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Bella hears a song that reminds her of Edward while she is in her zombie state. ONE-SHOT


1. The Song

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It has been exactly three months since “he” left me. All my friends noticed my behavior. Jessica couldn’t care less. Tyler, Mike, and Eric kept hoping they still had a chance with me. Angela was the only one who actually cared. She tried to be a dear my giving me a CD. She told me it was by someone named Brandi Carlile. I didn’t really care. I was still in my “zombie state” as I’ve heard Charlie refer to me as. Kids thought I was a zombie for Halloween. But that’s a different story.

Angela came up to me during lunch. She told me that she wanted me to listen to it. She also gave me a list of the tracks that were on this CD. I thanked her and tried to smile. Smiling was impossible for me these days. She smiled back at me. She left my table. I’ve been sitting by myself, avoiding people and questions. I looked through the list. It looked harmless, so it shouldn’t trigger any unwanted memories. I would listen to it as I drove home.

School passed by quickly. I quickly got in my truck. I put the CD in the CD player.

The last song was titled "Wasted." I decided to try it out. Huge mistake.

If you had eyes like golden crowns and diamonds in your fingertips you'd waste it

Every time he looked at me, it was like a treasure. Every time he touched me, it was magical and priceless.

If shining wisdom passed your lips and traveled to the ears of God you'd waste it

He spoke words that were only right to travel to God’s ear. His voice made it all worth it.

And so I hate that you're overrated most revered and celebrated because you'll waste it

It seems that way.

Then again it's good to get a call
Now and then just to say hello
Have I said I hate to see you go
I hate to see you go

Did he have to leave? I wish he would call me, even if it was just to say hello.

But ever time you close a door and nothing opens in its place you're wasted

It felt that way to me. He closed me out of his life. But he did say he didn’t love me.

And when you speak the words you know to those who know the words themselves you're wasted

I always knew what he said. He wasn’t showing his wisdom by leaving me either….

You're such a classic waste of cool, so afraid to break the rules in all the wrong places

He was always scared to change me. Overprotective fool.

Then again it's good to get a call
Now and then just to say hello
Have I said I hate to see you go
I hate to see you go

When I got home, I broke every CD I had. Everything would bring back painful memories. I felt my heart explode and I whispered,“ Please Edward, just come back”