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Gone and never coming back.

Edward is gone, Bella realizes that and moves to Jacksonville. Her problems are far from over when everyone she's ever know dies or disappears. She adopted two twin little sisters, and has a brotherly best friend vampire, but what happens when another vampire decides he wants one of the twins, and won't take no for an answer? The only thing they can do is run. pic of highway


3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

The names he got for me were for Samantha, Wendy, and Grace Richards. Funny how Richards was his last name, I doubt he thought I noticed, but I did. He told me when he first met me, after we were somewhat safe and not eye to eye with the enemy. “Leo Aaron Richards” he said. I wondered how he got those names, he probably knew them and something probably happened to them. But I wouldn’t pester him about it.

“Hey, Leo? Can I ask you something?” I said, walking into his hotel room one door down. He was lying on the bed tossing a baseball up and catching it at blinding speed. I almost rolled my eyes at that.

“You just did, but yes you may ask another,” He replied, grinning.

“Thanks smartass!” I growled.

He laughed, “Seriously, what?”

“I was wondering about something you did earlier this week,” I hesitated, biting my lip.

“Spit it out Bella!” he said laughing at me.

I took a deep breath, “Why can you cry?”

He tensed, so did I.

“I was upset.” He said.

“Leo, there’s something your not telling me.” I said.

He narrowed his eyes, “No there isn’t.”


He started to growl, his anger burned like fire. I winced and took a step back.

April ran into the room, “Look!” she said excitedly, pulling Summer in behind her.

“April, it’s okay. No big deal.” April gave her the yes-it-is-now-stop-arguing-with-me look, she was just like Alice sometimes. Summer sighed, “My throat doesn’t hurt anymore, it’s really no big deal!”

I smiled at her, “That’s good sweetheart.”

Summer rolled her eyes and they walked out of the room arguing over it’s importance.

As soon as they were out of the room I looked down, shame was rolling off of him in strong waves.

“I’m sorry.” He said, “I shouldn’t be to touchy about it, it’s just that Jude said I shouldn’t tell others about my ability, and he’s usually right about stuff like that,” I didn’t look back up at him, “Bells look at me, I’m sorry.”

I smiled slightly, “No, I shouldn’t pester you.”

He mumbled something like “I still feel bad.” then looked up at me, “I can do something with emotions but I can’t control it, I’m sorry, I try but it’s like some kind of bull. Just when I think I have it, it throws me off. It makes me feel weak, then that makes it worse.” frustration was clear in his tone, and I started to feel frustrated. My forehead creased and I felt hot.

“See?” he noticed, “sorry.”

“And you need to hide that?” I said.

“It can easily be used against me.” He said, shrugging.

No, I’d hate to make him feel bad. Poor guy is like Jasper, only worse. Why was I constantly being reminded of my past? Of my best friend? Of my brothers and sisters? Of Edward?

“Are you guys hungry?” I called to the back seat. I needed to be better at avoiding those trains of thought.

“Yeah.” Summer said.

“Okay, what do you want to eat?” I said, smiling.

“hmm…I’ll have a hamburger.” She said.

“I want chicken nuggets!” April called.

I should probably get them more things to do, they were low on their coloring paper.

I sighed, their birthday was coming up, and I wanted ten to still be special.