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Bella gets mono. Edward blames himself and feels guilty for hurting Bella again. Bella still is paranoid that Edward will leave her and starts to have convincing dreams that he will leave while she is recovering.

i wrote this a long time ago, just for myself. review and tell me if you like it and i'll keep posting. its 8 chapters now but i might tweek the end a tad. Set after Edward comes back at the end of new moon.

5. Chapter 5

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Ch. 5 I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming or not when I heard Alice’s very distinctive voice greet Edward. “Hey Edward!” she called as I heard the door close and decided that I wasn’t dreaming. I kept my eyes closed and my breathing steady though, not really ready to wake up. “Sshh! Alice, she’s asleep, don’t wake her up!” he whispered softly. “She was already waking up and she’s awake now…sorta,” she ratted me out. “Bella? Are you alright?” Edward asked me, far too concerned. I groaned softly into his chest and then opened my eyes. Everything was blurry and I blinked trying to clear my eyes. Alice was jumping up and down in little hops at the foot of my bed. Edward still had his arms wrapped around me. “Bella! Good to see you awake finally,” she said, sounding relieved. I smiled and sighed, trying to get into a sitting position, feeling awkward lying in bed with Edward’s arms around me when people were here. Edward pulled me up when he saw what I was trying to do. “Hey, Alice. Good to see you too. Sorry if I had you worried,” I said with my voice sounding hoarse. It was then that I noticed what Alice had on her arm. It was a really big purse that looked filled to bursting. I only imagined the horrors that Alice would have brought for me that were in that bag. “What is that?” I asked, grimacing as I prepared for her answer. “It’s just your clothes Bella. Stop overreacting.” But that was what I was afraid of. I knew that Alice’s idea of clothes that a person wore going home from the hospital and my idea where very different. I turned to Edward with a look of misery on my face. He chuckled at my expression. “Don’t worry Bella. I told her to bring you comfortable clothes that you would approve of.” I still looked at him skeptically. “She promised,” he said kissing the side of my face. I looked over at Alice and she gave me an encouraging grin. “Carlisle’s on his way up to check her out. He’ll be here in about a minute,” Alice said positively. Edward sighed and climbed out of the bed, still keeping a hand on my back to balance me. Carlisle came in and greeted the room before asking, “How are you feeling Bella?” “Much better. I promise, I’m fine,” I said trying to make my voice sound stronger. He probably saw through me but I still had to try. I honestly still felt tired even after sleeping most of the last 24 hours. “Well your fluids are back to normal and your fever’s gone. There’s not much more I can do for you here, you might as well go home,” he said smiling. I sighed in relief. “I suppose you want me to take out the needles.” “Yes, please,” I said holding my arm out towards him. He chuckled and came over to the side of my bed. Edward went to the other side. “Close your eyes, Bella,” Edward told me as he stoked my face with his smooth hands. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the little tugs in my arm. “All done, Bella,” Carlisle said when he was finished. “Alice, will you help her change and I’ll go get her meds. Don’t let her stand up alone the first time, she’ll probably be dizzy,” he warned and Alice nodded. She moved towards my bed but Edward stood over me, like he was protecting me. “Out. Go with Carlisle,” Alice instructed him. He looked a little defeated but didn’t fight. He kissed my forehead and followed Carlisle out of the room. Alice helped me change into sweatpants and a t-shirt, pulling a sweatshirt over my head. She helped me to the bathroom and then carried me back to my bed, setting me on the edge. “Okay, Edward. You can come in now,” she said with a smile and Edward immediately came in the door. He looked at me and smiled, happy that I was still sitting. “You ready to go?” he asked, unnecessarily. I didn’t even answer but just went to stand up, obviously too ready to get out of this dreadful hospital room. Before I could stand, he swooped down on me and pulled me up into his arms. “I don’t think so. Carlisle said you would be dizzy,” he said as he cradled me into his chest. I sighed but I didn’t really expect him to let me do anything anyway. I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed my eyes as he moved through the halls, ignoring all the looks I was surely getting. * * * * * * * * * * * Edward told me to try and sleep on the way home, but I was way too excited. I was unbelievably happy to be going home, or to Edward’s house at least. We pulled up to his house and he parked in the garage. Before I could even start to open my door he was there, at my side of the car. He opened my door for me and kneeled down so he was at my level, not letting me out of the car. He took my hand and I got worried all of a sudden. This couldn’t be good. “Bella, I want to say something.” He looked into my eyes with a look that tore into my soul. “I know that sometimes I might be a tiny bit overprotective. It’s only because I love so much, Bella. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if something happened to you. It’s just that you’re human, and so fragile. And then you being…well you, on top of that just makes me even more nervous. I’m sorry if I don’t give you enough space or if I ever get frustrating because I don’t let you do things for yourself. I’ll try and be better but it’s hard for me to let go of protecting you. But right now, you need to let me take care of you. You just got out of the hospital, Bella. I want you to get better so please let me care for you.” I stared at him, amazed. How did someone so wonderful, love me so much? I didn’t have any idea. It was very true that he was more than a ‘tiny bit overprotective’ but he didn’t need to apologize for it. I loved him and I loved it when he took care of me. After a moment of silence, simple staring at each other, I realized he probably wanted an answer of some type. I couldn’t think of anything to say to match what he had just said so I simple held my arms out for him to pick me up and carry me inside, showing him that I wouldn’t be any trouble.