inevitable train-crash of a confrontation would happen.

My eyes were still wide, staring intently at the mysterious boy and I was standing dead still. Like my feet were planted firmly to the floor. I breathed in and out a couple of times, evaluating if I would make a run for it or not.

No. I wouldn’t. Who was he to scare me away? I could do confrontation.

I shook my head and started moving my feet, determined towards my table. My heart was somehow beating faster and harder against my ribcage, making a loud thudding noise which probably was audible to everyone in the room.

I swiftly glanced around the room, my own panic building up. They all seemed oblivious to my sudden panic attack and rigid posture. Except for Mike.

I sighed as I saw him arch a brow and look at me in confusion. He was wondering why I looked like I was about to face the devil while battling with himself if was going to do something about it or not.

I gave him a weak reassuring smile and shook my head. Getting him involved was the last thing I wanted right now. I, to my surprise, found out over the last couple of days that Mike truly cared for me and it warmed my heart. Despite his freaky stalker tendencies and overly nice demeanor, he wasn’t that bad. He was my friend. Probably the only real friend I had.

I gave Mike a real smile and a look the said `I’m okay’. He nodded carefully, still hesitant about my state and turned to face the blackboard again.

I turned my attention back to my not-so-empty table and I noticed he was just as rigid and tense as I was.

Did he know I was here? I could swear he wasn’t this tense when I first saw him.

His back was facing me and he didn’t give the impression of anything bothering him. I was getting close and he was sitting as still as ever.

My palms were getting more and more sweaty with each and every step I took towards him. My fists were balled up at my sides and my nails were digging deeply into my skin, the strain of keeping them like that taking a toll on me.

I carefully sat down next to him, pretending to seem as indifferent as possible but my heavy breathing and racing heart were conveying the opposite. I intertwined my sweaty fingers, clasping and unclasping. I glared daggers right at the blackboard, praying to God he didn’t notice my nervousness.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, all of my tense muscles starting to revolt against me. As soon as I moved, he shifted too.

His eyes were boring into the side of my face, making me blush fiercely.

Oh god, please make Mr. Banner come already…

My thoughts were interrupted by a beautiful velvety voice I had never heard before and by mere reflex my head whipped to the side to check where it came from.

“Hello, my name is Edward Cullen” he said simply while staring intently at me, leaning reluctantly away from me. As if he was forcing himself away from. I frowned and resumed staring at my pale fingers. They were shaking. I forced them to stillness onto the table and took a deep breath before I heard it again.

“I didn’t exactly get to introduce myself last time. I was in quite a rush” I could hear the smile in his voice. Like he was enjoying some private joke.

No shit…

His total change of demeanor irritated me and I wanted to know already.

What was wrong with this kid?

I lifted my gaze back to the blackboard, cursing Mr. Banner for his tardiness. He had to pick this particular day to oversleep and spill his stupid coffee all over him in the teacher’s lounge. I rolled my eyes in aggravation and shook my head, fanning my hair out in the process.

Edward froze and leaned further away from me, sitting as stiff and hostile as the first time.

In the same moment I felt a strange vibe rolling off his rigid posture and hitting me with much force. A shiver ran from the crown of my head and to my toes, immediately pulling me into my own defensive demeanor. I mimicked his previous move and leaned away from him, the little change calming me a bit.

I ran my hand through my hair and realized I hadn’t answered yet.

“My name is Bella” I said through my strangled voice, still glaring at the blackboard in front of me.

He shifted suddenly and steadied himself, obviously not expecting me to answer, before he spoke again. I watched him from the corner of my eye, my eyes narrowed and still glaring.

“I know” he said, his voice as clear and cool as ever. He didn’t seem bothered at all, his body and tense posture the only things deceiving him in his lie.

He knew? I hadn’t talked to him at all and he was gone for so long. How on earth did he know who I was?

My brows pulled together and he spoke up, somehow sensing my confusion.

“Small town. Everyone knows everything and you’re the sheriff’s daughter” he clarified and shrugged indifferently.

Oh, of course. I must have been the gossip in town long before I even arrived. Charlie probably blabbed about me to everyone he knew, which was probably the whole town.

I rolled my eyes and started drumming my fingers on the table. Still praying Mr. Banner would fix the coffee situation fast and get his butt to class. This was a nightmare. As much as I wanted to just look into his dark eyes and just figure everything out, it terrified me. It meant that I would in the end probably be aware of a couple of secrets I definitely didn’t want to know. They weren’t normal, I was observant enough to pick that up.

An animal could pick that up…

I rolled my eyes at myself again.

“You nervous?” he asked, sounding amused. I jumped and flushed scarlet once again.

He chuckled softly, seeming to be over his hostility. I carefully eyed him, still not looking straight at him. I couldn’t risk being tempted to peek at his eyes. I knew I couldn’t resist that even if wanted to.

My heart started to race again, beating in an erratic rhythm caused by something as simple as his laugh. I exhaled sharply and frowned at myself.

What was wrong with me?

He scoffed and glared at something before him, his demeanor and posture abruptly changing again.

I arched a brow and crossed my arms over my chest tightly, attempting to hold my still pounding heart at its place.

“Umm, no. Just a bad habit” I huffed and glanced quickly at him. He nodded, not even looking at me.

“Old habits die hard” I shrugged.

“They sure do” he said cryptic, a smile gracing his already beautiful features. I scrutinized the side of his face and narrowed my eyes at him. He was still grinning unabashed, refusing to turn to face me.

He was hiding something and it was aggravating me to no end.

I hated secrets.

I turned to glare at the board once more and crossed my arms like defiant little child. He laughed out loud at me and the whole class stared at us in amazement. I buried my face in my hands, flushed. When his laughter died down I glowered at him and he just shrugged and stifled the last of his chuckle.

That was it. I needed to know. It was like he was torturing me on purpose, like was enjoying the whole strange hot and cold conversation we were having.

I whipped my head towards him, confident this time. I was the one with the upper-hand right? How bad could this little abnormality of his be anyways? And when I knew, well then I knew…

He froze again as I faced him, clearly taken aback from my sudden confidence. The same vibe of danger hit me tenfold and I cringed.

I shook my head, trying to get rid of the awful feeling.

It’s all in my head, how can it not be?

I searched his face, he looked edgy, his whole body tense. As if he was ready to pounce at any given moment.


He tensed even more as I uttered his name, his lips in a tight line, his forehead creased and he was seeing through slits.

I wasn’t giving up.

“Edward, look at me…” I said confidently. Even though he didn’t want to, I knew he would. The smile in my voice was evident and no one could avoid temptation like that.

I was smiling brightly, knowing I had won. He was still sitting appearing to be unyielding but his body had subconsciously turned slightly in my direction and soon his eyes would meet mine.

I could see his face contort in indecision and he raked his long fingers through his messy hair. I followed the movement with my eyes, amazed at his grace.

He sighed and shut his eyes closed. He slowly turned his whole body towards me, almost like was fighting an internal battle, he kept deciding and then he would waver again.

As he finally settled before me, I took a second to devour his perfect face. I scanned every inch of him, remembering all of him to keep in my mind for the rest of my life.

“What?” he said curtly, obviously annoyed.

I rolled my eyes at his immature nature.

“Open your eyes” I said softly, covering up my own annoyance.

His brows pulled together and he looked like he was in deep concentration. He sighed loudly and rubbed his temples furiously.

I was just about to open my mouth before he opened his eyes and gazed down at me.

His soft topaz eyes looked vulnerable and he was staring intently at my own pair of eyes.

In the moment we made eye-contact I gasped and was attacked with memory after memory and the flood of images overwhelmed me in their amount and extent.

My vision blurred and I was unwillingly yanked into Edward past and memories. His life passed before me like it was my own and I was about to die. I felt my mouth drop and heard a careful whisper.

Where have you been son?

The war is what I want mother! I need to serve my country.

Here’s your food Edward.

He’s lovely dear, he has your green eyes.

Remember your coat!

It cannot be so. My mother will not die!

Father? Will you teach me to ride my bike?

I saw Edward from the beginning of his life, his seventeen years passing by quickly. Every one of his thoughts in his youth being happy and carefree. I saw his smile in the morning when he woke and realized his life was great. I saw his first encounter with bullies and how he learned to ride his bike for the first time. I saw how he turned into the young man he was now.

But everything seemed to be in a different century. Before I had any time to dwell on it, I was assaulted with more memories.

All of the sudden I felt a sharp burning pain attacking my heart and cold, hard teeth making contact with my neck. I groaned at the pain but the flashes didn’t stop and kept hurling back into the world of Edward. I shuddered as the feeling of danger returned.

Edward, why don’t you join me in the living room?

I don’t want this life Carlisle! I need, I need to think…

Are you crazy?! What were you thinking? Her?!

Wanna go hunting, big bro?

It’s not my fault I’m able to read minds!

Why don’t you play the piano for us dear? I would like to hear your last composition.

Jasper, would you stop?

The flashes just wouldn’t stop, he had experienced and done so much. He had the memories of a man in his hundreds for goodness sake! I had never experienced this before, never before had the flashes taken so much control over me. I wasn’t able to do anything. I sat there helplessly receiving everything his mind had to offer me.

As the memories started to lessen in amount, I started getting my vision back. Disoriented, I glanced around and was met with a pair of strange topaz eyes. I felt the blood drain from my face. I flinched and threw myself of my chair and against the wall close to me. Still facing Edward.

My eyes were wide and my breathing hard. Edward looked just as terrified and puzzled. He cocked his head to the side and stared at me.

“Bella? What’s wrong? ” he asked cautiously.

I stared back at him and tried to concentrate over the sound of my now hammering heart. I tried to find his thoughts from the crowd of mental buzzing that came from the people in the room but it was to no avail.


It was like wasn’t there at all. I frowned. I couldn’t read his mind?

What’s with Bella? It’s like she’s seen a ghost or something…”

Close Mike, close…

I relaxed my stance as I realized everyone was looking at me with questioning eyes. I quickly swallowed the lump in my throat before I sat down again next to Edward.

“What’ wrong?” he whispered, closer to me now than before.

I cringed at the proximity and leaned away. I could see him clearly through Mike’s eyes and he looked discouraged and hurt. I didn’t dare looking at him again, so I kept an eye on him through Mike who seemed to always be looking my way.

I shook my head as a response to his question. Flushed, as always, I buried my face in my hands.

He was a, a…

How could it be?

I knew it all now and I wished I didn’t. Who would want to know such a thing? I cursed my curiosity. I could never act normal around him ever again.

Like you ever could…

I shook my head again and raked both of my hands through my hair in frustration. I let my gaze wander back to the blackboard before the tears that were threatening to spill would come.

I felt Edward stare burning holes in my cheeks but ignored it. I needed time to think it through.

And like it was scheduled, Mr. Banner walked into the classroom. I breathed out I relief and Edward huffed in annoyance.

Good. It was my time to have the answers.

As Mr. Banner started his lecture about how tardiness was not accepted, I smiled and Edward grimaced.


After Biology I ran out as fast I could, not giving Edward a chance in hell to speak with me. Even though I knew he could easily catch me and throw me over his shoulder and run off. I shuddered at the thought and pushed it way back in my mind.

There was no way I was staying for the rest of the classes so I went straight to the parking lot. I saw a flicker of silver and I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at Edward’s beloved Volvo. It was given to him by his “adoptive” father, Carlisle, and he loved that car over everything.

I shivered as I thought of how many of them there were, especially at this school. The students weren’t even aware of what they were facing each and every day.

I made my way to my truck and got in. As soon as I got into the truck I dropped my shoulders and felt calmer, the truck always made me feel safer. I threw the truck in reverse and drove out of the lot with a lazy smile covering my mouth.

I drove aimlessly for awhile and before I knew it, I was there.

I didn’t even think of coming here but now that I had, I knew it was exactly where I needed to be.

I hopped out of the cab of the truck and slammed the car door behind me. I trudged off towards the house, amazed at how it still looked just like it did back when I used to visit.

My heart was going into overdrive and I had no idea why. I knew for sure I’d be welcome there anyways.

As I approached the door, I felt my nerves build up.

What if I wasn’t welcome? Things tend to change with people.

I bit my lower lip and wondered if I should take a quick peek in the future or not.

I decided not to and slowly raised my hand to knock on the familiar door, praying again to God that he would be home.

I honestly needed the comfort and explanation he would provide.