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Bella gets mono. Edward blames himself and feels guilty for hurting Bella again. Bella still is paranoid that Edward will leave her and starts to have convincing dreams that he will leave while she is recovering.

i wrote this a long time ago, just for myself. review and tell me if you like it and i'll keep posting. its 8 chapters now but i might tweek the end a tad. Set after Edward comes back at the end of new moon.

3. Chapter 3

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Ch. 3


“Promise me you won’t leave me,” Bella asked of me, quietly and with guilt clear in her voice.

“Bella, I will not leave you. I promise, I swear. I won’t even let you go until you wake up,” I told her, taking her hand to show her that I meant it. I locked my fingers in hers and held it up to my lips, kissing her soft, warm skin. I held her warm body tight in my arms and I knew when she was finally asleep because her breathing became even and slower.

“Alice, can you call Carlisle so he knows to be ready for us?” I asked my sister.

Alice took her phone out and had it to her ear within a second. “Carlisle?...Edward and I are coming, we have Bella. She’s going to be okay but she collapsed at school and she’s got a fever…. Yes, she’s sleeping now; we’ll be there in less than two minutes.” She waited for a moment and then shut her phone. He’ll be ready when we get there. She’s going to be fine Edward, I can see that.

“What’s wrong with her Alice? Just tell me,” I said so quiet that even if Bella was awake she couldn’t hear me. She didn’t answer me but I saw in her thoughts. Carlisle would test her when she got to the hospital and Bella had mono. It wasn’t as bad as I expected but it was still bad enough, made ten times worse by the fact that it was all my fault. I was still hurting her.

Edward, stop it. I can see that you’re going to blame yourself. It’s not your fault. She’s human. Things happen, they get sick. She’s going to be fine so don’t worry about it. You know that if she sees that you’re blaming yourself she will feel bad and it will only make it worse. I did know that she was right but that didn’t make me feel any better.

We were at the hospital now. Alice pulled up front and hopped out to help me with Bella. She opened my door and I started to pick Bella up to carry her in. “Um, Edward, you might want to button your shirt back up before you go inside,” she pointed out before I got out of the car. She had a point, I might look a little strange. It was supposed to be pretty cold outside today. If I were human I would be freezing. I stopped for a second to close my shirt and then picked up my sleeping Bella and carried her out of the car and towards the hospital doors while Alice went to park.

When I got to the doors, Carlisle came rushing out and held the door for me. Inside, he directed me down the hall towards the ER while I got my share of strange looks. I was cradling Bella against my chest like she was a little kid. I supposed the normal thing to do was get her a wheelchair but I promised her I wouldn’t let go of her.

I laid Bella down on a bed in the ER that Carlisle directed me to, taking her hand. He took her pulse and started hooking her up to the monitors. “What happened?” he asked while he worked over her.

“She was really tired last night and Alice saw her getting a cold, so I made her take some cold medicine. She wouldn’t stay home this morning but she slept through class, she was so tired. She didn’t eat breakfast either and I was taking her to lunch and she collapsed. In the car she was hot and she said she her head hurt,” I said so fast no human could be able to follow. “Alice said she has mono but I want you to check her out for anything else to.”

“I will, don’t worry Edward. I’ll take good care of her,” he assured me. “If she has mono, I’ll need to get some blood tested. Do you want to step out-”

“No, I’m fine. I’m not leaving her,” I cut him off. I wasn’t going anywhere until she woke up. I knew he would need to test her blood. It would look strange if he just assumed she had mono with no proof.

Carlisle took her blood and I watched Bella’s face. She was so beautiful when she slept. She was always beautiful but when she slept she looked so peaceful. I listened to her heartbeat and her slow breathing.

Carlisle went to go get her blood to the lab and do the paperwork. I stayed with Bella in the busy ER and held her hand. After a few minutes I realized Alice was standing behind me.

“I’ll call Charlie for you,” she said softly.

Before she walked away I stopped her. “Can you also call Esme? I think we might need some parental authority when Charlie gets here.”

“What do you mean?” she asked confused. She let me explain even though she could have easily looked into my future. Her thoughts showed me that she thought I needed someone to talk to.

“I’m not going to let her be alone for a while and Charlie has to work so I want her to stay with us for a while. If Esme explains it to Charlie he’ll probably go for it. She would take care of her and he knows that so I don’t see why he would object,” I explained to Alice who listened patiently.

“You’re right, he won’t,” she confirmed.

“Good. And Alice? Can you go to her house and get her clothes for her? So she has something to change into when she wakes up. And just get her other stuff while you’re at it so we don’t need to stop on the way home.”

“Of coarse,” she said, a little too happy. I understood at once when I saw where her thoughts were leading her.

“Alice. Sweats and pajamas and t-shirts. Only,” I clarified. “Please don’t do anything to stress her out,” I begged her.

Her face dropped but she nodded and said, “Fine, sweats it is,” she grumbled as she went off to make her calls and left me alone to stare at my sleeping Bella.

After about an hour, Carlisle came back. “Okay, we’re going to move her upstairs. She’ll stay until she wakes up and at least through the night,” Carlisle told me the plan as he disconnected her from all the machines. I lifted her into the wheelchair he had brought for her and she didn’t stir in her sleep at all.

Once we had gotten her into her room, I lifted her into her bed and spread her out, covering her up with the blankets. Carlisle said that she was dehydrated and he was going to put an IV in. She wouldn’t like that very much but I wouldn’t stop him if she needed it.

I sat by her bed and held her warm hand. Carlisle came and put a hand on my shoulder.

“She’s going to be fine. Don’t worry. I think I hear Charlie down the hall, I’ll leave you alone,” he said as he patted my shoulder and then left.