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This picks up/re ends new moon. Edward and Bella go to meet Jacob and it turns into Bella's worst nightmare.

I realized as i was writing this that you kind of need to forget the whole Charlie-finding-out-about-motorcycles thing. It just didnt fit into the plot of this story. DISCLAMER: This story is an alternate ending/sequel to new moon and twilight, both of which were written by Stephenie Meyer. All characters and such are property of her, not me.

4. Effect

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When I opened my eyes, I was confused. What happened? I know I’m an easy fainter, but usually I don’t just conk out for a long period of time, and oh! What is that pain in my throat! Oh my gosh that burns – wait, burns…that means something…oh. my gosh. I was turning into a vampire!! Whoa…Edward? Edward? I tried to call out, but I couldn’t find my voice.

“Bella? Bella?!” an angel calls out, but I can barely hear it, the pain is so severe.

“Yes?” I whisper feebly, I’m in too much pain to actually say something audible.

“Bella, are you – augh! I can’t believe I let this happen! Bella, I am so sorry.” The anguish in the angel’s voice was plain.

“Wha..wait a moment pleasaaaaaaaaaaaah!” a roaring pain just shot down my spine and ripped through me.

“Bella?! Oh Bella, can you ever forgive me??” the angel sobbed. I moaned again when the pain shot up my spine again. I felt something cool on my face; I tried to open my eyes. Something clicked, despite the staggering pain, when I saw the angel’s face.

“Edward,” I choked. I felt the tears, from both the blistering pain and the joy at seeing my beloved’s face. He almost smiled, but then his expression transformed into one I had not seen before. It looked like it would be physically painful to have on your face, even more so then when Jane had put Edward in her power’s grasp. I tried to reach up and touch his face but the pain…when I lifted my arm the pain immediately blasted up through it. I screamed again, and the hurt it caused him was palpable. His hand ran down my face to hold onto my hand. His touch helped dull the pain in my body, but it was still excruciating.

“Edward…I lov--”

“I know, shh….shh…it’s easier if you just relax, oh Bella….I’m so sorry…” he shook. I felt his hand shaking on my hand. I knew this was hard for him, and I wanted to comfort him. Thinking this, another needle of pain bust in my heart, and I was temporarily breathless. My twisted expression must have alerted Edward because the next thing he did was place both his hands on either side of my face and lower his forehead against mine. He put his mouth on mine for a moment, and that helps stifle the scream that escaped my pursed lips. I felt Edward cringe as I drew a ragged breath to scream again. The spasms of pain continued to pulse through me; the venom had entered my heart. Edward lifted half of my tortured body off of whatever it was I was laying on and wrapped both his granite arms around me, pressing into me.

“Bella, Bella it’s almost over, Bella I love you, I love you so damn much…” his voice rough, the last thing I heard before the pain over took my mind.

I groaned as I turned over. I was laying on something soft and cushiony, a couch? I try to remember the last thing I thought, but I’m drawing a blank. I feel the couch deepen slightly down by my feet, and I feel something touch my leg.

“Are you awake?” I open my eyes; I wasn’t expecting to hear any voices.

“What? Who’s – ahh!” I say, as I grasp my head; it hurts terrible, I wonder if I had been drinking…

“Bella, Bella it’s me… do you remember..?” the voice says. I look up at the voice’s face, and I have no idea who it is. The voice’s face contorts into an unfathomable expression.

“You don’t remember…” the voice says so quietly and painfully that I wonder if I was meant to hear it. His hands ball up into fists, and looking down, he smashes his palms into the floor. The floor boards creak and groan under the stress; how could someone….oh my God. Everything, Forks, Jake, Edward…everything came rushing back as the voice’s body, his body, shook with pain. Pain I had caused.

“Edward, Edward….oh my God, Edward….” I say, and I get the feeling that I should be crying from joy, but despite my shaking I feel no tears. He turned away from the floor to look at me, and I just rushed over to him and put my arms around his neck. He didn’t move for a moment, and then I felt his breathing even, and his arms wrap around me.

“Bella, I was so worried, I thought you had forgotten everything, us…” he looked at me and took one of his hands and put it to my face, “Your cheeks, they’re still faintly, so faintly scarlet….” He smiled at that. I laughed. He ran his hand down my face to were my heart was. I felt his hand, but not my pulse.

“Am I dead?” I asked, concerned now. He laughed at that.

“No, silly Bella,” he gently smoothed his lips along my jaw, and trembled. “You’re a vampire.” I felt my jaw drop when he said that. No wonder I wasn’t suffering from a stroke; I had no heart! His eyes searched mine, and they were troubled. This wasn’t what he intended for me at all. I was supposed to grow old, and he was supposed to convince the Volturi to, perish the thought, kill him.

“Really?” I asked. He answered my question by kissing my open mouth. Edward kissing me, really kissing me, now that was something I had never believed possible. W-o-w. When he finally let go of me, not that I wanted him to, and the room stopped spinning, the reality of my situation finally sunk in.

“So it’s really happened,” I said as I struggled to get more air into my unnecessary lungs, “I’m a vampire.” He just nodded, and looked down before he spoke. He chose his words carefully,

“Bella, you know this is not a life I wanted for you,” I tried to interrupt him before he could get himself depressed, but he stopped me, “Bella, please just hear me out, ok?” I nodded, and he continued. “Bella. This life is not easy, especially for someone new to it. And I, don’t get me wrong, I want to spend all of my existence with you, but I don’t – didn’t – want to curse you to this, this life as a demon. The more you found out for me the harder it was for me to understand you, you were so eager to jump in and become what I am. I left because I was afraid that it would become too much of a temptation to my family or, or myself to keep you human. You understand now why we vampires,” his perfect lips twitched at the mention of “we” and “vampires”, “have to refrain from telling humans about our existence. The Volturi,” his spit, “would have killed you themselves, or turned you into one of them.” He struggled to finish his speech, and it was difficult for me to watch. So, I began tracing his granite skin with my own marble fingers, like when he was telling me about himself in the meadow. He looked up at me and smiled his crooked smile. It wasn’t as true as usual, seeing as to how this wasn’t an easy thing to discuss.

“That’s amazingly pleasant, the--” he stopped. His expression turned regretful. I knew what he was going to say.

“Edward,” I said. He looked up at me again, “Edward, if you were going to say ‘warmth’, did my touch feel that way to you? Or were you just going to say that because that’s what you always say—said, when I touch your skin like this?”

“I don’t know, love. It is actually warm….”

“That’s how it was/is for me every time you touch me. Just now you won’t hear my heart stutter when you touch me.” I smiled gently, having said the last bit aloud. He laughed half-heartedly. It was better than nothing. “Edward?” I asked, suddenly aware of something.

“Yes, love?”

“Um, what are we going to do about the treaty and Charlie and Renee…..um…heh...?”

“Um…I think we’re going to find out about the treaty soon; Alice just saw something involving them. Oh! Ha, I almost forgot, do you want to look at yourself now?”

“Oh my goodness yes!” I laughed.

“You don’t need to worry, love. You’re every bit as beautiful as you were before.” He kissed me after saying that. I leaned in to the kiss more than I was used to, enjoying our newfound intimacy. He smiled, and then frowned angrily. “Filthy mongrels!” I looked at him in alarm.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“Love, I don’t think you’re going to enjoy this. Your friend,” he almost sneered, “Jacob is coming here with his pack and they plan to settle the treaty.”