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What if after the Cullen’s left Charlie sent Bella off to Portland, Maine? What would happen if there she was told a secret that would change her life?
A rewrite of Elizabeth Moffettie’s Family Secrets and Revealed.

I asked Elizabeth Moffettie to rewrite her stories and she kindly agreed. This is what came out. Please review.

4. Chapter 4

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My class was science. I entered the room and gave the teacher my schedule.

“We’ve only got one seat left. Class we have a new student. Miss Isabella Swan.”

I turned and looked. Great. The only seat available was next to HIM. I now suspect the universe is trying to torture me. However, I had no other option so I sat next to HIM and felt the tears welling in my eyes. Then, out of nowhere, I felt happy. This day just couldn’t get worse. I looked around the room. Sure enough, there was Jasper, who at the moment was giving me a rather guilty look. I just glared at him, and the happy feeling receded.

After struggling with the tears that had come back I quietly, too quietly for humans to hear but clear enough for vampires, recited a calming spell. I looked up in time to see Jaspers confused face at the switch in my mood over what I’m sure he thought was a poem.

I carefully kept my attention on the blackboard after that, but to make me miserable the universe decided that today was going to be a movie day. If I didn’t know that it wouldn’t work I would’ve asked someone to shoot me.

Thankfully the class passed by quickly and I raced to my next one. The universe must have decided to say sorry because the rest of my classes were vampire free.

Soon after the last bell rang I sped off to the car.

I was sitting in the back seat doing homework when my cousins got in. I looked up.

“How was the rest of your day?” they asked.


I looked around to get my bearings and saw the Cullen’s walk to the parking lot. Alice noticed me and started walking to me but HE grabbed her arm, glared and said something to her that caused her to argue with him.

“Can we leave now? We’ve got training to do.”

“Sure”, said Lilia. I knew they were trying to humor me.

As we were backing out of the parking space I saw that Alice had gotten her arm out of HIS grasp and was walking to us again. Then Elsbeth put the car in drive. When we were about to leave the parking lot I couldn’t help but look back in the rear view mirror. Alice was staring after me with a hurt look on her face.

I didn’t relax until we’d walked into the kitchen. Aunt Peggy was standing by the oven and I could smell the cookies from here. Chocolate chip, just what I needed.

“How was school, girls?”

Elsbeth and Lilia looked at each other then looked at me.

“It was fine.” I answered.

“Bella”, said Aunt Peggy while checking to see if the cookies were done, “someone came by looking for you. She said that she knew you in Forks.”

“Who was it?” I asked. I wasn’t sure if I wanted it to be Alice. I really didn’t want to have to explain the change in my looks.

“She didn’t tell me her name. When I said that you weren’t here right now she said that she’d come back to see you later.”

“What did she look like?” I was now hoping that it was and wasn’t Alice. But who else could it have been?

“She had pale skin, amazing topaz eyes, but the really interesting thing was her hair. It was bright orange, like fire!”

Oh no! Victoria had come for me just like Laurent said that she would. She was here to kill me because of James.

“Bella! Anyone there! Do you know her?” cried Lilia who was currently waving her hands in my face.

All I could choke out through my panic was one word. A name.


“So you do know her”, said Elsbeth.

“I have to leave. “ I had to get away from here. She was going to kill me and there would be nice vampires to save me.