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The Happily Ever After

Ever wonder what happed after breaking dawn. The Cullens move to a small town in Alaska six years after the Volturi leaves them in Forks but will it be the last that the cullens hear from them? Or will Renesmee's new friend bring them back to haunt the Cullens? Join the whole family on this next adventure. *Rated Teen because i'm not exactly sure how this is going to turn out... If you have read this story before...I've gone back and edited...it's the same story only better i think.

I do not own anything...this story was inspired by the genius of Stephinie Meyer and the characters and the world that she created. please don't steal my story...i work hard on this and you know plegerisim is wrong, and is stealing...so don't do it.

1. Angels

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I never really had understood Emmett’s relationship with Rosalie. He had always called her his “angel”. I thought it was because she was the face he saw when he thought he was dying but no it was deeper than that. I couldn’t have understood until I found an angel of my own.

Bella was my angel. She saved me daily and she had no idea. With every look and every touch she saved me. She saved me from myself. She was my angel. No she was much more than that…she was my reason for existence. She had given me everything I wanted and more than I could even hope to want. She had made the ultimate sacrifice for me. She not only gave me herself, and her love, but a daughter. Our Daughter, Renesmee. Bella had nearly died giving birth to Renesmee, and was only here today because of me changing her. Something which, if I was being honest I still felt horrible for. Not for saving her of course, but that she had to be saved in the first place. I hated to see my Bella in so much agony, during the short span of her rapid pregnancy. But even though we had the most beautiful daughter in the world I can’t help but sometimes miss the things that I had grown attached to as remarkably Bella. But even though I would never see her blush again I would have her forever, and that thought alone always trumped all other worries.

It hadn’t always been that way though. Even after Bella became a Vampire there was a time when I feared that our lives would be torn from each other. I had thought, no, I had hoped that Bella’s change would be the end of the trouble that had plagued our relationship from its beginning. However it wasn’t. If I still believed in a greater being, I would say he had a very sick sense of humor. Through some strange twist of fate a friend and family member, Irina of the Denali clan, acted on instinct after seeing Renesmee from a distance and the Voultori used it as an excuse to come to see us. Together, along with family and friends we convinced them that Renesmee’s existence would cause no harm.

After that we decided that maybe it would be best to get away from Forks for a while. This greatly upset Charlie however we all promised to keep in contact with him, and promised him that he would see his granddaughter again. That was six years ago. We kept our promise for the most part, writing many letters and phone calls, but it was impossible to do much more.

We have spent these six years in familial bliss. Four of us, Bella, Renesmee, Jacob and myself, traveling the world seeing the places that Bella had always wanted to see, visiting many friends along the way. We stayed with Siobhan, Liam and Maggie in Ireland, and Bejamin and Tia in Egypt stopping longer with the Amazons, so that Renesmee could see her friend Zafrina once more.

Finally we were settling down again, in a town about two hours away from Denali, in Alaska. That was where we were headed now. We had stopped by in Forks to pick up a few things for Jacob and to retrieve my car. The old house was already abandoned. I knew it was a sad sight for Bella, probably brining back memories of the last time the house was left vacated. We didn’t stay long. It was difficult for me as well. I had attached to Forks, but as we drove away I realized that it was because of Bella, and she would always be with me now. I sighed and I felt Bella reach over and grab my hand, I looked at her and she only smiled in response. I raised her hand to my lips and kissed it. Then I looked at our daughter in the rear view mirror, she was looking out the window holding on to Jacob’s hand.

How much she has grown! Renesmee was now fully matured, taking on the appearance of a sixteen year old girl, and she very much was in need of a formal education. Though she was in no way uneducated, throughout her travels I tried my best to educate her myself, but it was time. Not only that, but I could tell that though she was thoroughly enjoying every minute in a new place, Bella was becoming tired of moving around so much, and I began to realize that I wasn’t fond of it either. Jacob was thrilled to be back in the U.S. It made him uneasy to not know what was going on and being said, though he never would let Renesmee know it. If he did she would want him to go home, but he would never want to be separated from her for a very long period of time. He wouldn’t be attending class with us though he said he had enough of high school for now. Not that I didn’t blame him, I have had enough of high school as well, but I knew Bella would never go without me and we couldn’t all not go that would raise suspicions, if the teenage children of the local doctor didn’t attend school. I must have made an unconscious sound because I felt Bella squeeze my hand that she still held.

I looked over at the beautiful woman sitting next to me. The smile she gave me nearly took my breath away. I knew now what she meant about me “dazzling” her, for she frequently “dazzled” me now. I looked once more at my daughter who was now curled up against Jacob, his arm draped over her shoulders, both lightly dozing. It was wonderful to watch Nessie sleep, like I used to with Bella. She really needed to be in bed, it had been a long day. Only another hour and we would be pulling up the drive to our families’ new house.

We would be moving back in with the rest of the family for now. Eventually we were going to try to find somewhere nearby, out of the way, similar to our cottage in Forks where we could live away from the parents without arousing questions from anyone. In the meantime though, we would all live together like one big happy vampire family. Esme had bought a huge house taking nearly two months to renovate and remodel. It was sure to be splendid, nothing my mother ever did was less than that. I would be glad to see my brothers and sisters again, though I very much liked having Bella all to myself I know both her and Renesmee missed them as well. When we were close enough I heard a familiar voice pop into my head.

“It’s about time!” Alice complained in her head. “They’re here!” She shouted excitedly.

“Oh my,” I heard my mother’s thoughts. “I hope they like it.”

“Oh I can’t wait to see my little Nessie again...” I heard Rose’s anxious thoughts.

I chuckled her “little Nessie” wasn’t so little anymore. I wondered what Rose would think when she first saw Ness again. I spoke for the first time in about an hour. “Nessie, Jacob, we’re here.” Renesmee whinnied slightly.

I looked at my wife who smiled at me and turned to our daughter. “Come on little one…don’t you want to see everyone…I know they’re waiting to see you.” My wife said softly and raising her hand to shake our daughter.

That did the trick our daughter opened her eyes and smiled. She looked over at the still sleeping form of Jacob. She chuckled and shook him. “Jake come on wake up.”

He begrudgingly did as we pulled up in front of the house. “Dang…” was all that he got out as he caught sight of the huge house.

We were all staring. Esme had outdone herself this time. The house was beautiful, but I could hear the screaming thoughts of my sister inside, and I knew that we had about one minute before she would come running out here. Bella anticipated as much, and I knew that she was scarcely less eager to see everyone again. She didn’t even wait for me to come and open her door. With one look at me and a quick smile she dashed toward the steps. As soon as she reached the front porch Alice met her, enveloping her in a huge hug.

“Oh Bella!” she practically screamed. “Oh I’ve missed you. Never stay away for so long again.”

“I missed you too Alice!” Bella cried at a more reasonable volume.

“I’ll be back later, Edward. I’m going to go and talk to the pack. Maybe get the lay of the land.” Jacob thought at me. He was a little uncomfortable with the whole touchy feely sort of thing.

“Okay.” I responded, and he kissed Nessie on the cheek and slipped into the woods. I smiled at Nessie watching after him. I still wasn’t quite used to the way things were between Jacob and my daughter, but I was beginning to understand him more. However no one would ever be good enough for my daughter. How cliché I sounded. Then I chuckled as I walked up the steps, “I’m so glad I was missed.” I said sarcastically to my sister.

Alice released Bella and gave me a hug nearly as big. “I missed you too.” But then she dropped her arms and ran to Nessie. I went to Bella after Alice had left us. She had the biggest smile on her face and I couldn’t help but reach up and stroke her face.

“Are you happy, love?” I whispered.

“Exceedingly.” Was her simple answer. I leaned in and kissed her quickly and followed as Alice walked up to the steps with Renesmee and opened the door. There we were met by everyone else. I was immediately caught up in a hug by Esme, who looked as if she would be crying if it were possible. After I had said my hello’s to everyone I stood in a large archway with Carlisle.

I watched as Bella and Nessie were dragged away by the rest of the family, explaining every detail of the trips we took and launching into drawn out descriptions of things we saw and how everyone was. I felt happy and complete to be here. To have everyone that mattered to me in the same place, my whole family under one roof. I was lost in these thoughts when I felt Carlisle clap me on the shoulder. “Welcome home son.”