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The Happily Ever After

Ever wonder what happed after breaking dawn. The Cullens move to a small town in Alaska six years after the Volturi leaves them in Forks but will it be the last that the cullens hear from them? Or will Renesmee's new friend bring them back to haunt the Cullens? Join the whole family on this next adventure. *Rated Teen because i'm not exactly sure how this is going to turn out... If you have read this story before...I've gone back and edited...it's the same story only better i think.

I do not own anything...this story was inspired by the genius of Stephinie Meyer and the characters and the world that she created. please don't steal my story...i work hard on this and you know plegerisim is wrong, and is stealing...so don't do it.

6. Lunch and Love

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Bella’s day so far was an overwhelming success, not that there had ever been any real doubt, but after the first class with my lovely wife the next class I had without her felt empty. Without her and Renesmee there it was like it was before, before Bella. No I was different because of Bella, but it was not an easy period. When the bell rung I jumped up and all but sprinted to the door of Bella’s class room. She and Alice were holding hands coming out of their Spanish class, she smiled when she saw me.

“Well hello there.” She said as she walked up to me keeping that distance that we had discussed, but at that point I wanted to take her in my arms and run away with her. “I wasn’t expecting to see you. You know I can find my classes without an escort right?”

I smiled. “Well…I wouldn’t want to give any of these boys an opportunity to steal you away.”

“Edward, you are so…ridiculous.”

“They say that’s how it is…when you’re in love.” I said quiet enough so that only she and Alice could hear.

Bella looked down, her new equivalent to blushing and Alice let out a trilling giggle. “Very true.” She said in her musical soprano. “Speaking of love…I see Jasper. I’ll see you both later.” She said and reached in to give Bella a peck on the cheek.

“Bye Alice.” She said before returning her attention to me. “Would you laugh at me if I said that I missed you?” she said the last quietly.

“No. I wouldn’t laugh.” I said smiling down at her as we began walking to our next class. I wanted so badly to reach out and touch her, to take her by the waist and walk down the halls like Jasper did with Alice but I didn’t want that for her. I knew Bella, possibly even better than she knew herself. I knew that being new was going to be difficult enough and I didn’t want to put any added stress on her. However the more I listened to the thoughts of the boys in this new school the more my resolve was wavering. I looked down and Bella was not paying any attention to their stairs and whispered remarks. I recognized almost immediately the slight wrinkles that now defined her forehead as her brows furrowed in concentration. What could she be thinking of so intently?

“I was thinking…” Bella began to say cutting into my little mental soliloquy.

I had to smile at the irony of Bella’s statement. I chuckled and replied. “Really?”

“Yes really. Just because you can’t hear it when you want doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen.”

“I know Bella. I was actually just about to ask you what you were thinking.”

“Well I beat you to the punch huh.”

“Yes. Now what were you thinking?”

“Oh. Well I was thinking about. Well I was thinking…that I don’t like the way that they stare.”

“I told you that you…”

“It’s not just they way that I look. I’m used to those kind of looks now Edward. It’s…they look at me like I’m a conquest.”


“Edward Cullen don’t you dare…”

“I wasn’t going to…”

“Yeah…sure you weren’t.”

“I wasn’t.” I smiled as we reached her locker.

“Hey Edward!” I heard the thoughts of my brother in my head. “I need you for a second can you give me a hand.” What would Emmett need a hand with?

Oh well, might as well go and see what he wants. I turned back to Bella. “Get your things for your next class. I’ll see you in the class room. Emmett needs me. Do you think you can handle getting to class on your on?”

“I’m sure I can manage.” She smiled at me and I turned to walk away.

As I left I saw Bella in the minds of someone who was moving her way. I didn’t recognize the voice it was new. This was no surprise as I haven’t met the whole student body quite yet. There was something there though in his thoughts that I didn’t like. They were tinged with something that could only be described as possessiveness. “She is the hottest single babe here now…and I am the hottest boy. We belong together.” She was in no way single and in no way would they ever be together. I made a conscious effort to ignore his fantasies and moved toward where my brother’s thoughts were emulating from and tried not to break anything.

I succeeded in blocking him out by counting to one hundred in Arabic. But something that he thought made me snap out of the trance. And he was making a pass at Bella. My Bella. I stopped in my tracks. I wanted to run to her but I couldn’t will my feet to move. I was all but cemented to the ground and I couldn’t understand it.

“So what do you say? Do you wanna go out Saturday?” I was battling within myself. What couldn’t Emmett do without me? Did it really matter?

“No.” she said without turning away from her locker. There was my Bella.

“No? You know a guy like me should have the prettiest girl on his arm.” That was it I was heading back toward the lockers.

“Don’t flatter yourself.” She said to him.

“I was trying to flatter you.”

“I don’t think you understand.” My angel said to him. Chuckling and turning to him for the first time.

“Well…why don’t you explain it to me then, sugar?” He said attempting to lean over her. “She wants me so bad I mean every girl does. Look at those eyes.”

“I’m. Not. Interested.” She said closing her locker and turning away from him.

“What do you mean you’re not interested?” He said coming and cutting her off.

“Listen you need to back off.” She said to him as I appeared next to her.

“Is there a problem here?” I asked looking not at Bella but the jerk blocking her way.

“Who is he? Her brother? Surely he’s not her boyfriend. I though she was single. I’ll get rid of him” “Why don’t you get lost pretty boy.” I immediately took a step forward but Bella’s hand grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

“Don’t talk to him like that.” Bella snapped. “And you’re the one that need to get lost jerk.”

Maybe Bella was right it was just like high school before she was too desirable for her own good. Although now thanks to her new vampire self she was even more liable to draw people in. “I’ll take care of this Bella.” I told her kindly and stepped in front of her and gave her a look to show her I was in control. “You will never speak to her that way again. If you do…She won’t be here to stop me from tearing you apart.” I said to the boy standing in now directly in front of me.

“Edward.” Bella whispered anxious at the small crowd beginning to form around us. Before he could formulate a response I turned back to Bella and wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed her hair as we made our way to our math class through the awestruck students.

She chuckled and leaned into my embrace as we walked down the hall. “What?” I asked wondering what in the world she could find amusing about what just happened.

“I have to admit that I kind of like it when you protect me like that.”

“Really?” I asked smiling.

“Yes. Really. It makes me feel safe and loved, but don’t get any ideas I can handle myself you know?”

“Can you? I leave you for a few minutes and…” I asked dubiously.

“Yes I can.” She said sternly. “But thank you” she said once again soft.

Our whole Math class we spent not paying attention it’s not like we haven’t heard it before. Something…or someone actually did grab my attention though. It was a boy sitting across the room who spotted us when we first came in, but I didn’t think it was strange but when he continued to think about us I started listening to him.

“So those must be the Cullens? I wonder if he is her brother?” At first I thought he was talking about Bella. I stiffened almost immediately. Having those thoughts about her resurfacing so quickly set me on edge, but only momentarily. These thoughts were different. They weren’t possessive they were nothing more than curious. “He looks a lot like her. I mean they have the same color hair and they look the same in the face.” The same hair…Oh…so he was thinking about my daughter… “The only difference is the eyes. God her eyes…they are so deep. They’re like milk chocolate pools.” Suddenly I felt a different kind of defensive. This was my daughter that he was thinking about. No one should be thinking about her that way. I let it slide with Jake because I came to expect it and he usually tired to keep the mushy stuff in for when I wasn’t around. I couldn’t believe the feelings that this boy was brining out in me. I had a whole new appreciation for Charlie, Bella’s father. I wanted to go and tell this boy that he could have nothing to do with my daughter. And then I mentally laughed at myself. I could never do that to my daughter. Then I remembered when I had been memorized by Bella’s deep chocolate eyes. It wasn’t like I could honestly blame him, but I couldn’t rightly get over it. Before I knew it the bell and rung and everyone was filing out. Bella and I went through the remainder of our classes till lunch and I could tell that she was anxious to see our daughter again.

I was bombarded with Renesmee’s exciting thoughts as she approached us. “Dad I have had the best day so far. My debate class was awesome and the teacher is really cool and I actually got up and debated. Oh and most excitingly I made a friend and he asked if I wanted to eat lunch with him and his friends. And I know you and mom wanted to eat with me but I was wondering…” “I have a question…”she finally spoke allowed when she was close enough.

“Of course it’s fine Ness.” I answered the question before she even spoke it.

Bella looked at me and asked curiously “What’s fine?”

“I was wondering if I could eat with some kids that I met in class today.” Renesmee explained knowing who much her mother hated being left out of conversations.

I was the only one who seemed to really notice the minute difference as Bella’s face fell ever so slightly, but she put on a good fake smile and said “Oh. Of course.” To our daughter as we headed into the cafeteria. As we did the boy I recognized from our math class came up to Renesmee.

She looked a little surprised at his willingness to come so close to Bella and I. “Oh. Hi.” Renesmee finally piped up.

“Hi.” He responded.

“Michel this is my brother Edward…and Bella…my…sister?” The last part was layered with uncertainty and made it sound like a question.

“Yeah I think you are both in my math class.” Michel said.

“Yeah.” Bella said softly. “We’ll see you later, Ness.” She said and I saw her begin to outstretch her hand to pat our daughter but immediately drew it back

“Okay.” Renesmee said smiling and walked over to where the rest of the group was sitting. “So…” I heard her begin. I tried not to pay attention to give our daughter a little privacy. Bella left the cafeteria suddenly and I followed her.

She was right outside the door leaning against the wall I approached her questioning. “Bella?”

“I’m fine.” She said in her knee jerk reaction.

“I think I’ve heard that before.” I said with a small chuckle and was rewarded when she smile and laughed with me.

“Yeah I think you have.”

“Should I be worried?” I asked Bella.

Bella scoffed once before answering. “You can read minds and you asking me?”

I laughed at her response. “I wasn’t talking about our daughter. I was asking about you.”

“I’m fine.” She said and looked away.


“No really I’m fine. It’s just…that…I guess that it is more difficult than I thought it was going to be, her not needing me anymore.”

I hugged her hunched shoulders. “She still needs you love. Just not as much.”

“I know but, I worry sometimes.”

“About?” She didn’t respond. I ducked my head to try to look into her adverted eyes. “Surely you can’t be worried about her interacting with the other students?”

“Not really. It’s silly. Forget it.”

“I hate it when you keep things from me.”

She sighed giving in. “I just worry that maybe she never had the time to really be a kid and learn by making mistakes. I’m afraid that she grew up too fast.”

Oh my loving, adorable, caring Bella, how can you think something like that? “I understand your worries dear, but they are unnecessary.” I kissed her forehead and she smiled. And we walked into the cafeteria. We loaded our trays with the food that we wouldn’t eat and made our way over to the table where our brothers and sisters sat.

“So how’s your day going Bella?” Emmett asked as we sat down.

“Fine, I guess. I mean its high school.”

“True.” Piped Alice. “But I have to admit as far as high schools go this one is more than exceptional. I mean if you can get past the fact about how most of the kids dress. I mean…I thought Washington was bad…but here.”

“Alice. Unlike you these people can get cold.” Bella said in a low aside.

“I know, but there’s no reason to substitute warmth for style.”

Bella rolled her eyes knowing that the battle with Alice about fashion was lost before it begun.

“Where’s Ness?” Rosalie asked.

“She met some friends and is eating with them.” I told her.

“Well that’s nice.” Rose said a little crestfallen.

I tried to pay attention to the conversation that was going on at our table about classes and so on, but I have to admit I wasn’t really paying any attention. I was listening to Renesmee with her new friends. I could tell that they were nothing more than curious about the new and strange Cullen family. One person’s thoughts were a little hostile but only colored with the same type of attitude that I can closely compare to Jessica Stanley back in Forks. Finally after all of the useless topics had come up someone plucked up the courage to ask about our family. Renesmee, shied away at first, like her mother, not wanting to have to lie but really having no choice.

“We heard that they are all together?” I heard one of them say in a very unpleasing tone.

I saw my daughter’s face in they’re eyes. “How dare she! How dare she talk about my family like that! I mean…Would it kill her to be a little kind about it. Obviously she has no idea how to speak politely…maybe I should tell her how.” The enraged thoughts of my daughter flooded at me. “You aren’t a big fan of tact are you?” I heard her say aloud defensively. I looked over at my family and all eyes were trained on where the youngest member of the family stood.

I turned to Bella who was looking at me expectantly. “Edward? Edward what’s going on? Is something wrong?” Bella asked worried.

“I think we might need to go and talk to Renesmee.” I replied standing with my tray.

“Okay.” Bella said walking about a step behind me with her uneaten food.

I waited for Bella at a trash can and grabbed her hand as we walked over to the table. We were close for both of us to now hear what our daughter was saying. “Let me give you a little hint. If you want to find out information…usually it’s a good plan to at least treat the person you want it from with a small amount of kindness.” Renesmee was fuming. Her cheeks blushing ever so slightly, yet another trait of her mothers. “Ever heard the saying you catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar…learn from it.”

By that time my parents were there by her side. Bella seemed almost unwilling to speak. “Is everything okay Ness?” she finally managed to whisper.

Hearing her mother’s voice seemed to snap her out of her anger almost immediately. She glanced over and answered Bella, “Yeah everything is fine.” Then turning to the boy who she introduced to us before, “Thanks for letting me sit with you today Michel. I’ll talk to you later okay.”

“Yeah…” He said shaken by what had just happened. His thoughts were almost as scattered as he appeared to be as we walked away. But from what I could get from it he passed off the girl’s rude remark as jealousy.

When we were out in the hallway Bella’s instincts took over, concerned by the look of her daughter she asked, “Are you okay, baby?” and touched her arm softly stroking it.

“Yeah.” Renesmee responded softly. “I just hope I didn’t ruin my chances at a friend.”

“Please don’t have gone too far. Man I hope that Elizabeth didn’t blow it for me. I really do like her if as nothing else but a friend. Man I hope she hasn’t gotten clear away…Is that her?” Were the thoughts being thrown at me as I sensed someone approaching us from behind.

I smiled in spite of myself. “I don’t think you’ll have to worry.”

“What are you talking about?” Renesmee turned to me questioning, but before I could answer he called out to her.

“Hey Renesmee! Wait up!” She smiled and turned in his direction. Bella and I continued a little way down the hall and stood next to the lockers but not far enough to be unable to hear. “Listen I want to apologize for the way that Elizabeth behaved back there, that was totally unexceptional, and that the way you stood up to her, was incredible.”

Bella looked at me and quickly and quietly asked, “Do you think we should let her be alone?”

“I think she’s fine with him, but we can stay a little while if you want.” I replied.

Bella glanced over at Renesmee and seemed to find her answer there. “No let’s go ahead.”

“Okay.” I responded and smiled. I couldn’t help but hear the rest of the conversation between our daughter and her new friend as we rounded the corner.

“She…well with her it’s a little complicated.” He said talking about his rude friend

“I think I can keep up.” My daughter said and I chuckled.

“What?” Bella asked confused by my sudden laughter.

“Something Renesmee just said.”

“You shouldn’t be eavesdropping…” Bella warned me.

I smiled at her. “Do you want to know or not?”

“Fine, what did she say?”

“When I asked you about your mother and Phil once, I told you that I could keep up with your explanation.”

Bella smiled up at me. “I remember. I can imagine. We’ve told her all of the stories and she is her father’s child after all.”

“I still say it is a fairly even divide.”

“She looks just like you Edward, apart from the eyes.” She smiled getting into her locker.

“And the smile, and the blushing, and the heartbeat and…”

“Okay, okay,” she said closing her locker door and leaning against the wall of metal. “We’ve been having this discussion for over six years now you know, you’d think that we could come up with a consensus by now.”

“You would think.” I said smiling and placing one hand on the lockers and leaning over her.

“Getting closer are we Mr. Cullen?” she asked with a small smile.

“Well I figured…since I’m going to hell…” I chuckled stroking her cheek with my hand. She chuckled and bit her lip, drawing my attention to that part of her face. I moved my hand and trailed my fingers along her lips and down the base of her neck. She leaned forward and pressed her lips to mine after a minute she pulled away and smiled. I sighed and placed my forehead on hers. “What was that for?” I asked her quietly.

She raised one eyebrow, “Do I need a reason to kiss you?”

“No.” I said quietly and kissed her nose.

“Good. Now we should probably move before we’re run over by the lunch room crowd.” She said with a small chuckle.

“You’re probably right.” I said taking a step back to hold her hand as Alice came dancing through the doors toward us.

“So…” she finally chirped. “Is Renesmee okay?”

“She’s fine.” I answered with a reassuring look at my wife.

“Well that’s good.” Alice said cheerfully. Stepping in stride on the other side of Bella. “So Rose and I were wondering…”

“I never like when conversations start this way.” Bella said to me.

Alice ignored her and continued. “…if you wanted to go shopping with us after school? We can bring Ness. I mean she’ll need cheering up, with Jacob not being there and all…”

Bella sighed and I squeezed her hand. “Maybe Alice. I’ll think about it.”

“Good. We’re leaving at like five.”

“I said I’d think about it, not that I was going to go Alice.”

“Oh but you will say yes.”

“Alice…”Bella said pointedly.

“What it’s not like it’s my fault.”

“I know, I know…I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay Bella. So five?”

“Fine.” She finally agreed with a sigh.

“Great! I’ll go and tell Rose.” And with that she was off to find Rose.

“If she wasn’t my best friend and my sister…” Bella trailed off.

“I know, love.” I said trying to sooth her. “But Alice will be Alice.”

“Unfortunately I know.” She smiled up at me. I leaned in and kissed her quickly again. She groaned as I pulled away. “Come on the sooner we get there the sooner we can leave.”

“I’ve been thinking that all day, Bella.” She looked sideways at me with a sparkle in her eyes as we walked to our next classes.