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What if after the Cullen’s left Charlie sent Bella off to Portland, Maine? What would happen if there she was told a secret that would change her life?
A rewrite of Elizabeth Moffettie’s Family Secrets and Revealed.

I asked Elizabeth Moffettie to rewrite her stories and she kindly agreed. This is what came out. Please review.

1. Chapter 1

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Why did it have to rain today, couldn’t I have one Saturday that was sunny even if it was in December? Technically Christmas Break started on Monday, but I wasn’t going to be in Forks for it. I was moving again, only instead of going from a warm sunny place to the rainiest place in the U.S. I was going from one rainy place to another. I was going to Portland, Maine. Oh joy. At least now I’m used to the cold and wet.

During Thanksgiving Break Renee had come to visit. She talked Charlie into having me move in with my Aunt Peggy and my two cousins. Said it would be good for me after the Cullen’s- No, I wouldn’t think about them. They didn’t deserve to be in my thoughts. If it’d just been HIM it would have been bad enough, but they’d ALL left. I winced. Hadn’t I just thought that they didn’t deserve to be thought about, and there they were in my thoughts? Sometimes I hated my brain.

I drag myself out of my thoughts in time to hear the boarding call for my flight. Oh goody. I imagine the look on Charlie’s face if I show up back at home saying that I’d missed my flight. I really don’t think I want to push my luck that far, he’s already frustrated enough with my zombie impression. What else am I supposed to do though? Being numb was better than feeling all the pain.


I’d just gotten my luggage and am now looking for anything to tell me where to meet my Aunt Peggy. I really hated this part. Being so unsure about my welcome, feeling like an outsider.

Suddenly I saw a brightly decorated sign with my name printed on it. Seriously, which one thought of the glitter? I didn’t think it was Aunt Peggy but it really didn’t matter if it was Elsbeth or Lilia because I was going to hurt them. The whole reason I left Forks was because of all the reminders, I really didn’t need them here.

It was just Aunt Peggy there holding the sign. I stopped for a second to look at her, to see how she’d changed in the years that I hadn’t seen her. She’d always been short and a bit big boned but now her dark brown (almost black) hair was streaked with grey and her blue eyes were less dazzling than I remember.

“Oh Bella, how glad I am to see you! Come, Elsbeth and Lilia are so excited to see you. They’re at the house right now getting your room perfect.”

“I’m happy to see you too Aunt Peggy.” A little lie wouldn’t hurt; I really would’ve liked to stay in Forks….just in case- Stop being pathetic Bella! Again I shook myself out of the mental sand trap that I’d let my brain create.

The ride there wasn’t really interesting. Aunt Peggy told me about the high school I’d be attending. I was just glad that it wouldn’t be like my first day at Forks. I looked out the window at the sky most of the ride. Dark clouds, no chance of sunshine…perfect weather for- Snap out of it Bella!

It really didn’t take long to get to the house. It, at least, was exactly as I remembered it. An old Victorian style house, it had two stories and a great yard that was surrounded by a forest. I wondered how many animals were in it, enough to supply- Oh, now you’re being ridiculous!

I hurried up the steps of the porch as if I was running from my thoughts. Just as I got to the door it opened and there was Lilia. She really hadn’t changed much. Her hair was a tumble of blond curls, her violet eyes glowed, and her skin was paler than mine, almost as pale as a vamp-Snap out of it! If I didn’t know better I’d almost think she was about to hug me.

“Bella, you have to come see your room!” Lilia grabbed my wrist and practically dragged me up the stairs. As she brought me to stand in front of the door to my room it almost seemed like she was bouncing.

“Well, open it already!” she practically screamed. So I opened the door. The first thing I saw was Elsbeth, with her straight dirty blond chin-length hair and violet eyes, messing with the pillows on my bed. I was shocked. They’d gotten me a canopy bed with curtains. The walls were baby blue and the covers and curtains were a lilac. They’d also put in a desk with a computer, a vanity and dresser. It was awesome. It almost reminded me of what Alice- I winced. I’m such an idiot.

“Thank you guys so much!” I exclaimed. It really was a great room.

“You’re so welcome”, they both gushed. “I knew you’d love it!” Lilia gloated.

Suddenly Aunt Peggy came in with my bags. “Oh, Aunt Peggy I could have helped with those!” I was mortified that I’d been so thoughtless.

“It’s ok Bella, I don’t mind. However, would you please come down to the living room once you’ve unpacked? We need to talk about something important.”

“No problem Aunt Peggy”, I said.

“I’ll stay here and help Bella unpack”, said Elsbeth. It was a shock to me. Both Lilia and Elsbeth had avoided me like a plague whenever I’d come to visit when I was younger.

“I’ll help, too! It’ll help us get to know Bella better”, Lilia told Elsbeth. Now I’m wondering if I’m dreaming. I didn’t think so because lately my dreams had left me screaming myself awake.

Unpacking was really uneventful. My cousins asked where I wanted things (in the dresser or closet) and asked about my life. We talked about Renee and Charlie and Phoenix. Finally, everything was where I wanted it to be and we headed down to the living room.

Aunt Peggy was sitting on the couch waiting for us. As we got closer she patted the spot beside her and asked me to sit. I felt really uneasy as I sat. I couldn’t help wondering what she wanted to talk about.

“Bella, I guess I should start by say that we aren’t a normal family. Lilia and Elsbeth aren’t my daughters.” That’s kind of new. Were they adopted? I already knew a few people- sigh.

“You see Bella; Lilia and Elsbeth’s mothers are witches. When they realized that their daughters didn’t show any signs of having powers they suspected that they’d be a special type of witch called a Fairywich. They talked to the elders and Lilia and Elsbeth were placed with me for training.”

I really had no idea why she was telling me this. Maybe she thought I’d need to know since I was living here now.

“There are only going to be five Fairywitches in existence but three are yet to transform. Bella, the reason your mom sent you here isn’t because I’m your aunt because I’m not. She sent you here because on the mid of night New Year’s Eve your transformation is going to happen. You’re a Fairywitch.”

To say I was in shock was an understatement but I wanted to know more.

“Please tell me more about Fairywitches.”

“Fairywitches transform from human to not quite human because Fairywitches are strong witches with the powers of the fey also. You’ll still look human, just more ethereal. Your hair will probably get a little lighter and look more luxurious, then your skin will get as pale as Lilia and Elsbeth’s, and finally your eyes will turn violet. It starts happening six months before New Years and is complete as soon as the clock strikes mid-night.”

I finally really looked at Lilia and Elsbeth. Except for the violet eyes they looked like vampires and I’d look like that. I was getting a transformation I didn’t really want in exchange for the love of my life and the change that I did want. Just thinking of it made tears well up in my eyes.

“Is there anything else I should know about what I am?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Listen carefully Bella. Fairywitches are mostly indestructible, the only thing that can hurt you will be a Spell of Destruction but that spell has been lost for decades beyond memory. You’ll never age past eight-teen and you’ll never die.”

I know she was expecting some reaction but I just felt numb. It would almost be like being a vampire without the blood (thank goodness) and worrying about another vampire taking a disliking to you and tearing you apart. Maybe now I could chase after him for eternity. I just about hit myself for being an idiot. I mean, he’d told me that he didn’t want me. Why would he now?

“Girls, it’s about time for bed and Bella needs time to absorb what we’ve told her.”

“Thank you for telling me Aunt Peggy. Good night.”

I went up to my room still in shock and looked in the mirror of the vanity that now had all my hair stuff on it. I looked for the changes that Aunt Peggy had mentioned. My hair was fuller and had more volume…and it looked like it had red high and lowlights. My skin was almost as pale as my “cousins”. Finally I looked into my eyes and was taken aback by what I saw. No longer were my eyes the chocolate I was used to. They were now hazel, a mix of all colors. Just a few more weeks and they’d be violet.

As I stood there staring I wondered. How had no one noticed this? Then I realized when I started my zombie act they’d let me fade into the background. I was no longer dating a Cullen so I wasn’t important. I closed my eyes and let a few tears fall.