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What if after the Cullen’s left Charlie sent Bella off to Portland, Maine? What would happen if there she was told a secret that would change her life?
A rewrite of Elizabeth Moffettie’s Family Secrets and Revealed.

I asked Elizabeth Moffettie to rewrite her stories and she kindly agreed. This is what came out. Please review.

3. Chapter 3

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We arrived at the high school in no time. I had to admit the layout was confusing at first. The lobby was circular and was surrounded by circles that held classrooms, and then there was a hallway that led to another circle where you could find the main office and further down the cafeteria.

After a hurried promise to meet up with each other at lunch my cousins headed off to their first class and I headed to the main office.

As I got there I noticed an elderly lady sitting in front of a computer. I cleared my throat so that she’d know I was there.

“Can I help you?”

“Um, yes, I’m new here.” I replied.

“Name please?”

“Isabella Swan.”

She typed my name into the computer, printed out my schedule, and looked at my record.

“You’re from Forks, Washington?”

“Yes, I am.” I wondered if she was related to someone from there.

“That’s such a coincidence! Five other seniors came from there not long ago!”

No, it couldn’t be. Please tell me it wasn’t-

“Now, what were their names? Oh, yes, the Cullen’s.”


“Do you know them?” She couldn’t help but notice the shock on my face, I was sure.

“Y-yes, I do.” The numbness that I’d used to cope for so long as a barrier was beginning to fade.

“Would you like for me to call one of them? Alice, or Jasper, or maybe that nice boy Edward.”

“No thank you”, I knew my tone was sharp by the confused look on her face. So I just held out my hand for the schedule. After she handed it to me I fled out of the office and hurriedly tried to find my first class.

Luckily it was vampire free, as were the rest of my morning classes. I slowly made my way to the cafeteria. I was not looking forward to seeing them. Sure, I hadn’t cried when I found out they were here but I wasn’t sure about how I’d react to actually seeing them.

Unfortunately my cousins weren’t there when I entered the cafeteria, but once swift glance told me that neither was the Cullen’s. Quickly as I could without tripping over air, I got my food and sat down.

I was playing with my food (not being hungry knowing the Cullen’s would be there) and was watching the door for Lilia and Elsbeth when they came in. They got their food and sat at a table nearest the door. Just looking at them I could feel my now violet eyes tearing up. I had to get out of there.

I swiftly gathered my things and was almost running when I tripped nearly in front of their table. I was so close to escape! I just got up, without looking to see if they’d noticed me, and ran out the door. I didn’t hear Lilia and Elsbeth’s worried cries. I ran as far as I could and then collapsed. The next thing I knew Elsbeth had her arms around me and Lilia was stroking my hair.

“Bella, what’s wrong?” asked Elsbeth.

“It’s them! They’re here! They left me in Forks and now they’re here!” I sobbed.

“Who Bella?” asked Lilia.

“The Cullen’s”

“What happened Bella? Tell us everything”, coaxed Elsbeth.

“The Cullen’s were in Forks when I moved there. I fell in love with Edward and I thought he loved me too but after I turned eight-teen he told me that they were leaving and he didn’t want me!” I was sobbing hard now.

“It’ll be ok Bella. I promise.” said Elsbeth.

I looked up and through the windows outside I thought I saw a bit of orange streak through the trees. I swear it looked familiar. I looked up at Elsbeth and Lilia but they hadn’t seen a thing.

They took me into a bathroom and we fixed the damage that my crying had done to my complexion and my hair. We’d just come out when the bell to signal the next class rang.

We waved at each other and headed off to class.