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Gone and never coming back.

Edward is gone, Bella realizes that and moves to Jacksonville. Her problems are far from over when everyone she's ever know dies or disappears. She adopted two twin little sisters, and has a brotherly best friend vampire, but what happens when another vampire decides he wants one of the twins, and won't take no for an answer? The only thing they can do is run. pic of highway


1. Chapter 1

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We were driving down the highway with the windows rolled down. My hair was blowing all around my face, making it difficult to drive, but my hands stayed clamped on the wheel of the silver Pries. The hot North East Texas sun shone down boldly, making the air thick and hot, just the way I loved it.

But I wasn’t about to be distracted, we had to get away, we had no choice, no options, we had to run. Running was our only option since Peter-no. I can’t dwell on this anymore. I went searching through my memories, looking for another way, any other way, but stopped, flinching at the images passing through: Charlie in his death bed after the accident, Renee as she was driving home for the last time, Jacob’s pained face when I finally cut me from his life, Summer and April’s terrified eyes when Peter came, and finally…Edward…

“Bella,” April said, interrupting my thoughts, “Summer’s hungry.”

“Okay, I’ll stop when we’re in Arkansas; it’s just ten minutes away.” I said weakly.

“Okay,” she said. April was the sweetest sister ever. She always took care of her twin Summer, and even though she was only nine and I twenty-three, I knew I could always count on her.

It was sunset by the time we got to the small store in Magnolia, Arkansas but I wasn’t about stop there. If they were following us, I wanted to get as far away as possible. The twins and I walked into the store, Summer dragging her tired feet. I could hardly stand to look at her, to see what Peter managed to do to her little arm. I wouldn’t even let her wear her long light brown hair up I was so scared to look at her neck. She’d be dead if Peter wasn’t one to slowly kill.

After we checked out and gotten what we needed, they had to use the restroom, though I was reluctant to let them out of my sight for a short second. When the twins weren’t around, the hole ripped open. They were my life, my one string to the world, if anyone was mean to them I wanted to lash out and hit something. If they were upset with me, it was painful. When they were happy, I was flying.

I adopted them to give myself responsibility, I was lonely. But instead of a parent, I became more of a sister. I actually prefer it this way.

I was there waiting for them when my phone buzzed. I looked at the caller ID. It was Leo, my heart skipped a beat. I swear that boy better be okay.

“Hello?” I breathed.

“Bella?” he asked, hesitant.


“I think we should meet in Spain instead,” he began, “Get on the plane to Hawaii, but get off before it takes off. Then fly to Spain under a different name, okay? I’ll meet you there.”

“Um, okay,” I said, confused.

“Great,” He breathed, clearly relieved I knew it was him, he didn’t call from the emergency number, so I wasn’t worried.

“Okay, are you alright?”

“Yes, stop worrying about me! I’m fifteen for God’s sake!”

“Hey I can’t help it!”

“Your too motherly.” He complained.

I laughed.

“Bye,” he said.


“Oh and Bella,” He said.


“Don’t do anything stupid.” He said, trying to tease. The hole ripped open wider than ever as a million memories flooded over me. I grabbed my stomach and nearly fell over, “Okay.” I managed to get out. He didn’t know about Edward, no one did. I started to sob.


The conversation didn’t help what I’d been trying to avoid this whole time. The fact that I was separated from my best friend for a long time. I worry about the kid. He’s a fairly new vampire, and he’s clever but doesn’t think all the time, sure he’s a great fighter and he saved us, but it’s hard. I got him on the vegetarian diet, and he’s been doing well, still, I worry. It’s good I’d see him again, in a month. I already haven’t seen him for two. This was going to lead to nightmares.

But even worse, I let myself remember Edward, I’d regret this.