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The final eclipse

Sequel to Seattle - murder capital and Jacob Edward and the word vampire. Need to read them first to understand. Charlie's POV in the final scenes of eclipse - if he was 'in the know'

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1. Chapter 1

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Charlie’s POV

I hated feeling so helpless. I was at Billy’s, in La Push. Bella was somewhere in the forests whilst being hunted by none other than twenty vampires! Yet she expected me to sit here and watch football, listening to the howls I couldn’t understand!

However, though I couldn’t understand the meaning of the howls; Billy could. Every now and then he’d update me. I knew Edward and Jacob’s plan had worked, for example.

Just as I was thinking this, I heard Billy gasp suddenly as yet another howl sounded in the distance.

“She found them” he whispered. “That was Seth alerting the other wolves. There are two of them and one of Edward” he sounded upset. He paused again, listening to another howl. He grinned slowly, beginning to laugh.

“Billy” I spat through my teeth “What is funny about my daughter and her boyfriend’s slim chances of survival?”

He chuckled. “Seth is helping. They’ll be fine. You should stop worrying Charlie” he told me once he caught sight of my face.

“I’m a parent” I replied bitterly “It’s in my job description”


The majority of the afternoon was spent worrying about someone getting hurt. Billy told me that everyone found the fighting fun. I found it hard to see Carlisle or Esme enjoying the fighting, but I didn’t contradict him.

Once again, my thoughts were interrupted with a howl. Billy looked up, suddenly serious. That howl was close, like it was just in the back yard.

“Jacob” Billy stuttered. He wheeled himself in the direction of the front door. The sound of the howling almost immediately changed to the sound of Jacob’s cussing. I hoped he didn’t use that kind of language around Bella.

He looked messed up; his friends were carrying him in. I held Billy’s hand as he instructed the boys into Jacob’s bedroom. We followed behind.

“Someone call Carlisle” muttered Billy.

“He said he’ll come as soon as he and the rest of the Cullens have finished with the volturi,” said Seth confidently.

I froze, did he say the volturi? They had terrified Bella. She’d told me all about them; especially little Jane. She remembered with horror of Edward writhing on the floor in pain particularly well. I prayed that they were all ok.

I didn’t have long to wait. About ten minutes after the wolves arrived home, Carlisle, Edward and Bella arrived in Carlisle’s Mercedes. I breathed out in relief. They were ok. They’d survived the volturi.

“That” groaned Bella as she walked through the door “was two near death experiences in one day. That’s a new record!”

Edward rolled his eyes. His arm was around her shoulders; he obviously didn’t want to let go of her.

I couldn’t help but be alarmed by him. It was painfully obvious to me now that he wasn’t human. Even now he was smirking at my thoughts while Bella frowned at him.

“What’s funny?” she asked, glancing between the two of us.

“Charlie” Edward replied.

Don’t tell her what I’m thinking; please I begged him in my mind.

He nodded slightly, heading in the direction of Jacob’s bedroom, probably to help Carlisle and to stop Bella worrying about him not being ok. I couldn’t help but smile. I liked being in the loop; I really did. I just sometimes find the stress too much. I couldn’t help but wonder what the world would throw at them next. I shook my head, wondering to Jacob’s bedroom.