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Two Roads

bella and edwards kiss After Bella joins the Cullens, a new member joins them, a girl named Lucy. When changed, her power is stronger than any vampire in history. The Volturi must have her. The Cullens must protect her. She’s confused, she’s angry, she’s hurt and broken by a boy named James. Sides will be chosen, lines will be crossed, some will live, some will die, and what Bella and Edward do is worse than imaginable.


1. Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

I lay crumpled, weak, on the ground.

“Don’t go,” I whispered, “Please, James, stay.” The fire whipped through my core, striking me cruelly as I whimpered and begged for mercy. But James just walked away. My sweet James whom I loved so much. Leaving me to die alone.

“Filth.” He spat.


No, James!

I screamed so loud.


Then he was gone. And I was swallowed up by the fire I wished upon myself.

But that was years ago. I was stronger now. With an ability to crush all others. No, I was no longer weak. I could get anything I want now.

I walked calmly up to the doorstep of the house and gently knocked. At once the door was open, they had been waiting for me. A beautiful young man stood at the doorway and held out his hand, “Dr. Carlisle Cullen,”

I gave him mine, “Lucille Josephine Gibbs.”

“A pleasure,” came a sweet voice from behind him, she stepped forward, “Esme Cullen,”

“Yes, it is very nice,” I replied.

“Would you like to come in, meet the rest of the family?” he asked.

There was only one way for them to know if they were safe, there was a physic.

Suddenly I was aware of the faint presence in my head. So they had a mind reader too.

I smiled and looked up towards the stairs, there was a little girl, probably six or so standing there. She smelled like us, but there was a heartbeat. Interesting. She stared unmoved at me, her expression locked. I fished out the info I needed.

“Hello,” I said calmly, “Renesmee.”

Her eyes flashed and she smiled, she seemed to find me interesting too.

A girl came up behind her, having many of the same features, this must be the mother, amazing that she lived. The thing was, she looked almost exactly like me. There were a few features and things like a scare on her hand and our coloring was different – I had black hair – but that was really all.

I nodded to her, “Bella.”

The child touched her mother’s hand, “Yes,” Bella murmured, “Yes, sweetie,”

Renesmee turned to me and smiled.

I turned around and there was what looked like the girl’s father, “Hello Edward,”

There was no mistaking the shock on his face.

Two blonds walked down the staires, “Rosalie, Jasper,”

A petite and a large man followed, “Alice, Emmett.”

“Well,” said the doctor, “It seems you already know us.”

“Are you a mind reader?” Asked Edward abruptly.

“No, but you are.” I said, “I merely dig out the information I need, among other abilities. You see, I’m like a puppeteer. Everyone is my marionette.” I demonstrated, having him raise his hand against his will. “And in some cases, I can use and even mimic other’s abilities, that is how I got the fishing.”

Everyone was silent, “But don’t worry, I’m on your side,” I smiled, “I’m just looking for a family.”

“She’s telling the truth,” Alice and Edward said at the same time.

“Of course I am, why would I lie.” I said.

It was then that I noticed their eyes. Before I could asked, the mind reader said, “We a different diet.” When I didn’t answer, he continued, “We feed off animals.”

I smiled, “I can change. I can change.”