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What if after the Cullen’s left Charlie sent Bella off to Portland, Maine? What would happen if there she was told a secret that would change her life?
A rewrite of Elizabeth Moffettie’s Family Secrets and Revealed.

I asked Elizabeth Moffettie to rewrite her stories and she kindly agreed. This is what came out. Please review.

5. Chapter 5

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As it turns out Aunt Peggy wouldn’t let me leave and Victoria didn’t come back. So my worry was for nothing.

The week passed by and nothing really happened. Edward and I ignored each other like we did in Forks and I ignored the rest of the Cullen’s though Alice clearly wanted to talk to me.

At various times through the week during science I would wonder if they knew that Victoria was here and that she wanted to kill me. For some reason my panic over that had faded…probably because I remembered I was a Fairywitch.

It was now Saturday afternoon and Aunt Peggy, Elsbeth, and Lilia had left to go shopping at the mall. I was sitting on the back porch when I thought I saw something in the forest. I scanned around quickly but didn’t see anything.

“Hello Bella” came from behind me. Suddenly I was panicking again. I whirled around and there she stood. Victoria. Her red leaf ridden hair swaying in the slight breeze, her malevolent eyes an odd orange. A mix of the vivid red I remembered and the topaz of a vegetarian.

“Do you know why I’m here?” she crooned.

“I have an idea”, I replied shakily.

Without replying she grabbed me and flung me as if I were a doll. I landed on my arm several yards from where she was. As I lay there waiting for anything to start hurting, I heard Aunt Peggy’s voice repeating a word that was used to describe Fairywitches. Indestructible. Victoria couldn’t hurt me; I admit that made me a little cocky.

“Having fun?” I asked as I got up.

“W-what?” she asked. “Oh, never mind. You’re a dead girl!”

She lunged at me, knocking me back onto my back.

“I’ll make you suffer.”

She leaned over me, and I felt her teeth against my skin but as hard as she tried that was it. She couldn’t bite me. She pulled back, holding me by the throat.

“Why can’t I bite you?” she growled.

“Honestly Victoria haven’t you ever heard of Fairywitches?” I said in a voice that made it sound like I was talking to a toddler.

“Y-you’re a Fairywitch?” she stuttered, pulling away from me.

“You’ve heard of me then?”

“Of course I have!” she snapped.

“Good, then I’m assuming that we’re done here unless you want to shopping or something.”

“I may not be able to kill you, but mark my words I’ll get to you somehow.” She was an inch from my face glaring at me.

“Bella!” I heard Aunt Peggy call as she stepped outside. She stopped looking confusedly at Victoria.

“Remember what I said” was Victoria’s final sentence as she vanished.

I looked to were Aunt Peggy stood. Lilia and Elsbeth had joined her and she was now looking at me curiously.

“Aunt Peggy, Elsbeth, Lilia we need to talk.”

We’d moved into the living room and Aunt Peggy and my cousins were sitting on the couch, while I was across from them in a chair.

“What is it that we need to talk about, dear?” asked Aunt Peggy.

I wasn’t sure how to tell them about Victoria without mentioning the Cullen’s’ names. Even if I did I knew that Elsbeth and Lilia would make the connection.

“Well, you see when I moved to Forks I met this family but they were different from everyone else.”

“How so?” asked Elsbeth.

“Um…they were vampires.”

“They were WHAT?” exclaimed Lilia.

“Let her finish the story”, said Aunt Peggy, “What happened with these vampires?”

“Well, I started falling in love with one of them.” I winced as I saw Lilia and Elsbeth make the connection. “Anyway, I was watching them play baseball when three nomads showed up. They were James, Victoria, and Laurent. As it happens James noticed I was human, he was a tracker and thought I’d be fun to hunt me.” I had to ignore the gasps. “Victoria helped him track me but Laurent went to Alaska. The family took me to Phoenix but James found me.”

“That’s when you were in the hospital” stated Elsbeth. I nodded.

“How’d he get that close?” asked Lilia.

“He told me that he had my mom but it was just a trick to get me to do what he told me. He had just started drinking my blood when the family showed up and killed him.”

“Then shouldn’t you be a vampire now?” asked Aunt Peggy. Apparently being a witch led you to learn about the other mythical beasts.

“The one I fell in love with sucked out James’ venom. The family left me soon after my birthday. That’s what I thought I was being sent here for.”

“So why is Victoria here?” asked Lilia.

“James and Victoria were mates and she blames me for her mate being dead so she’s here to kill me.”

“You know she can’t right? You’re a Fairywitch”, said Elsbeth.

“I know but she said she’d find some way to get me. I think she might try to hurt Aunt Peggy now that she knows she can’t hurt me.” Actually I wasn’t really that worried about Aunt Peggy but I was worried about the Cullen’s. I knew logically that a coven of seven could beat one lone vampire but they weren’t invincible. What if one of them got hurt?

“Don’t worry, Bella. I can take care of myself”, Aunt Peggy declared. I couldn’t help but nod.