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Moonlight Jacob/Renesmee one shot. Sort of emotional thing. Totally open-ended, fill in the gaps as you please! Post Breaking Dawn (Renesmee is all grown up and has been for a while)

Ahhh it's random, but oh well.

1. Moonlight

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It was midnight, and a gentle tidal breeze rocked the trees that populated the coastline. The same breeze quietly cradled the water that lapped about the frayed edges of land and sung a soft lullaby to the night sky. It stole, too, into Renesmee's breath as she observed the night before her. Never had her observations been more peaceful than in this moment on the beach, when she knew that Jacob would soon be with her. Ah…Jacob… Though she knew that his absence was necessary, she couldn't help but regret every moment that he was away, every tedious minute that was not filled with his scent, strong on the wind, or his body, warm against hers. She missed his eyes most though, so deep that she could pour her whole heart into them and there was still room for more. She missed the gentle thrum of his heartbeat too, counting away the seconds of their eternity together.

It felt like hours before she heard that same heartbeat in the depths of the trees behind her and a burden that she had not noticed felt lifted from her shoulders. Her body seemed to turn of its own accord towards him as he emerged from the forest. Jacob was in still in wolf form, his russet fur dewy with moisture that didn't reach the under layers near his skin. His eyes were bright with reflected moonlight as he bounded eagerly towards her. Renesmee fell to her knees to greet him and they met with a furry, wet collision, his overenthusiastic strength knocking her backwards into the sand. She laughed out loud with the joy of being near him once more.

"What's the matter, Jakes?" she giggled, "Couldn't wait long enough to change back?"

Jacob blinked his bright wolf eyes at her and hung his head, surveying his own form as if he was only just noticing that it wasn't his usual, less furry body. If a wolf could grin, then he did, a great, long tongue hanging out of the corner of his mouth. This lopsided expression was so innately ludicrous that Renesmee was laughing even more than before as he trotted off in the direction of the trees. He soon reappeared, no longer in wolf form, but infectious grin still in place, and came to sit by her on the sand.

"So how've you been, Nessie?"

Renesmee thought about that question and suddenly the laugh fell from her lips. Why would he ask that question, which was so sure to break the joyful mood so early on?

"Oh. You know. Missing you…"

Renesmee trailed off, her mouth half forming words that didn't seem relevant anymore. She gazed solemnly out into the vast blackness of night, feeling its weight even stronger than she had even before Jacob arrived.

"Is something wrong?" asked Jacob, eyes filled with concern.

"No. It's just…" she sighed deeply, exhaling the soft tidal breeze in a wave of melancholy, "You've been away a long time."

"I know," said Jacob, his words quieted by the change in atmosphere. He lay back in the sand, putting his hands behind his head and raising his eyes upwards, as if observing the night. His furrowed brow betrayed different thoughts. Renesmee listened to the sound of the heartbeat she had missed so much, still beating away the countdown till morning, when bright, pure light would steal over the landscape and wash away the words of the night.

Jacob's skin gleamed in the moonlight. Not like the dazzling, glimmering skin of a vampire in sunshine, but as if it had caught the ethereal light itself, radiating it back into the atmosphere. There was not only dim light in the air, but also something else. Perhaps a feeling. Something like static, or a tingling sensation on the lips or the tongue. This something seemed gathered about their bodies, luring them into midnight with its electric caress and pulling them, reluctant, into each new second. Perhaps a human would not have felt it.

Renesmee sighed again, the sound escaping her mouth in an involuntary bid for freedom as she lowered herself backwards into Jacob's warm body. Nestled next to his large form, she wondered vaguely where the laughs of their reunion had gone. How had their joy been killed so quickly? So efficiently?

"I love you, Jacob."

"I love you too, Nessie."

"I really do, though."

"I know."

Renesmee wished she had better words to describe to him how she felt, to tell him all the things he had to hear. Tell him what, though? Tell him that she wanted him, that she needed him, but tell him that she minded how long he'd been way, though she knew that it wasn't his fault. Tell him that she wasn't sure how she felt, only that this was the first time that she had truly appreciated confusion. She wanted things to be exactly how they had been before he went away, but there was so much time that they hadn't spent together and so many times that he hadn't contacted her. She wanted to ask him where he had been, what he had done, but she was afraid of the answer. She knew that some of the wolves hadn't returned. No Sam, no Seth. She knew that in the end, she didn't really need to tell him anything; she just wanted him to tell her. Not because she was curious, but because she could feel the unspoken words between them, forming a solid barrier even when they were so close.



"It's gonna get better."

Hearing those words from his lips, Renesmee truly believed them. So long as he said so, everything would work out right. They couldn't go back; they could never go back to those carefree days of the past. But they could at least go forwards, and perhaps that was better. Even as Renesmee was thinking this, she saw the beginnings of day on the horizon. Cautious, the light had only just broken away from night-time, yet it was undeniably real. It was barely a glimmer, a small spark on the edge of the ocean, but it was there. After all, every new beginning has to start somewhere.