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Two Roads

bella and edwards kiss After Bella joins the Cullens, a new member joins them, a girl named Lucy. When changed, her power is stronger than any vampire in history. The Volturi must have her. The Cullens must protect her. She’s confused, she’s angry, she’s hurt and broken by a boy named James. Sides will be chosen, lines will be crossed, some will live, some will die, and what Bella and Edward do is worse than imaginable.


2. Chapter 2

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Chapter 2:

I had been living with the Cullens for two days and already they accepted me into their family

“Lucy, stay still!” Alice whined, “I have to finish.”

“Alice, I can do my own hair.” I said.

“But,” she jutted out her lower lip, “I wanted to.”

I huffed, “Fine.”

She continued to deftly flick her hands through my black hair and zipped the straightening iron through it.

Finally she was done and I was free. Which was good. I was particularly impatient today, I knew Edward was supposed to take me hunting. I was told that the hungrier I was the easier it would be to change. My throat was burning horribly, but I was willing to wait months if I knew it would work. Edward, however, said it wasn’t necessary and I needn’t suffer. He offered to take me hunting himself.

I walked downstairs and Jasper was waiting for me by the door, he smiled when I walked up to him, “Hello Lucy.”

“Hey, Eddy.”

He twitched a little, looking both annoyed and like he wanted to laugh, but motioned with his hand to the door, “Shall we?”

I skipped past him out of the front door. He ran ahead of me and I followed, we weren’t far when he stopped.

“Now you want to go after predators, they’re much more satisfying.” He said.

“Ah. And what’s your favorite?” I said, walking closer to him. The wide space was awkward.

He grinned, “You figure it out.”

“Fine,” I shrugged, turning on my heal and walking forward, “I will.”

“I’m sure you know how to hunt,” he said.

I laughed, “It’s not like it’s hard to figure out.”

We hunted for a little while, I quickly learned that there was really no way to true be satisfied with animal blood, nothing like human blood.

I was sick of the silence, “You’re really just here to keep me in check. You’re the fastest, I assume. Because, you figured, all you have to do is catch and disable me. You seem to assume I cannot fight well, or at least, not as well as you.”

He smiled. That was a yes.

“Well, then,” I slid into a crouch, which he mimicked, “Let’s see how good you are.” Oh, and,” I held up my hand, “I won’t cheat, scouts honor.”

I made a movement like I was about to dart towards him, but threw myself to the side. He dove for me and I jumped as high as I could, soaring over his head. He followed and I made a point to balance on his head before I dogged him. In arrogant thing, I know, but I couldn’t resist. I ran around him and waited until he slipped before I ran towards Edward, he was an arrogant thing, mocking somehow, still. He had very high expectations of himself. I hopped onto his back and whispered in his ear, “You are fast, aren’t you, but do you still believe I can’t fight?” I ran my hand along his neck, making him shiver, her held very still though, knowing he was in a weak spot, “Oh, I smell real blood. Are you coming?” I flew from his back as fast as I could and ran towards the smell of human blood. I could sense Edward behind me.

I pushed myself harder. I felt a hand on my arm and I was pulled back and spun to the ground. I was on my back and Edward was on top of me, holding me to the ground, he leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Yes, I am fast, faster that you for sure. And human blood is not for you.”

I busted out laughing and he got up, giving me his hand to help.

“So that Bella is yours right?” I asked.

His face fell ever so slightly and he nodded. This boy was an open book.

That was odd though, “What’s wrong?”

He smiled again, “Nothing.”

“Are you sure that – ?” I said, stepping towards the humans again.

He was suddenly in front of me, one arm against the tree. He was very close to me as he stared me down with his golden eyes, “I’m sure,”

I stepped around him and began to walk home.

“Where do you think you’re going young lady?” He said, grabbing my arm.

“Home,” I said, “I have family waiting for me,” it felt so great to say that.

“This family of yours, they love you?” he said.

My eyes stung, “I can only hope so."

He smiled at me. “Well, if you’re going home, may I walk you?” He held out his hand.

I took it without hesitation and we walked – not ran – all the way to the house. Laughing and talking the whole time.