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Spilled Mascara

Bella's parents stay together until she's nine, then break up violently and full of hatred. It changed Bella. She hides her pain behind mascara...then she meets Edward.
WARNING:This story is as real life as possible... in other words...it might not have a compleate happy ending.


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:


It completely overcame me as I walked through the school. Edward hadn’t been to school the last week, and it bugged me more than I could possibly understand. I even went out of my way to look for him, something I never do.

It really bugged me that he didn’t like me. The only person in the world who didn’t like me and I couldn’t care less was my mother, if that is what you want to call her.

I felt my breath catch and relief flooded through me, I quickly shoved it away and filled anger in it’s place. Now he shows up.

Edward Cullen was sitting at his usual table with his family, laughing with them and clearly enjoying himself.

He suddenly caught my eyes and my breathing came faster and shallow, my eyes widened and clenched my hands. Finally he looked down, freeing me from his stare.

“Bella, you okay?” Jessica asked, I turned to her dazed.

“Er, yeah.” I said, shaking my head to clear it, “Sorry.”

There was something funny about him. Something different.

“Edward.” Alice snapped.

“What?!” I jerked my head to look at her, away from the beautiful figure across the cafeteria.

“She’s hyperventilating over there, watch yourself.”

I huffed and looked back over there, she muttered something to her friend, looking down.

Somehow-maybe a cruel act from God or the universe really hates me. Whichever-her smell drifted to me and hit me, hard.

I sucked in a fiery breath and clenched my hands. “I can’t do this, Alice. I can’t.” I gasped, “Last week I nearly killed her! How can I do this?! How can I selfishly endanger her?! Bella Swan?!” I was a fool to think -in the clear mountains- that I could handle it. It was biased judgment. Stupid judgment.

She grinned, liking the way I said “her” and “Bella Swan”.

“You said it like a caress Edward! It was so romantic! You do love her!” Alice said excitedly.

The others laughed and I grimaced, hating the way she said “do”.

“Either way Alice,” I said, cocky, “Leave her alone.”

Alice frowned, knowing she’d been defeated. As far as she’s concerned, my feelings are the judge. Jasper will tell her later that she was really the one who won.

I put my head down on the table, hoping to clear it by not thinking.

“Bella? Bella? Earth to Bella! Yoo-hoo!” “What?” I said, dazed.

“Lunch is over, stop ogling over Cullen, and let’s go to class.” Angela said.

Anger flared up in me, “I don’t like him.”

“I know, I know.” She said, defensively, “You never like anyone.”

We walked for a bit, talking about Ben -the boy Angela liked- and how to get him to love her. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. They take “love” for granted.

Love doesn’t exist. They may think it does, but it doesn’t.

They haven’t seen what “love” really is, or what it does to people. I’m so lucky I’m safe.

“I have to go to class guys,” I said, “See ya.”

“Bye Ella-Bella.” They said, turning down another pathway.

I walked slowly along the pathway, not at all looking forward to Spanish. The bell was about to ring, so there was almost no one left on the path.

Rosalie, the Blondie sister, was walking quickly down the path, coming right this way. I couldn’t move fast enough. She ran into me, it felt like she was a football player, she glared at me coldly and a cold pang of fear shot up my spine. I glared back and I wanted to lash out at her. How dare she! It didn’t matter that I was a freshman! She had some nerve!

“Watch it Barbie!” I hissed.

She seemed to drop everything and she glared at me, “You stupid little human-”

A tiny hand flew to her arm and I jumped. Alice, the smallest one had appeared out of seemingly nowhere and glared at her, staring her down. After a while Rosalie huffed, spun around and walked quickly to her next class.

What did she mean by ‘human’?

“Sorry about that,” the pixie-like girl said. She held out her hand, “I’m Alice Cullen.”

“Er,” I hesitated, “Isabella- Bella Swan” I took her hand and shock ran through me. Did she just get back from Antarctica or what?

She smiled apologetically, “Sorry about my sister. Rosalie can be…” she sighed, “Rosalie.”

“It’s okay, not your fault.”

“Yeah well, she shouldn’t have-”


Her head snapped up and I whirled around. She grinned. My heart sped up and I felt ice overcome me.

“You should get to math,” Edward said, sternly walking up to us. Suddenly he frowned, clearly seeing the fear in my eyes.

“Come on Bella, I’ll take you to class.” He lightly put his hand on my back and his hand brushed my arm. The same cold that came from his sister shot through me, only this touch was aided by electricity. I went rigid and sped up, away from his hand.

“Are you okay?” He asked, though it sounded like, “When’s the last time you saw your shrink.”

Anger shot through me.

“What do you mean, ‘Are you okay?’?” I snapped, “You treated me like I shot your cat last week! And now you’re asking me if I’m okay?!”

He backpedaled, then sighed, “You’re right. I’m sorry.”

I pursed my lips and quickly walked away to class. Before I even got to the end of the path, the bell rang.

“Ugh!” I groaned, “Mr. Garcia will be livid.”

Edward leaned against the support pole crossing his arms and raised his eyebrows, “That bad, huh?”

“Late every other day last week.” I sighed.

“Come on, follow me.” He said pushing away from the wall and leading outside of the campus.

I followed without hesitation.

“There’s two classes left, do you mind skipping?” He asked, leading towards his car.

“Nope. I have math and gym. Gross.” I grimace, that seemed to amuse him.

“Do you mind me driving? I have no license, but a permit.”

I shook my head. Charlie's a police cheif but I couldn't really care less. Just before school started, I’d seen him drive on the highway, though at the time I thought he was a lost tourist from Seattle, his driving skills are excellent. He’s a very memorable person, even to someone in the background.

I got into the Volvo after him and immediately relaxed. The smell of the car was heavenly!

I grimaced at myself, what’s wrong with me? Getting in the car with a stranger?!

“I’m sorry about last week,” Edward said, looking at me, “It was rude.”

Then I realized the difference.

“Did you get contacts?” I blurted.

“No,” he said shocked.

“Oh, I thought there was something new about your eyes.” That’s odd.

I turned back and his jaw was clenched.

I paused and listened, “Clare de lune?” He was shocked, “You know Debussy?”

“Some, my mother-”

I cut myself off as the rage overcame me.

I could never trust my mother. Never love her. Never even miss her. And I didn’t want to, even if I did try, not after what she did.

I trusted Edward with my very soul.

I froze.




“Edward, can you pull over?” I asked, voice breaking. We were almost to my house, I could walk.

“Why?” He asked, shocked.

“I have to go.” I choked out.


Pull over!” I commanded.

He pulled into the driveway anyway.

I reached for the seatbelt and fiddled with it, clenching my teeth.

He opened the door for me and I nearly jumped out.

“Thank you.” I said sharply, running for the door and grabbing the key kept under the mat.

I threw myself on my bed after I ran upstairs and looked out my window, I could see the red taillights just turning away from my street.

What was wrong with me?