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Wolf Hate

Heres the sequal to Wolf Love!!! Bella and Devang are inseperable. When Bella returns home with Devang in tow, what will happen?? How will charlie react?? And what about Jacob Black?? Will he get his heart ripped out or win bellas over?? theres a twist. Devang and Sam Uley are half brothers.How will that change things? But wait an UNEXPECTED vistor shows. Who could it be?? It seems like a very familiar vampire i could say Hearts are boken, souls are crushed, and things go from better to worst. What kind of drama will this story BRING? Banner made by Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO


10. THEY'RE BACK!!!!

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 833   Review this Chapter

Recap Bella’s POV:

“Who are you?!” I screamed at the unknown person. The figure walked closer to me. As it approached the moonlight caught its face. I didn’t know if I was dreaming but my heart stopped. It was Edward. The pain faded away as I saw looked at him. I let out a small whimper. Not from the pain of my ankle but from the pain of seeing him again.

“Bella?” I heard his sweet velvet voice say my name. my heart swooned.



I looked at him, not believing that he was standing directly in front of me. I felt tears fall down my face and leave a wet trail as they soaked up into the forest floor.

“Bella…What happened?!? Alice!!” Edward looked frantic and thirsty. His eyes were pitch black and he was running his hands through his bronze hair. I could tell he wasn’t breathing. Next thing I see is Alice standing next to him. As she saw me her eyes widened and her mouth opened in surprise. I probably looked horrible. She then shut her mouth as fast as she could and took a couple feet back. Just then the pain in my ankle came back. I held back a scream but let out a painful whimper.

“we have to bring her to Carlisle.” Alice said to Edward. I looked at my ankle and felt nauseated. I looked at my hands, arms, and legs and saw blood everywhere. The blackness was starting to come and I knew I was going to faint soon. My eyes started to roll back into my head and then I blacked out. My last sight of Edward coming towards me with pain filled eyes.


I opened my eyes.

I took in my surroundings and found myself laying on a black leather couch that seemed all to familiar. I turned my head toward the window and saw the sun starting to rise. How long have I been out? I then heard something move in the corner of the room. My eyes traveled to the noise and there I saw him. The person who had haunted my dreams and broke my heart long ago, Edward. My heart started to beat faster.

“How are you?” Edward said with his velvety voice that sent chills through my body in a good way. His eyes were amber again. I looked away not wanting to get lost in his eyes like I once did before.

“Fine.” I said simply. “can I leave now?” I started to get up, but Edward caught my waist before I could touch the ground.

“don’t.” he said looking at me with intense eyes. “your ankle is pretty bad. It might be a couple of weeks before you can walk on both feet again.” he said with a crooked smile, I looked away once more.

“Oh, yeah.” I said wiggling out of his touch. He must have noticed because he let go instantly and backed away by a couple of feet. “Does anyone know I’m here?”


“How long have I been out?”

“A couple of hours.” he told me. I knew he was lying because when he found me the sun had just set and now the sun was rising once more. Just then Alice busted into the room.

“BELLS!!” Alice said running up to me and hugging me. I grimaced at the impact of her hug and the cuts on my body. My body shivered. I forgot how cold she was. I was so used to being warm and hot because I was always with Devang. Oh Devang. He must be so worried. “ I’m so glad to see you again Bella. We have so mu-”

“I need to go.” I stated.

“You cant Bella your ankle is broken. How are you going to walk?” Alice asked me.

“I don’t know. Cant I call someone? My dad, Jacob, Devang?” I said starting to freak. I didn’t want anyone worrying about me.

“Who’s Devang?” Alice asked. Did she really have to ask.

“My boyfriend.” I said simply looking at the ground, not wanting to see any of their expressions.

“Boyfriend?” Alice asked, disbelieving.

“Yes, I have a boyfriend. I’ve moved on. Gosh do you actually think that I would still be head over heals for Edward after he broke me. No, of course I wouldn’t! now may I please use your phone?” I looked at Alice and saw a hurt expression on her face for yelling at her. I couldn’t look at Edward. I could already feel the tenseness in the air. Then I remembered I had my cell phone. I took it out of my pocket. Thank goodness! The phone rang not even one time before Devang answered.

“Bella where are you?!?” he said hysterically.

“Can you pick me up?” I asked him.

“Where are you?!” he said franticly into the phone.

“At the Cullen’s.”

“THE CULLEN’S!!!!!!” I heard someone that sounded like Jacob yell. This was not going to be pretty.