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The Happily Ever After

Ever wonder what happed after breaking dawn. The Cullens move to a small town in Alaska six years after the Volturi leaves them in Forks but will it be the last that the cullens hear from them? Or will Renesmee's new friend bring them back to haunt the Cullens? Join the whole family on this next adventure. *Rated Teen because i'm not exactly sure how this is going to turn out... If you have read this story before...I've gone back and edited...it's the same story only better i think.

I do not own anything...this story was inspired by the genius of Stephinie Meyer and the characters and the world that she created. please don't steal my story...i work hard on this and you know plegerisim is wrong, and is stealing...so don't do it.

4. First Day Back

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I was perfectly content to just lie in my husbands’ arms all day. Who said we had to go to school. I understood the want to have Renesmee enrolled, but why did we have to repeat it. I suppose it would look strange to have a house full of teenagers and none of us attend school. But I didn’t want to move, and Edward showed no sign of wanting to move yet either. I looked over at the clock and new that it was time that I start to prepare for the day. I rolled over and kissed Edward on the check and began to get out of the bed, but was stopped by his strong arms. “Where do you think you are going?”

“To get ready for my first day of repeat high school.” I replied struggling against his hold.

My newborn strength had worn off leaving me on equal footing with Edward, he overpowered me eventually and pined me back on the bed. “You don’t have to get ready yet.” He said whispering in my ear. When his nose glided from my ear to my chin I almost gave in. Did he have any idea what he did to me? Of course he did. That was part of the plan.

“hmmm…are you trying to tempt me?” I said pushing him away,

“Is it working?” he asked, I smiled and closed my eyes. Over the past few years Edward and I had worked on perfecting my shield it was almost nothing now to push the one that protected myself away from me. “You tell me.” I thought and replayed the moment in my mind. Suddenly Edward’s mouth was on mine.

I smiled under his urgent kiss. After all of these years it had the same effect on him. I kissed him back with every ounce of feeling that colored the memory a few minutes before. We had switched places I was now able to break free. I pulled away and he looked up at me from under heavy eyelashes. He wound his arms around my waist. I sighed, “Unless you want Alice to dress our daughter with no guidance what so ever I need to get up.”

He chuckled. “It was your own fault.”

“You had me pinned down.” I replied in disbelief.

“You never should have let me hear you.” I knew he was referring to hearing my thoughts. He leaned up to kiss me again.

“Edward…”I said against his lips only a moment after the kiss began.

“Okay.” He said letting me go, only slightly begrudgingly. I knew he wasn’t done trying to distract me yet. I wondered idly who had put him up to this. Alice or Renesmee? Or was it completely from his desire. If it was the last I would easily forgive him, but if it was one of the other, I would get him back.

After I had showered and dressed myself I quickly dried my hair, leaving it loose I started to head for Renesmee’s room, but I was headed off by Edward, who caught me up in his arms from behind. He leaned down and swept my hair over and skimmed my neck with his nose and lips. “I love it when you wear your hair down.” He whispered. He was not fighting fair.

“Hmmm…” was all I could manage to say.

“Have I told you how beautiful you are?”

“I think you mentioned it once or twice.” I replied breathless.

“Good.” Was all he said as he spun me around and our lips met. It was about a half hour later when I reached my daughter’s room. I peeked in her room and saw that she was still soundly sleeping. I walked over to her bed. I couldn’t resist the urge. I gently lifted her hand and placed it on my face. I watched her dream for a few short minutes. She was dreaming about what it would be like today, it was colored with excitement, but also the longing that the day, because of the lack of Jacob’s presence. I smiled and removed her hand. I could watch Renesmee dream forever, but it was time to get her up. “Nessie…Ness…come on sweetie, it’s time to get up.”

“kay mom.” She said rolling over toward the wall. I chuckled.

“No sweetie…you have to get up…it’s your first day of school…It’s time for you to get ready.” That woke her up. She stretched again and rolled over to smile at me. “Come on.” I said patting her leg. “Go hop in the shower.”

After she had gotten cleaned up Alice, Rose and I all crowded in her room. Alice let her face show surprise and disappointment at seeing me already seated in the room. So it was Alice after all. I stored the thought of revenge in the back of my mind and tried to concentrate on Renesmee as Rose sat with her on the bed brushing her hair. Alice was pre-occupied with the closet. “No. No. Absolutely not.” I said when Alice pulled out the first outfit she had picked out for my daughter. “The idea is not to draw unwanted attention Alice…I’m sure that the length of that skirt will draw attention.”

“Fine.” Alice sighed putting the dress back to the closet. “Honestly I thought your taste had improved.”

“Alice…be fair.” Rose scolded.

“Ha. You see Rose agrees with me.”

“Whatever.” Alice retorted.

“Is all this really necessary? I can dress myself.” Renesmee peeped.

“Well…” I said recalling a time where I had said nearly the identical thing to Alice. I chuckled and continued. “This is your fault. You’re the one who asked your aunt for fashion advice.” I looked slyly at Alice, who rolled her eyes and turned back to the closet.

“What about this?” Alice said pulling out a dress that was barely longer than the one she had before.

“Honestly Alice. Edward would never let her out of the house wearing that…”

“Okay, okay, okay…how about…this?” she asked pulling a modest cut shirt and modern fit jeans.

“Now that will do.”

“Ladies…” I heard Edward call from downstairs.

“I’d better go down. I can probably distract him for about two minutes. So hurry.”

I had just left the room when I heard him sigh and call again. “If it takes too much longer we’re going to be late on our first day of school.”

I smiled as I reached the stairs. “With as fast as you drive I doubt it.” I teased him walking toward him. I saw his eyes sparkle when he spotted me. I went to stand in front of him. “They’re on their way down. You know Alice…”

Then as I wanted him to he wound his arms around me and pulled me to him. “Yes I do…and that worries me.” He muttered.

I smiled. Worries about Alice was the only reason why I had attended this mornings little fashion show. I shudder to think of what my daughter would have come down in if I hadn’t been there to veto the first two picks. What had he been thinking going along with her silly little plan to distract me? Not that I didn’t enjoy it. “Don’t worry…She is completely presentable. I made sure of that.” He looked down and I looked up at him.

He seemed distracted suddenly and I realized that it was because Renesmee was coming down the stairs. If I could have cried I might have. It was extraordinary. She was extraordinary. She was all grown up. I knew that moments like this were difficult for normal parents who have had the time to adjust to all of it. Edward and I didn’t have that with Ness. We have only had six short years with her to get used to the whole idea of having a fully mature child. “What do you think dad?” she asked as she stepped off the last step.

“I think that you look amazing,” he said. I didn’t look at Edward only at Renesmee. In a gesture so like one that I used to use, she turned her head and blushed. She looked so much like me when she did it, it was uncanny. At least she had something of mine. She looked so much like Edward it was nice to know I had a place in her gestures and Edward liked to see her blush. I suppose it reminded him of the time when I was human, and he was glad that there was a reminder. I heard him chuckle lightly, “and that if we don’t leave right now, we will be late.” He said trying to lighten the embarrassing moment between father and daughter. I smiled when I saw her roll her eyes. She dashed to the living room grabbed a messenger bag that was identical to the rest of ours and ran out the door.

“She is so much like her father.” I said sighing and walking with my arm around Edward’s waist.

“Yet, so much like her mother.” He said into my ear. We walked out of the house to see the Volvo and Rose’s new car in front of the house. To me it was just another car, but Rose was excited about it, I was just happy that we all didn’t have to try to squeeze into the Volvo. The ride began in silence, all of us lost in thought. I held Edward’s hand, not wanting to break contact with him yet. I had a feeling that I might need his help, his strength to get through today. I had been pushing myself, but this is the first time I would be in close counters with large groups of humans since my change. Suddenly Edward’s voice broke the silence. “You look beautiful. And I’m sure that every boy will be in love with you.” He said looking in the rear view mirror, responding to the thoughts of our daughter in the back seat. I glanced at her in time to see him being rewarded by another eye roll and I had to chuckle. “I’m serious.” He said chuckling. We rode in silence for a little while longer. It was Edward who broke it again. “Okay, now…You know the story right?”

He was of course talking about what we had decided what we would tell people about our family. We had collectively decided that she looked too much like Edward to not be related to him. No one would really see the resemblance between her and I unless they new me before my change. Why Edward was bring this up again I couldn’t understand. We had been over it at least 10 times already. Renesmee sighed. “You’re my brother. Our parents were killed in a car accident, and when we were put up for adoption, we didn’t want to be separated. Grandma and Grandpa…I mean Carlisle and Esme agreed to adopt both of us…”

“Good, and your mother?”

“She’s Emmett’s younger sister.”

“And remember…”

“I’m not to call you mom and dad in public…”


“I’m a freshman. You, mom and Aunt Alice are sophomores. Uncle Jasper and Emmett and Aunt Rose are juniors.”

“Good…and…” I wondered what else there could be…she only smiled.

“Look both ways before crossing the street.” She finished with a laugh and I laughed with her. Edward breathed out his nose and clenched his jaw. Seeing his reaction she spoke again teasingly, “Dad really...”

“She’s right Edward. She’ll be fine.” I said squeezing his hand. She would be fine. She understood…we really didn’t need to go over it again. We were already here anyway. I was instantly more wary when I saw the humans scattered here and there, and I hesitated. Renesmee didn’t pause and hopped out of the car to go stand with Rose and Emmett. I waited for Edward to come over and get the door.

I took a deep breath and braced myself…knowing it wouldn’t be as bad in the parking lot as what it would be in the actual class room. When Edward opened the door two things happened. The dull ache at the back of my throat became more pronounced, but with them all at a distance it was easier to ignore. To see them as people, not pray. The other was when were all standing there I heard an audible gasp. We all walked together. What a sight that must have been. Edward and I led the way keeping a courteous distance between us. He had decided that it might be a good idea to keep our relationship low key for the first few weeks of class, so we wouldn’t draw unneeded attention. Personally I didn’t get it…the others weren’t doing it, but I very rarely argued with Edward. He wouldn’t have to do much to win the fight anyway, as he demonstrated this morning. I didn’t look up to see the reaction of the crowd around us. I could feel their eyes on us…I could hear their conversations about us. Already the gossip was starting to circulate, about the strange and new Cullen family. Every conversation I heard was bordering on the extremely vapid. Just then he reached for me and captured my hand. I couldn’t suppress my smile.

“I thought we were going to keep our distance for a while?” I asked surprised.

“Well…” he smiled back. I waited for him to continue his explanation when he didn’t I looked up at him with one eyebrow raised. He gave up when he saw my expression and smiled. “It’s just that…I thought that I wouldn’t have to worry about the jealousy again.”

I smiled and chuckled, “What?”

“What they’re thinking about you…It’s making me reconsider my previous plans.”

The fact that he still became jealous so easily astounded me. He knew that there was no other person on the face of the earth that I could love more than him and our daughter. “It can’t be that bad.” I said lightly as we stopped outside of the door to the main office. I squeezed his hand tighter when he dragged us into the small space. In the enclosed space the call of the blood was harder to resist but not impossible. I had to keep telling myself, these are people, they have families, and they have futures. It was working. I begun to think that maybe I could to this after all.

Once we all received our schedules we took turns memorizing the map of the school. Outside of the office we split up, the others leaving Edward, Renesmee and I alone for a moment. Edward looked over her schedule. It seemed as though he approved. It was getting close to class time the amount of people in the hallways was thinning out. I didn’t want to make a big scene. This would be the first time we were ever really split up as a family. I didn’t want to show that emotion in front of Renesmee, but more importantly in front of Edward. “Okay…we’ll see you at lunch okay?” I said and gave her a small shove toward her first class. Once she was down the hall I heard Edward let out a quiet sigh. So he was feeling it to? Was that what it was that made him sad? “Edward?” I asked curiously

“It’s nothing.” He replied quickly

I hated when he did that. It wasn’t fair. He always got cross with me when I didn’t tell him what I was thinking. It was only fair that he have to share his thoughts too. “Edward…” I said again this time reproachful.

“I didn’t think it would be this difficult…” he finally conceded, and then I felt bad for pressing the issue

He was worried, no he was…how could I explain it…he was a strange mixture of pride, nervousness, and worry…I would have to ask Jasper he would know, surely, what the name of that emotion is. I reached down and grabbed his hand and squeezed it gently trying to comfort him. “Dear it’s only four classes until lunch. She’ll be fine. Don’t worry about her.” I realized that I was not only comforting him but myself.

“Okay.” He said taking an unnecessary deep breath. We began to stroll to where our lockers were.

I released the hand I had been holding when we reached his locker. I continued some way down the hall to my locker. I could feel the presence of someone near me. I dismissed it as someone nearby getting something out of their locker, I didn’t really care. I reached to look at my schedule to see what my first class was…English. Suddenly the burn in the back of my throat became pronounced once more, and made me aware of the boy standing close to me…before he even uttered his first “hi…” there was a strange pause before he continued. “My name’s Paul, Paul McCoy”

I tried to unclench my jaw and look as normal as possible when I turned, with what felt like exaggerated slowness to look at the boy. He wasn’t unpleasant looking, but he was young, maybe about fifteen or sixteen years old. He was wearing a basketball jersey. What was it about athletic boys? Why were they attracted to me? Maybe it was the whole damsel in distress deal, but even now with all of my heightened vampire senses was there a vibe that I sent off that said hey this girl is clumsy and needs help often. This boy didn’t at first look like the kind of kid that would play sports, but on closer inspection I began to see the muscles in his arms. I almost laughed when I realized that his features looked familiar. It was almost as if Eric’s head was on Mike’s body. Thinking of them made me think of my time back in forks and when I first met Edward. Finally inspiration hit. I could use Edwards jealous tendencies to my advantage here. Edward should not have been so cruel this morning…maybe I can push his buttons just a little. I raised my eyebrow when I saw the boy, Paul admiring me. “Hi.” I said in a sickly sweet tone.

“Um…uh…Are… Are you new here?” Paul managed to stutter out after a few seconds.

Well this might work better than planed. I glanced over at Edward who was leaning up against his locker. Though he had a smile on his face I saw that the muscled in his body were all tensed. But I couldn’t tell if it was because he was jealous or just worried about me being so close to a human. I had never told him about my interactions with J’s friend Max. We never really spoke of that time, but because of it I knew that I could handle this. I chuckled and tucked a piece of stray hair behind my ear. “Yes.”

“Oh…cool…do you know where…where your first class is?”

“Uh…room 115.” I said trying not to recall to quickly.

“Oh…so you’re a sophomore? Me too.” Well I had to give him something he was persistent for a sophomore. I smiled sweetly and was preparing to say something else to him, but Edward strode up to stand next to me.

“Are you ready?” he asked purposefully ignoring the boy standing across from me.

“Yeah…Edward.” I looked up at him. I hoped that my plan had worked. It probably had more to deal with what he was thinking than to what was actually being said if it did. I mean the poor thing could barely complete a sentence. Then I gesturing to him “This is Paul…Paul McCoy.” I gave him a flash of a smile. “Paul is a sophomore, like us.”

“Oh really…pleased to meet you Paul. Come on Bella we’ll be late.” He said as curtly as possible and motioning me down the hall.

I started to walk down the hall and then I turned around and looked over my shoulder and smiled at him sweetly. “Bye.” I didn’t want him to think we were all rude. I heard him shuffle off quickly for class. I felt kind of bad that I had used him, but not really if it worked. The bell rang and we were not in any hurry to get to class. We were new; we had an excuse for being late. Edward chuckled and looked down at me. “What?” I asked innocently. He didn’t say anything as we walked slowly down the hallway holding hands.

“And you accused me of dazzling people?” He asked me shocked.

“I have no idea what you could mean.” I replied with innocent surprise in my voice. I looked up and he almost immediately looked away. And I knew that it had worked. “Edward. You weren’t jealous where you?” I asked.

“Do you like to torture me?” He asked as lightly as he could.

“Well that depends…” torture? Let’s see…I think some payback was in order. I stopped us short of the room in the abandoned hall and reached up and pulled him against me. I stood on my tip toes and skimmed my nose against his.

He closed his eyes, but not before I could see the desire in them. I could tell that he wanted to just abandon the school building right now, but skipping on the first day of class would not make a very good impression. “You are the most dangerous creature I have ever met.” He managed a strained whisper.

I laughed and leaned away and grabbed his hand again. I took a deep breath and waited for him to open his eyes. I squeezed his hand tighter as I opened the door and the sent hit me…but it was also then that I realized that I could handle this…I would conquer this…I had to. It wasn’t much worse than J’s office. I did nothing but smile as we walked into the class room and took the seats indicated by the teacher, and I realized that I could get through the pain, the burn, the bloodlust as long as I had Edward. The thought of him and Renesmee had gotten me through the first encounter with humans; the presence of him could get me through this one. I gripped my desk and prepared myself.