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What if the Cullens weren't the only ones who were special? What if Bella could do something they had never seen before? Canon pairings. Slightly OOC.


9. Chapter Nine - Recognition

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Chapter Nine – Recognition

So I had a problem. I could feel my face twisting at my thoughts and took another sip of my morning juice. The atmosphere outside was like yesterdays, but it had warmed up slightly. The ice had melted and I could have driven to school perfectly safe this morning.

But that was where my problem was. I blew out a breath and sighed. I didn’t have my car. With the stress of yesterday I totally forgot that my car was actually a victim in a small fender bender. Charlie had already left for work when I woke up. I was pretty much stranded.

I rubbed my face in exasperation. I had to call someone.

“Godammit,” I racked my brain for anyone to call. It wasn’t like I was close enough to anyone yet. I picked up the phone and stared at it for awhile. Would it be so bad if I skipped school? It’s not like I would miss anything or anyone.

“Yeah, anyone…” I whispered bleakly. Why was I whispering to myself? I obviously didn’t get enough sleep the night before which made my day even better. I rolled my eyes and went back to the thinking.

I couldn’t call Jacob. That was just mean, he lived to far away and he was sixteen. He couldn’t even drive legally yet. He probably had to be leaving for school himself. I could on the other hand though, call Charlie. He was my dad after all. I started drumming with my fingers on counter nervously and frowned. I really didn’t want to have call him. I knew he’d come and get me without hesitation, but I didn’t want to bother him. He almost had a heart-attack because my little “accident” the day before and I wanted him to like having me with him.

I didn’t want to be sent away again. My heart clenched at the thought. So it was a no with Charlie.

What other options did I have? Who else did I know in town? Jessica? Mike? Angela? Eric? I hated this. Mike would probably come and get me. It wasn’t like he didn’t like me, I knew that. But I didn’t want to give him the wrong impression either. Then again, he was the most reliable. This was a tough nut.

A loud honk outside interrupted my musings and startled me. The next thing I knew, I was at the door looking out. A silver car was parked in front of the house and a small dark-haired girl was waving energetically. She looked quite thrilled as she stood there waving me to her. I recognized her as Alice, Edward’s sister. The vampire.

I tensed as I saw her. What on earth was she doing here? I wondered if she was alone, praying she was. Even though I knew she most probably wasn’t. She and the boyfriend of hers were attached at the hip.

I smiled a tense smile, knowing she could see my face. Were they here to give me a ride? I was beyond confused as I thought of this. Why would they do that?

I grabbed my bag carelessly, and fumbled to close the door behind me. Alice’s smile got bigger as I walked towards her. The cold wind was trying to swipe the fake smile of my own face, but I kept it plastered on. I had to pretend everything was normal and okay.

“Hi, I’m Alice. I think you’ve met my brother,” she was still beaming and I was trying to restrain my uncomfortable feelings and the urge to just run the other way.

“Hey, yeah. What are you doing here?”I managed keeping my voice calm. Her eyes didn’t hold any surprise, they were the same golden color as her brother, but they were shining with excitement. A big contrast to her brother. The flashes that followed weren’t as surprising as the first time, which was relieving. But it was a sight to be seen, Alice had lived a long life and seen things you wouldn’t believe a sweet looking gal like her would. She was interesting.

“Bella?” Alice was waving a hand in front of me trying, with no luck, to get my attention. God, I hated these flashes sometimes. I would just zone out like that. I shook my head and went back to reality.

“Oh, sorry. You were saying?” I asked frantically trying to lead her attention to something else. I could feel the warmth creeping up my cheeks though, and I knew she noticed too.

“Oh, well I saw yesterday that you left your car at school and thought we could give you a ride,” she smiled sweetly, reassuring me about her good intensions. Who would ever think this little girl was a vampire? Even I was scarier than her. I raked my both my hands through my hair, as I did when I was nervous, before I met her eyes again. Alice was a psychic. She saw me this morning sitting at my kitchen counter despairing about my lack of options and took action. It was nice of her.

“Thanks, I really didn’t know what to do there,” she smiled at me once more before getting in the back seat for some reason. That left me with front seat. When I got in, I understood why. Jasper, her boyfriend was in the back with her and Edward was driving. It caught me by total surprise and I jumped as I saw him. His hands tighten further around the steering wheel as he stared ahead.

“Hey,” I said, my mind completely blank for anything else to say. He nodded and started the car.

I looked away, a little hurt by his apparent coldness towards me. Like something changed over the night, just like the air in the car changed immediately. The dangerous vibe I sometimes got, poured over me like never before and I shivered.

What was that? I always got that ugly feeling of something creeping up my backside, ready to bite me every time I was around Edward. I was starting to speculate about his involvement. I crossed my arms, trying to cover as much as me possible. I didn’t know what it was I was protecting myself from, but it was there.

“So, Bella, what are you going to do about your car?” Jasper’s voice burst my little bubble and I started.

“I - I… was thinking of getting it fixed today actually. It isn’t really that broken, it’s just the exterior. I was thinking of going to Port Angeles,” I saw Edward shifting in his seat, but he didn’t change his gaze.

“Won’t that be a bit expensive?” Jasper asked in a mildly curious voice. I liked his hint of Texas accent, it gave him character. You could just imagine him riding a horse or bowing out of courtesy or holding the door for some lady.

“I don’t really know, maybe I’ll get an estimate of what it’ll cost. If Charlie can’t afford it, I guess I’m officially car-less,” I shrugged.

“So you don’t really care about your car?” he seemed amused.

“Well, since I’ve got you guys as drivers now, it doesn’t really matter does it?” Jasper and Alice chuckled lightly, but Edward made some kind of growling sound. I arched my brow and looked at him. Was he trying to scare me? Like when a bear growls at people. I snorted and leaned away.

So he didn’t like me. I narrowed my eyes and stared at whatever the hell he was staring at.


Fortunately, I didn’t have biology that day. The only class I had with Edward. He was either having a really bad day or he went back to loathing me. I thought that yesterday was a breakthrough, my crazy mind even thought he’d be civil from then on. I was clearly wrong. His cold demeanor was even worse than his furious self.

I was picking at my lunch, zoned out from the people at my table, staring at the bronze-haired jackass. I seriously couldn’t figure him out, what was I missing? The vampire family sat as statutes only moving once in awhile. Why they even bothered going to school had me perplexed.

Edward was looking at Alice, who was in turn looking back at him. She had a blank look on her face, probably having a vision about something. He smiled, looking quite entranced himself. I saw a hint of what I thought a happy Edward looked like, and it stirred something up inside me.

She’s been staring at him for awhile now. Like she’s going to get him. She’s not even pretty…

I shifted my gaze and scowled at the table. As malicious as Jessica could be, even for no good reason, I knew she was right. Like he’s showed me many a times, he hated me.

“Bella, you have to come!” Mike bawled loudly. I looked up from the table and met his eyes, immediately understanding what he was getting at.

“When is it?” I said, unfazed and pretending I was paying attention the whole time.

“On Thursday,” the smiles at the table went in a scale. Jessica and Lauren at one end and Mike at the other one.

“Okay, sure.” How could it hurt? And it would probably piss both and Lauren and Jessica off. I smiled sweetly to both of them, getting only half-hearted frowns in return.


“Dad, I was thinking that I’d go and try and fix my car today. Maybe get a tow car and tow it to Port Angeles,” I said into the phone. Eventually, Charlie agreed and I called for a tow car. I told the guy to pick me up first so we could go and get my car at the school parking lot.

He easily agreed and I wondered why. People don’t just agree to things they’re not used to. I made a note to check out what that was all about later when I met him.

It turned out the guy agreed because I was female. If my dad would have called, as originally planned, things would have played out entirely different. I jumped out of his car as soon as we arrived at the car shop and didn’t take my time saying goodbye to the 47-year-old pig.

The car-shop owner told I didn’t need to stay, but that he’d call me in a couple of days to tell me about the cost. I was happy with that, thanked him for his time and left.

Port Angeles was different. The town was small, but still bigger than Forks, which really wasn’t that much of an accomplishment. It had a port, obviously, and the coastal feeling was amazing. The cold ocean wind was beating the waves against the main land. The swooshing sounds were relaxing and I would catch myself closing my eyes, going through the herds of people blindly.

There was no sunlight, but the idyllic feeling was there. I couldn’t believe Renee never took me to experience this before. I felt the need to enjoy the time I had, Charlie wasn’t going to pick me up before in a couple of hours.

I took a walk, letting the ocean and the water guide me wherever they were going. Not thinking at all and for a second I understood why certain people chose to just follow others. To just let everyone else take all of the decisions. It was immensely relaxing. I walked aimlessly for another while and stopped when I didn’t know where I was, but spotted a quaint little bookstore.

The bookstore was in a corner, like it was hiding and didn’t want to be entered. It looked like one of those stores no one ever went to, but always had best things. Just my kind of store and I was also in desperate need to restock my book collection seeing as I left almost everything in Arizona.

It was of course as I thought, there was no one in the store and the old lady seemed surprised when I entered her store. The store was withering, that much I could recognize and the books were in return old and cheap.


I had apparently spent a whole lot of time in the bookstore because when I stepped out the town was falling darker and darker. I couldn’t procrastinate anymore. I needed to be heading back to where I agreed to meet Charlie.

“Excuse me, but do you know where The Viper is?” the woman gave me a name I expected to be some club. I turned to her to answer her.

“No, I’m sorry. I don’t live…,” I cut off in the middle of the sentence as her green eyes penetrated my mind. I cringed away from the lady and her friend as the scene played out in front of me. When it faded away, the two ladies were looked like a mix of worry and fear. They were leaning away from me. I cursed and smiled tenderly at the women.

“Maybe you shouldn’t go to that club,” I said gently. Maybe they’d just go home and everything would be okay.

They both frowned and narrowed their eyes at me. Shit, here came the bullocks about independency and rights and all that jazz.

“For your information, we can go wherever we want to. And who are you to tell us where we should go or not go? Do we know you? Look miss-little-I-think-I’m-so-moral, we’ll go to that club and we’ll have fun,” she did a dramatic hair toss and quickly walked away in the other direction.

I rolled my eyes and huffed. I hated it when people just wouldn’t listen to you. It wasn’t like I couldn’t do anything. I had to, I knew too much now.

“People just have to make life hard for me, don’t they?” I mumbled as I dragged my way after the two women.

They were in heels and therefore not too far away from me. I followed them closely enough to hear what they were saying, but far enough so they didn’t hear the noise I made. They took a short-cut through an alley, although I didn’t know where they were hurrying to. They didn’t now were they were going.

“Did you hear that girl? What was up with that? Like she had some sort of say in what we should do. Stupid,” the dark-haired one said, still on about the run-in with me.

“Totally agreed,” the other one said, actually preoccupied with the dress she was wearing and the cold it was letting in. Again I rolled my eyes at the two, how could they not feel the dangerous and electric undercurrent to the atmosphere? The men would meet them at the end of the alley, it was so obvious to me and not just because I knew exactly what would happen. I was still surprised the two women hadn’t noticed my presence yet.

I needed a weapon and fortunately a trash can was placed in that very alley, just waiting for me. I thanked the heavens and proceeded with the sneaking.

I couldn’t know exactly what would happen, considering I couldn’t see myself in my visions. But I knew for sure that without me, these two here goners. A plan might have been a better way to go about things, but I didn’t have time. The element of surprise was what I was riding on.

With the trash can lid, I lurked behind the oblivious girls.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?” his obnoxious voice was enough to make me searing mad.

The girls stopped dead in their tracks, things were starting to add up. One of them stumbled and fell into the arms of the guys.

“Oh, look Eddie! This one is excited,” they hooted and cackled loudly, making the women jump.

“Aw, well how nice. I, myself prefer them feisty,” he walked up to the blonde one of the girls and tucked a loose strand behind her ear, making her tremble in reaction.

It was now or never.

I breathed in and went for it.

I held the lid with both hands and swiftly walked over to nearest guy. I banged the metal lid as hard as I could over his head. He collapsed without more than a thump as he met the ground.

The rest of the gang realized what happened. I charged towards the next one, guessing I could at least get one more of them. The lid went to his man-parts and hoped I never had kids. I almost felt sorry for him as he shrieked out of agony and fell to his knees.

But I didn’t, so knocked him again over the head.

I felt victorious. That was until the others reached me. I flailed with the lid once more, but one of them grabbed it easily and snatched it out my hands.

Crap. This I did not anticipate.

As I thought this, they grabbed and held me in place for their leader. I heard clicking shoes running away. I thrashed around, kicking and screaming. Their leader threw in a couple of blows to my torso before a familiar wind blew them away and I was knocked down to the ground.

My breath was heavy and I grasped were they had hit me. I sat up and leaned against a wall. I don’t think I had ever been so surprised and happy to see anyone in my life. There in the middle of the alley, stood Edward. The men were spread on the ground looking like they’d all been thrown. And that was probably what he had done.

I didn’t know what Edward was doing, but the men slowly crawled away with terrified looks on their faces. I blew out a relieved breath and winced as I did.

That caught Edward’s attention and he rushed to my side in blinding speed.

“Are you okay?” His voice was frenzied as he stroked my hair back so he could see my eyes and face.

I nodded mutely, entranced by his presence and the feeling I got as he held me in his arms. He still looked worried, eyes wide, eyebrows arched and nostrils flaring. I swallowed hard, realizing how close he was to me at the moment.

“No, really. I’m fine,” I whispered reassuringly while trying to convey my message through my eyes.

It was his time to nod. He seemed reassured, but still didn’t release me. I took the opportunity to stare into his eyes, they always expressed what he was feeling, when he wasn’t guarding them of course. He wasn’t today.

His eyes were telling me he was worried, slightly confused and some other emotion I couldn’t depict in time before he shifted and broke the eye contact.

“Thank you, Edward,” I murmured genuinely. He seemed surprised I thanked him and I found that slightly insulting. Did I really come of that proud? I rolled my eyes as a response.

He helped me up and spoke as he got over the previous shock. “Do you need a ride home?” He looked hopeful as he asked and it made me wonder.

I looked at my watch. “Yeah, actually I do. Charlie isn’t coming yet.”

“Good, I’ve got questions for you.”