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Spilled Mascara

Bella's parents stay together until she's nine, then break up violently and full of hatred. It changed Bella. She hides her pain behind mascara...then she meets Edward.
WARNING:This story is as real life as possible... in other words...it might not have a compleate happy ending.


3. Chapter 3

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Chapter 3:

I walked into Spanish shyly, an unusual thing for me. I’m never a coward, but I’d never looked up from my water once during lunch. I knew I couldn’t avoid him forever. Or even for a day. I almost didn’t go to Spanish, but I knew it wasn’t like me… so I forced myself to go, feeling insane as I argued with myself in my head.

Why bother delaying the inevitable? Besides, if he makes you happy…

Don’t “Why bother delaying the inevitable?” me! What if a serial killer said that? More people would be dead! And no he does not make me happy! I’m fine being alone! So shut up! I wouldn’t ever be with him anyway!But you-Do not like him! As a boyfriend, friend, or even person! I have absolutely no respect for Edward Cullen! I’d spit on him!

You’re just pissy because you know I’m right.

Yeah, sure. That’s it. You’re insane! That’s what you are.

You’ll see…

No. You’ll see. I swear I’ll never love Edward Cullen. Or any other boy.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep. You’ll lov-

That’s when I stopped, stepping into the classroom and running to my desk, plopping into my seat just before the bell rang. I immediately pulled out my notebook and began to doodle. Another lecture that was review from last year was about to begin, I needed a distraction from the beautiful boy to my right. My hair curtain couldn’t protect me forever.

“Bella?” A musical voice said, I jerked slightly, not knowing he was there. I turned to him, an automatic gesture, but a clear mistake. I was lost in his eyes immediately and it seemed I was willing to do anything for him.

“Er. Hi, Edward.” I managed to answer.

“Ok class.” Mr. Garcia began, I sighed and returned to my doodles.

I felt something poke at my elbow and I quickly and deliberately moved my hand to it and pulled it to me. I knew what it was, I’d passed enough notes to. Apparently Edward had too, he knew not to fold the paper.

I’m not going to ask about last night if that’s what you’re scared of, though if you’re just avoiding me, please do. It’s the most sensible thing for you.

What are you playing at?

Nothing. But you’d be smart to avoid me.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Nothing, but you should avoid me.

Are you trying to nicely say “leave me alone”?


Then I don’t understand. Are you calling me dumb? Do you not want to be my friend? What?

It’d be more…prudent for us to not be friends. Though you’re a very brilliant girl.

So you don’t want to be friends?

Isabella, nothing would make me happier than to be you’re friend, but it’s best for you to not be near me.

I don’t

The page disappeared under my hands and I blinked in surprise.

“Mr. Cullen, something you’d like to share with the rest of the class?” Mr. Garcia said, standing in front of our table.

“My notes?” Edward said innocently, handing the paper he had in his lap to him.

Mr. Garcia read over it quickly and handed it back to him, “And you Isabella?”

I mechanically closed my dropped jaw, “Er…” I felt something poke at my elbow and looked down, pulling the paper up onto the table, Mr. Garcia grabbed it and read over it quickly, huffed, and returned the paper.

I couldn’t hold in the gasp.

Written before me was a few notes of what he just said, perfectly imitating my handwriting.

I turned to Edward in surprise and he had this hard, locked, defiant look in his eyes.

“Wha-?” I started to ask.

He shook his head and a chill went up my spine, something wasn’t right. Not at all.

The bell rang and I jerked, Edward was out of his seat and off and I grabbed my stuff and ran after him, “Edward, wait-”

He continued walking and I flew after him, cutting him off and whipping around.

“What?” he snapped. His whole face was hard and cold.

“Er…I…” I quickly recovered myself, “what the bloody hell happened back there.”

He seemed taken aback by my word choice, “‘bloody’?”

I sighed, annoyed, “I like foreign books, shoot me. That’s not the point.”

“Then what the bloody hell is your point?” he answered.

“Are you trying to be funny?” I said, getting more and more aggravated by the second.

“Are you?”

I glared at him, “Fine.” I snapped, pushing past him to my next class.


Finally, the end of the day, I thought, walking to my car.

I only had a permit, but with Charlie being the police chief, me living here all my life, and the excellent driver I am, I usually get away with it. I hated my car though, a rabbit.

“Bella, no!” I heard Edward yell.

Too bad for him, he shouldn’t have been such and asshole earlier. I thought, ignoring him.

It was too late before I realized what was going on. Blake Richards, a senior here, was speeding through the parking lot, he swerved and lost control. His breaks seemed to have gone out and he was headed straight towards me, my car, and Suzan Baker, a junior.

It was too late to move out of the way, or even scream. It all happened so fast, it was still a blur and the blue truck was a few feet away.

Suddenly everything changed. I was yanked out of the way and spun around. I felt a familiar cold touch and I was flung to the ground. I grazed my elbow, but that was it seemed.

I was breathing heavy as I turned around, confused. People were screaming, calling for teachers and 911.

“Suzan?” I called, terrified.

“Over here.” She answered from the other side of the car.

I exhaled, relieved she was okay, “Oh thank God.”

She laughed, “I know, I jumped just in time. I thought you were a goner, you okay?”

“Yeah, just a grazed elbow.”

I turned to get up and I felt a cold hand fly to my wrist, sending chills up my spine. I gasped in surprise and fell next to Edward.

“Gah!” I gasped, wiggling away from him in the cramped space between the cars, “Sorry.”

He was rigid in place, jaw clenched and staring at my bleeding elbow with a strange look in his eyes. What is it? Nauseous? No, not that-

“You should stay seated until you’re checked out.” He said, interrupting my thoughts.

“Yeah, well. That’s peachy keen and all but I don’t think that’s such a- wait.” I said, confused, “How’d you get over here so fast?”

A defiant look came into his eyes, “I was right next to you, Bella. I pushed you out of the way.” He held my gazed strongly.


I laughed, “What are you talking about? You were all the way back on the path, at least fifty feet away. I heard you call my name. You’re a terrible liar, Edward.”

“No.” he glared.

“What?” I said in disbelief, “Did you hit your head or something?”

“No. You?”

I huffed, “Unbelievable. No, Edward, just a grazed elbow. So you can’t blame this on me hitting my head, I saw what you did. I don’t know how, but you did.”

“Don’t do this Bella.” He said.

“Promise to explain to me later?”

He huffed, “Fine.”

"Fine," I rolled my eyes at him and stood up, jumping over the car and walking to help Suzan up. I looked over at the rest of the Cullens, they looked pissed.

Except for Alice, who had this grave, concerned look on her face.

The paramedics pulled up, opening the doors and trying to convince Suzan and I to get in a gurney. Edward refused, saying something about his dad, I refused, copying him and saving Suzan from embarrassment as well. Blake passed us and was wheeled in to another ambulance, he was banged up pretty bad.

“Bella!” Charlie yelled, running over and hugging me, “Thank God you’re okay.”

“Hey Charlie.”

“What happened?”

“Nothing, Blake lost control. I’m fine.”

Unsatisfied with my answer, he turned to the nearest paramedic.

Suzan and I hopped in the back of an ambulance since they insisted on us going to the hospital. Edward rode in the front, he even walked into the hospital like he owned the place.

We were in and out pretty quick. They wrapped up my elbow, it was scrapped really bad, and released me. I didn’t even see Carlisle, just the nurses.

I rounded the corner on my way out and gasped. Edward had Jasper by the collar against the wall and the father was trying to calm them down.

They all turned to me.

“Bella!” Jasper said, grinning at me. There was a strange look in his eyes that sent chills up my spine. The same Edward gave me when we were sitting between the cars only accompanied by what looked like hatred.

Edward shook him, “Don’t you say a word to her you filthy-”

“Edward.” I said firmly, “Put him down.” I was shocked at what I just said, “Now.”

He held my gaze. Slowly and it seemed unconsciously he lowered his brother to the ground.

“Now, I need to talk to you,” My eyes darted to his father and brother, “alone.”

“You really should go see your father-”


He wavered, as if me saying his name affected him somehow, and sighed, marching past me to a lonely hallway.

He spun around, “What?”

“Don’t you snap at me, you owe me and explanation.” I said, taken aback by his hostility.

“I saved your life,” he hissed, “I owe you nothing.” he hissed.

I flinched at his acidity, “Edward…”

“Why can’t you just let it go?”

“B-because.” I said, hurt showing through even though I was trying to hide it, “You promised.”

“Well, sometimes promises are broken.” He snapped.

I felt my heart and stomach twist at his bitterness.

“But that’s not fair!”

“Life’s not fair!” he hissed, “Deal with it, Bella.”

Deal with it, Bella. Deal with it…deal with it…

With that he pushed past me down the hall.

“Why’d you do it?” I said after him.

He spun around, “What?”

“Why didn’t you just let the truck kill me, then you wouldn’t have all this regret?”

I ran out the door, leaving him shocked behind me.