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Wolf Hate

Heres the sequal to Wolf Love!!! Bella and Devang are inseperable. When Bella returns home with Devang in tow, what will happen?? How will charlie react?? And what about Jacob Black?? Will he get his heart ripped out or win bellas over?? theres a twist. Devang and Sam Uley are half brothers.How will that change things? But wait an UNEXPECTED vistor shows. Who could it be?? It seems like a very familiar vampire i could say Hearts are boken, souls are crushed, and things go from better to worst. What kind of drama will this story BRING? Banner made by Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO


11. Better this way

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I heard running feet and an engine start on the other side of the phone. Before I could calm Jacob down he screamed into the phone.

“BELLA! Get out of there!” Jacob sounded angry but pain was mixed into his voice. I didn’t know why he would be in pain.

“Jacob. Jacob. Jacob!” I had to finally yell his name to get him to stop rambling and freaking out. “I’m alright. I just have a broken ankle.”

“WHAT! I swear I’ll rip their heads off and burn them to ashes if they hurt you!”

“BELLA! Are you alright?!” I heard Devang yell in the back round.

“I’m fine.” did they really have to worry that much? Huh. I looked around the room and noticed that I was alone. It wasn’t a big surprise. Why would they want to stay around? “Just call when you get here. Bye.”

“Bell-” I hung the phone up before he could finish what he was saying.

I laid my phone on the side and threw my head back and cried softly. I didn’t know why I was crying but they just came gushing out. Why now? Why did he have to show up now? Why didn’t he keep his promise and never come back? To pretend like he never existed. What gave him the right to ruin my life, again? I closed my eyes to try and stop the tears from pouring out. It didn’t help but I kept my eyes closed. As more and more tears slid down my cheeks, I felt someone wipe a falling tear away. I slowly opened my eyes and looked to see Edward standing over me.

“Don’t cry Bella.” Edward said in a soft velvet whisper that was loud enough so that I could hear. Another tear escaped my eyes. It felt like an eternity as Edward slowly leaned down and kissed the escaped tear drop. I didn’t react, I didn’t move away, I didn’t stop what happened, but I was lost in his amber colored eyes. I was floating. It wasn’t like staring into Devang’s eyes which were always full of love and warmth. No, staring into Edwards eyes was like peeking into the future. Edwards eyes held the undying love that I was once familiar with long ago. His eyes trapped you in a magical trance that made you feel high. I laid there just staring at him, locked in a trance, until I heard a car honk and an engine rev. I instantly snapped out of the trance and got up fast, yelling in agony as my feet touched the floor. Edward grabbed me fast and held me in his arms. Jacob and Devang must have heard me because the next thing I hear is a big crash and the door to the room I was in break open. Edward still held me in his arms when Jacob and Devang came bursting in. as Jacob saw Edwards arms around me, I swear any creature in a ten mile radius would of scurried and hidden somewhere as they heard Jacob blow up.

“Get YOUR hands OFF her you BLOODSUCKER!!” Jacob yelled. I saw Devang appear behind Jacob and came running towards me. Before I knew what was happening. I was yanked out of Edwards arms and into Devang’s. The next thing after that I was in Jacobs rabbit and we were speeding off and out of the Cullen’s driveway. I looked back and saw Rosalie, Emmet, and Carlisle holding back Edward and Esme and Alice holding back Jasper. If I remembered anything correctly Edward must’ve been really angry to have jasper react like that also. As we got further away I saw Edward fall to his knees, put his face in his hands and crumble to the ground. My heart yearned to heal him from his pain and agony, but I knew that it was better off this way. Better for both of us.


sorry it took me a very long time to post a new chapter. BUT FINALLY I DID!!! thank the HEAVENS!!!!! LOL