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Edward leaves Bella, none of the Jacob events in new moon happened. The Volturi find out a human (Bella) was aware of them, so they come for her. They have a new member of the guard, one with and ability that Bella isn’t immune to. Edward snapped and came for her, he finds out she died, but he suspects otherwise. Thirteen years later, and Bella is a trained member of the Volturi guard, loyal, important, enslaved…

I had to combine almst all of the chapters into one because i'm kinda impatient. oh well...

2. Chapter 14

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Chapter 14:

“Jacob, back off.” I said from behind him. The whole wolf pack had my family circled, “The treaty is not broken, we were not on your land.”

“The treaty was broken, someone was changed.” He hissed.

“Not by the Cullen’s, idiot.” I spat back, “By the Volturi, and that’s only because you didn’t do your job and protect me.”

He flinched, good, he deserved that. But Felix was in danger, which wasn’t good.

I can manipulate.

“You were too weak to protect me,” I said, walking around him, the other wolves growled, Jacob was the only one not changed into a real dog, though that didn’t make the smell any better. I circled, letting my voice drip with honey, “But that’s okay, Jake,” I tried to make my voice sound like it used to, naïve, young, “Because you’re my friend. And I really do care about you, back there… I was just being defensive, I’m sorry. I’ve gone through so much and have built a wall. Seeing you… I don’t know, it made things better. I really do like you, Jake. I – ” I let my voice break, “I love you Jacob, we’ve been friends since you were born. That’s practically family. I miss that Jake, staying up late by the lake, watching the moon and having you squish the ‘buggies’ to protect me from them. Even back then you took care of me. That’s why I kissed you that night when you were five, you took care of me and I loved you.” Jacob was dazed, “What I am is not my fault, I’m the same. I just had something bad happen to me, same as you.” I laughed, “I used to dream about being Mrs. Black,” I sighed, “But because I’m this... this… monster! I can’t, can I? That can never happen, that choice, my life, my future was ripped from me.” He took a step towards me, I took it as an invite and stepped forward slowly, holding my hands out for a hug, he looked at me.

“Bells,” he smiled.

I hugged him, holding my breath against the stench, he did the same.

“Jacob,” I let myself seem sad, like I was about to cry, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” We pulled away, “Is there any way to make this better?”

He just stared at me. The whole pack was dazed too, though I don’t know why. Maybe because they were watching, but I can tell it affected them the same way it did him.

“Momma,” Resa mumbled, sniffling, “Bad dogs, scary.” She squirmed and shrieked, “No!”

One of the wolves growled.

“No growl!” she shrieked, opening and closing her hands and stomping her feet until I came to her and picked her up, he buried her face in my hair, “Bad puppies. Bad.”

“It’s okay, Love,” I cooed in her ear, “It’s okay, puppies aren’t all bad.” I winked at Jacob.

His eyes grew wide.

Felix was uncomfortable, clearly not enjoying the position he was in.

Everyone seemed mesmerized by my little performance. As if under a spell.

I smiled at them, so did Resa. I looked at each person individually. Emmett, still grief-stricken. It was so strange to see his usually happy face with such an unfamiliar, depressed expression. Esme, fretting and fluttery, hovering over Emmett, not yet concerned with her own pain. Edward, angry at the situation, not wanting Jake here. Carlisle had that same reasoning, open-minded expression on his face as always. Alice was concentrating, hard. Jasper was rubbing reassuring circles on his back. Felix was confused, full of pain. I flinched at that. Resa was fidgeting on my hip. Hardly anyone was worried about the current wolf issue we had now since I started talking.

I felt good to know that they trusted me again.