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Wolf Hate

Heres the sequal to Wolf Love!!! Bella and Devang are inseperable. When Bella returns home with Devang in tow, what will happen?? How will charlie react?? And what about Jacob Black?? Will he get his heart ripped out or win bellas over?? theres a twist. Devang and Sam Uley are half brothers.How will that change things? But wait an UNEXPECTED vistor shows. Who could it be?? It seems like a very familiar vampire i could say Hearts are boken, souls are crushed, and things go from better to worst. What kind of drama will this story BRING? Banner made by Kit_Kat_Cullen_XOXO


3. 3. Pain

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My Jacob. My lovely, strong, beautiful Jacob was hurting. I knew he was hurting deep inside, but what could I do. I loved Jacob but not like I used to. Before Jacob and I got into a fight he was my sun, my harbor, my air that I had to breath. When I was a zombie he was there half the way to help me. When I couldn’t breath he held me closer to him. Oh my lovely Jacob was dying in the inside like how I was when Edward left me. I wanted to wipe that pain away from my Jacobs face. It was killing me to see him stare at me with hate, betrayal, and pain in his eyes. I loved Jacob but in the right way now. I loved him as a friend, a brother, but nothing else. That pull I had towards him was no longer there. I would do anything to wipe that look off his wonderful face. I was fighting back tears. My emotions betraying me. I did not want to show my weakness in front of everyone. I had to use every ounce of my strength to keep from running to Jacob and embracing him in my arms. Devang looked at me, understanding my pain and he pulled me closer to him. As Devang did this Jacob growled at him.

“Jacob cut it out.” Billy said sternly to his only son. Jacob stopped and glared at Devang. Devang pretended like he didn’t notice.

“Are you okay?” Devang asked. I tore my eyes away from Jacob to look at my love, my life, my star.

“Yeah.” I said trying to sound strong but a tear escaping from my eyes. Devang wiped it away and hugged me closer.

“you want to go?” he asked softly so only I could hear.


“Well Devang why don’t you tell us about your tribe.” Billy asked excited.

Jacobs POV

I was near the bonfire when I heard Sam stutter and say

“Your…your….a…..a werewolf?” I didn’t know who he was talking to but it didn’t sound good.

“Yes I come from the tribe Abhay.” a stranger said proudly. That tribe name sounded very similar to me but I didn’t know why.

“Abhay?” my father Billy asked sounding stunned. ”That must mean….”

“yes I am a relative of your people.” the stranger said. What how is that even possible. We were the only tribe that could change shape. As I remembered the story of our tribe long ago splitting up it finally made sense. This stranger was one of our own. I wanted to meet this stranger and welcome him with open arms. Knowing that I have more brothers out there made me feel I guess happy. As I finally got to the bonfire I saw the stranger. He was quiet muscular, had black hair and gray brownish eyes. I was about to greet him when I smelt the air and smelt Bella’s scent. I looked around and then I finally found her, holding hands with the stranger. I looked at Bella. She saw me and saw that my face was filled with pain. She was on a verge of tears and I was fighting to not to run to her and try to comfort her. Just then the stranger looked at my Bella with understanding to her pain and pulled her closer to him. I let out a growl. How dare he touch her. She was mine, not his.

“Jacob cut it out.” my father said sternly. I glared at the stranger, but all he did was act like I wasn’t even there. He asked my Bella if she was okay. When Bella looked at him it was full of longing, love, and passion. My Bella truly loved this stranger. I had no clue why but I hated it. He talked to Bella once more but I couldn’t hear.

“Well Devang why don’t you tell us about your tribe.” my father asked him. The strangers name was Devang. I knew what his name meant and he was no where close to as part of god.