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Spilled Mascara

Bella's parents stay together until she's nine, then break up violently and full of hatred. It changed Bella. She hides her pain behind mascara...then she meets Edward.
WARNING:This story is as real life as possible... in other words...it might not have a compleate happy ending.


6. Chapter 6

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Chapter 6:

He lunged at me, terrifying growls ripping through the air.

Everything slowed at that moment. I saw a blur in my peripheral, coming closer at a dash-like, yet graceful run.

Edward ran towards me and he was never more seductive, nor was I ever filled with so much passion for him in that moment, I was chilled by it, barley able to breathe and trembling with pleasure at simply being in his presence. He was golden, radiant. My thoughts were full of nothing but him, it was as if he were the center of the universe and I was circling in awe. He was everything. I was breathing hard for an entirely different reason now. As he neared, I was no longer tense or showing any sign of resistance, my heart was pounding, but I closed my eyes and satisfaction, preparing myself for when his lips collided to my flesh and his teeth pierced my throat.

I was happy.

Then I snapped back into reality, another pale figure crashed into Edward some two feet away from me, filing my ears with almost more sound and volume than it could bear. I was overcome with rage at being deprived of that close, beautiful, lustful moment with Edward, and had to calm myself. Once I got my bearings, I saw Jasper holding Edward in a position that looked impossible to get out of and enormously painful. Edward had this panicked, wild look in his eyes, and I had an urge to go over to Jasper and beat him until he let my love go. Emmett was standing close to Rosalie, both crouched in between Jasper and Edward and me. Alice was ready, trying to patch me up with some spare fabric, grinding her teeth in obvious pain or at least discomfort and cursing at herself.

I felt lightheaded immediately, and I knew I was losing too much blood, though I was never queasy at the sight of blood, not since I was five.

I had this feeling of too late.

I was going to die. I knew it. I felt it.

And at that moment I wanted nothing more than to be with Edward for eternity.

I wanted to be one of them.

Jasper stiffened and prepared to lung at me while Emmett, though struggling, held him down, Rosalie went for Edward.

Alice! Get her the hell out of here!” Emmett boomed.

Alice huffed out a breath, and, working very carefully to not let my blood spill anymore on the ground, she scooped my almost limp form up and took off through the last bit of woods.

I turned and watch as a horrid battle took place, Jasper looked like he was trying to kill Emmett, and Edward kept circling Rosalie. The last thing I heard was ripping snarls approaching.

The next thing I remember is Carlisle standing over me.

“Are you okay, Bella?”

I tried to sit up, the couch I was on was comfortable and smelled of clean leather, but the room was cold.

“Dr. Cullen?” I asked wearily, then snapped up, “Where’s Edward?! What- Where is he?!”

“Bella, you hit your head and lost a lot of blood hiking. Thankfully you were near our house and-”

“With all due respect Dr. Cullen, I’m not stupid. I know what you are, and have known. You may kill me if you wish, but if I had a choice, I’d rather it be Edward who did it, that is, if he has the guts to.” I said, rather bravely.

A dark look crossed his face, “And what is it that you think we are Miss Swan,”


He sucked in a breath, “Very well, though we are not looking to harm you, we just have to leave. No one will believe you, Bella.”

“Who said I was telling anyone?!” I snapped, then recovered, remembering I was talking to someone who deserved my respect, “I’m sorry. You needn’t leave, please don’t actually.”

“Not at all, I understand you are under a lot of stress, would you like something to eat, you must be hungry?”

Quite the opposite actually. “No thanks.”

Edward walked in the room then, his eyes a solid yellow-gold, but a guilty, pain-filled yellow-gold.

I was still ecstatic to see him. “Edward!” I exclaimed. He flinched away but came forward.

“How’s her head Carlisle?” He asked in smoothly.

“She knows, Edward, she’s fine,”

A shadow flew across his face, “Oh,” his tone was dark, deadly. I craved to be closer to him all the more.

“Edward, I-” I began, but stopped myself. This was so irrational. I was breaking the promise I made to myself long ago. I’d lived by it so long, what was wrong with me? I looked into his eyes. That’s why. I was sure I was ready to ask myself the question I’d been putting off for so long, since he gave me a ride home that day. Do I love Edward Cullen?

I felt rage crawl up my throat automatically, triggered by the word “love”. I had mocked it so long. But when I finally calmed down and thought about it, I did. Of course I did. How could I not?

I love Edward Cullen.

“Edward, I’m sorry.” I said, looking at the floor.

I could hear the shock in his voice, “What for?!”

“I-I shouldn’t have,” I could feel tears rising, actual tears, but I pushed them down. I had never come so close to crying since I made the oath. “I shouldn’t have run, I shouldn’t have-”

“Bella, no!” he moaned, coming over and sitting next to me on the couch, the movement was so natural, I was elated. “Don’t blame yourself, I should have,” He made a small suffering sound in the back of his throat, “I’m the monster. I could have-”

“Don’t, it wasn’t your fault,”

“You two disgust me,” Rosalie said, walking down the steps and contorting her face into a grimace.

“Well I think it’s lovely,” Alice argued, following her, though her walk was more dance-like.

“Alice,” Edward said, in an I’m-still-here tone.

Rosalie huffed.

“Rose,” Edward warned.

“Emmett!” Emmett yelled from up stairs, Alice snickered. “Sorry,” he said, running down at his full vampire speed, “I didn’t want to be left out,”

“Emmett, no running on the stares,” Esme said, coming down herself.

“Since when was that a rule?!”

“Since I made it one,” she replied.

Jasper snickered coming down the stairs.

I realized the whole Cullen family was staring at me and blushed, looking down.

Emmett laughed suddenly, “God, she’s a walking time bomb!”

I frowned looking up.

“Your blushing doesn’t exactly help our control.” He explained.

“Emmett!” Edward hollered.

“What, she’s gotta know eventually, we can’t treat her like a soap bubble in everything.

“For the record I agree with Emmett,” Alice said.

“No one asked you!” Edward hissed at her.

“Why must you be so contrary?” I asked him quietly.

“Bella.” He said, though it sounded like please-be-quiet.

“No.” I said back.

“You really can’t lie to her Edward, it causes problems later.”

“Why not?!” he exclaimed.

“Edward, I know, and by the way your family is making it sound, I either have to be in on this or die.” I said.

The room was suddenly very quiet.

“If you aren’t going to talk to me,” I said, head held high, “then kill me, right now.”

He didn’t hesitate, leaning into my neck. Everyone in the room gasped and my breathing hitched. “Fine then,” he said, “So be it,” His cool breath blew against my throat, causing goose bumps all over me. I felt my hands tangle in his hair and I pulled myself closer to him almost welcoming death. I wasn’t suicidal, but if you were in that position, surely you would have done the same. And he chuckled, pushing me away.

“So I pass?” I panted.

He grinned, “You pass.”

Everyone exhaled.