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The Happily Ever After

Ever wonder what happed after breaking dawn. The Cullens move to a small town in Alaska six years after the Volturi leaves them in Forks but will it be the last that the cullens hear from them? Or will Renesmee's new friend bring them back to haunt the Cullens? Join the whole family on this next adventure. *Rated Teen because i'm not exactly sure how this is going to turn out... If you have read this story before...I've gone back and edited...it's the same story only better i think.

I do not own anything...this story was inspired by the genius of Stephinie Meyer and the characters and the world that she created. please don't steal my story...i work hard on this and you know plegerisim is wrong, and is stealing...so don't do it.

3. dazzling

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It was Monday, the day we would be starting school at Cordova High School. It was only slightly larger than Forks, with only 450 students. I wanted to take every precaution. Bella had done fantastic and has had plenty of time to mature out of the stages of a newborn, but I wanted to be sure that she wasn’t in any way thirsty. We traveled near the national park on Sunday, to take care of some over eating predators. Emmett was thrilled that we were in the north. The north meant that we were in bear country.

That morning Jacob said his goodbyes to Renesmee as he was heading back south for his sisters wedding. Why he came up in the fist place if only to leave I didn’t understand, but I suppose that he wanted to make sure Renesmee was well settled. It would be difficult for both of them to be apart. I knew what that was like, to try to be away from my reason for existing. Now I waited as Bella, Alice, and Rosalie helped Renesmee pick out an outfit to wear to school. “Ladies…” I called. “If it takes too much longer we’re going to be late on our first day of school.” Jasper and Emmett chuckled next to me.

“With as fast as you drive I doubt it.” Bella said descending the stairs looking absolutely heartbreaking in a tight fitting jeans and an ice blue silk V-neck shirt. She came to me and gave me a quick kiss. “They’re on their way down. You know Alice…” She said in explanation.

I wound my arms around her and held her close. We had agreed that we would keep our relationship low key for the first part of the school year. We didn’t want to start too many rumors at the same time. I sighed, “Yes I do…and that worries me.”

“Don’t worry…” Bella said with a smile in her voice, “She is completely presentable. I made sure of that.” I looked down to see her looking up at me. Just then I saw her. My little girl came down the stairs in an outfit that looked similar to the one her mother wore, she looked beautiful.

“What do you think dad?” she asked as she stepped off the last step.

“I think that you look amazing,” I replied truthfully, and then I saw the blush creep over her face. She looked like her mother when she blushed, it was remarkable. I smiled and chuckled lightly, “and that if we don’t leave right now, we will be late.” I smiled when I saw her roll her eyes. She grabbed a messenger bag and ran out the door.

We now had to take two cars to school, while I might have been able to squeeze five people in my Volvo, there was no way I was going to be able to fit seven. Rosalie was thrilled, that meant she got to drive. However she was not permitted to drive her M3. It wasn’t practical. A convertible in Alaska might cause some stares. She therefore purchased another car. It was a stylish Mercedes similar to the one that Carlisle drove only red. I drove Bella and Renesmee in my car, we needed to discuss details. The others rode with Rose.

Bella held my hand as we pulled down the drive. She smiled up at me and looked out the window, waiting for me to start. A few minutes later I heard my daughter, “I wonder what it will be like? I hope that they like me? Is there anything else to learn?” I smiled and looked in the rear view mirror at her staring out of the window. “I hope I look okay?”

“You look beautiful. And I’m sure that every boy will be in love with you.” I teased her and was rewarded by another eye roll and a chuckle from Bella.


“I’m serious.” I smiled. I waited; when we were getting closer to the school I began “Okay, now…You know the story right?”

She sighed. “You’re my brother. Our parents were killed in a car accident, and when we were put up for adoption, we didn’t want to be separated. Grandma and Grandpa…I mean Carlisle and Esme agreed to adopt both of us…”

“Good, and your mother?”

“She’s Emmett’s younger sister.”

“And remember…”

“I’m not to call you mom and dad in public…”


“I’m a freshman. You, mom and Aunt Alice are sophomores. Uncle Jasper and Emmett and Aunt Rose are juniors.”

“Good…and…” she smiled

“Look both ways before crossing the street.” She finished with a laugh. “Dad really...”

“She’s right Edward. She’ll be fine.” Bella said squeezing my hand.

It’s not like I had much choice we were pulling into the parking space. She got out and went to go stand next to Rose and Emmett. Alice and Jasper got out of the car and I went and opened the door for Bella. I heard the audible gasp come from the watching students. We all walked together. Bella stood next to me keeping a distance between us. The others trailed us to the front office.

I heard the thoughts of everyone we passed. They were the normal. Who are they kind of thoughts that I was used to hearing on the first day of school. It didn’t bother me until I saw Bella in the thoughts of several of the male students.

Who is that?” One boy thought about Bella. I looked over at him. He was wearing a basketball uniform. His black hair was cropped short to his head and he looked like a strange combination of Eric Yorkie and Mike Newton. “The others look together…but she isn’t holding hands with any of them... I wonder if I have a shot.” Just then I reached for her. Bella smiled.

“I thought we were going to keep our distance for a while?”

“Well…” I smiled back.

I saw it in the boys’ thoughts. “Maybe it’s her brother? Yeah Brother…” I chuckled. Even though I tried not to let it show. I didn’t want him to be thinking about her that way. She was mine. I had an urge to kiss her there in front of everyone, but I knew Bella wouldn’t take kindly to my display.

Bella looked up at me with one eyebrow raised. She looked positively adorable even with her brow creased. I smiled. “It’s just that…I thought that I wouldn’t have to worry about the jealousy again.”

She smiled, smoothing out the lines on her forehead. “What?” she chuckled.

“What they’re thinking about you…It’s making me reconsider my previous plans.”

“It can’t be that bad.” We all checked in and received our schedules. Bella had class with either me or Alice every hour. I looked at Renesmee’s schedule. It seemed like she would be kept occupied at least. We glanced over the map of the school, quickly memorizing it. “Okay…we’ll see you at lunch okay?” Bella said and gave her a small shove toward her first class. Once she was down the hall I couldn’t suppress my sigh. “Edward?” Bella asked curiously

“It’s nothing.”

“Edward…” she said again this time reproachful.

“I didn’t think it would be this difficult…” I hated to admit it. It was a strange feeling. It was reminiscent of the feeling of when I had to say good bye to Bella. It was strange the feelings that came with being a father. I hadn’t had nearly enough time to be ready for any of this. It had only been six years that we’ve had Ness. It was difficult to see her as a grown woman.

Bella reached down and grabbed my hand and squeezed it gently “Dear it’s only four classes until lunch. She’ll be fine. Don’t worry about her.”

“Okay.” I said taking an unnecessary deep breath. Bella released the hand she had been holding when we reached my locker. Bella’s locker was across the hall and down from mine. We separated while we were putting our books away. I smiled when I heard the boy from earlier.

His locker was only a few down from Bella’s. I saw her look at her schedule. I leaned up against my locker, watching and listening with a smile on my face. Though I didn’t particularly like the attention that she was receiving, I wanted to see her reaction to his attention.

“Okay…just ask her what her first class is…no…ask if she needs help finding her first class…that will work…” “Hi.” “ok great opening Paul.” “My name’s Paul, Paul McCoy”

Bella turned herself to look at him slowly, throwing her hair over her shoulder when she did. “wow…she’s hot.”

I saw Bella raise an eyebrow when she saw his eyes raking her frame. “Hi.” She said in her musical voice.

The sound of it stunned him for a few minutes “Wow…oh crap speak Paul…Words…” “Um…uh…Are…” “Use a full sentence moron.” “Are you new here?” “Of course she is…come on…be smooth.”

She chuckled. “Yes.” I could tell that Bella was enjoying this slightly.

“Oh…cool…do you know where…where your first class is?”

“Uh…room 115.”

“Oh…so you’re a sophomore? Me too.” He began playing out fantasies in his head of what he wanted to do to Bella. I had patience but it was running thin. I strode up to stand next to Bella.

“Are you ready?” I asked her purposefully ignoring the boy.

“Yeah…Edward.” She looked up at me. Then gesturing to the boy “This is Paul…Paul McCoy.” She gave me a flash of a smile. “Paul is a sophomore, like us.”

“Oh really…pleased to meet you Paul. Come on Bella we’ll be late.” I said motioning her down the hall.

She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him sweetly. “Bye.”

“Oh my…wow…I…just…wow.” Was all that I heard from behind us. I chuckled and looked down at my wife.

“What?” she asked innocently. I didn’t say anything as we walked slowly down the hallway holding hands.

“And you accused me of dazzling people?” I asked her shocked.

“I have no idea what you could mean.” She said with innocent surprise in her voice. She looked up and I knew she could tell. “Edward. You weren’t jealous where you?” She asked, but I could tell that there was the sound of satisfaction.

“Do you like to torture me?” I asked as lightly as I could.

“Well that depends…” she said stopping us short in the abandoned hall reaching up and pulling me against her. We were already late; at least we could use the excuse of not knowing the school. She stood on her tip toes and skimmed her nose against mine. I tasted her breath on my lips.

I closed my eyes, trying to quiet my urge to kiss her, “You are the most dangerous creature I have ever met.”

She laughed and leaned away and grabbed my hand again. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. She did nothing but smile as we walked into the class room and took the seats indicated by the teacher. I settled into the boring monotony that was high school, only finding comfort in the fact that next to me sat the most amazing woman on the planet.