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Truth Hurts

He squirmed and turned to me, opening his eyes. He stopped crying immediately. All my fears were completely irrational. I looked into his bright blue eyes and I knew, I was meant for him and vice-versa. Quill had nothing on me. notebook paperA Leah love story.


4. Chapter 4

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Chapter 4:

We sat outside barbecuing, and I had that overwhelming sense of a loving family again. Billy, Sam, and Charlie all sitting there with a beer as Jake scrapped at the grill making the burgers. Wesley was running around the yard in his character sandals – he was three…and a half – screaming as Nessie slowly chased him. She looked seven, but I knew better. Seth – having been playing with them for forty-five minutes (for the life of me I have no idea how he can do that for that long) – scooped up Nessie and hung her upside down, she was squealing, pounding softly at his arms. Wes clapped at that, grinning like a Cheshire Cat. Quill and Claire were here too, and she and Wes seemed to get along, she sat in his lap for now though, pulling on his hair and whining like five year olds do. We were the definition of an American family…you know…without the werewolf part…

Jake looked over at them, smiling at how happy they were. I stood up from the fold-up sling chair and grabbed another soda from the cooler, shaking my hand as it went numb from the cold.

“Hey, Leah,” Jake said, nodding me over to him. I went and he looked down, poking the burger, “Am I doing this right?”

I laughed quietly, “You don’t know how to cook a burger?”

“I do, it’s just he put a new seasoning on, is it supposed to be this color?”

I shoved my hand over my mouth to stifle my giggles and nodded. He shoved me playfully, smiling lightheartedly.

Later that evening and Edward and Bella were here – I was growing more tolerant of them too. They were invited to have dinner with us (which cracked Jake and I up.) Bella was the only one I was pissed at still, she really teased Jacob when Edward left.

We had a little fire pit that we lit up and gave the kids – that is Claire and Nessie, with Wes getting a nibble – roasted marshmallows. Bella and Quill kept freaking out though, scared Nessie or Claire was going to fall in or trip.

We all got giggly and lighthearted and it was great.

“Wait!” Jake yelled, everyone got quiet, “Give me a minute.” The he ran inside and we all glanced nervously at each other. A big wolf ran out, dancing around the fire and we all flew into a pit of laughter.

He ran and sat next to Nessie, licking her face, and she squealed, “Jake! Gross!”

He turned away from Edward them sticking his nose in the air in a “p-u” movement. He was such a little entertainer.

“Come on! It can’t be that bad!” Bella gasped between laughs. Jake ran to the nearest tree and shoved his snout in the moss, snuffing and huffing out breaths in his big grin.

He pranced over to me, jumping practically in my lap, “Haha!” Billy said, “He’s your bitch, Leah!” Jacob glared at his dad, wagging his tail though. Edward nearly fell out of his chair and Wes screamed in delight at the happiness in the air.

I just couldn’t stop smiling, it was so great, “Wait wait!” I yelled, running in the house too. I was out – as a wolf – in roughly twenty seconds, jumping and running circles around Jake.

Trying to steal my thunder, Leah?

Who’s trying? I thought back, I’m succeeding!

He laughed then, going and balancing a soda can on his nose, Take that!

Don’t mind if I do! I popped the can from him and jumped to get it on mine, he was laughing as I rolled to balance it. I slapped him with my tail which got an, “Oh!” from Renesmee.

He pounced on me now, holding me down as I panted for air. He was laughing so hard, just like everyone else.

Wes began to clap and we got up, bowed and ran inside, changing back and getting dressed.

We ran back out and sat down. Billy was telling a story, the one about the wives, which got Bella laughing and Edward stiffened, chuckling as he tried not to.

Wesley sat on his Dad’s lap listening carefully to what he barely understood. Bella was leaning against Edward’s leg with Renesmee in her lap. Mom sat next to Quill and Claire, stroking her hair as she quietly slept.

I just leaned against Jake’s shoulder tiredly, and somewhere in the story I fell asleep.