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What would the story be like...if the roles of bella and edward were reversed! Ok Ok I LOVE YOU ALL WHO REVEIWED SO EXPEDIENTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY YOU ARE JUST A-GIGGLE-FIT-BUNCH-OF-FUNSICLES!!!!! PROPS TO YOU, and here is your reward! Chapter 4 is posted thanks guys for being patient!


2. A Close Encounter

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The first day of school is always such a hastle...i mean honestly...how long can it take for people to drop the shiny toy? i hope they do before a new one shows up, because judging by the response I am getting, that doesn't happen often. i wish that i could just transfer back to my old school where i wasn't hunted out by EVERY member of the female persuasion. It gets old rather quickly, i mean where is the sport if they are the ones chasing you down like fat kids after cake!

I was really starting to get annoyed with this Jessica person. She was constantly yapping at me with this obnoxious flirtatious attitude. She was selling herself to me and this was the ad I got "Hi your cute, I'm cute, we should be together until someone cuter comes alongs, because i am a slut who always gets what i want. and I want YOU!" i mean...can you say STALKER much. so that is how it went for almost the entire first two class periods. I just know that god loves me now, two classes so far the same with that foul little Jessica tramp. GOD WHY DO YOU LOATH ME!! I mean i haven't done anything to you!? grrrr this is maddening, if i don't escape soon she is going to put me in a flirting coma! why is the little beast so damn persistant! I mean look at Mike Newton staring at her and all she can think about is nagging me to go out with her until i transfer out of here! Hopefully that isn't too far away!

Why does this agony follow me!

I finally managed to escape jessica for two whole class periods. The teachers of those sinister boring classes were determined to inspire other Jessicas and such to persue me by introducing me to the class. I don't know why teachers feel the need to do that. I mean if I wanted to be known to the student body I would ask for an introduction, but I held blatant disreguard for such frippery and it was going to insight a rage that would definitly stop and halt all people wanting to contact me.

I thought of all of this during third and fourth hour. When lunch came about I was dreading it. The line. All of the other students staring at "the new kid" it is so, so, pathetic. I am not one for meaningless insults but if i am going to be totally and unbearably honest with myself I am going to have to say it in anyway that i can...IGNORANT TEENS! they have no idea the fury that i can produce especially when under pressure. Alas i was able to sit far from Jessica, i sat next to mike but she followed anyway. i was trying really hard not to engage her in conversation as she has a really annoying tendency to just keep blabbing. I was trying to eat when i felt someone staring at me. I was fairly sure it was one of the many pairs of eyes that had been staring at me all day. So I looked up in an attempt to discover who i would have to disappoint now. It was a girl. A beautiful girl. With these topaz eyes that i couldn't believe to be real. She was staring at me with her auburn hair slightly curled and twisting about her face in an absolutly breath-taking fashion. I was overwhelmed. I couldn't, and refused to break eye contact with such a lovely creature. It was her expression that caught my attention. She was just looking at me. Not in a longing way, just a way to suggest that she was too stubborn to break under pressure first and was determined to make me do so.

I laughed inside at this one.

She has no idea of the stubborness i can muster, i will show her. Nothing wrong with a little showing-off in front of the epitomy of pure bueaty as I always say! I sat there just looking back almost daring her to look away. but she sat there completely void of any emotion. It was unnerving. I caved. I felt so weak afterwards but i managed to look nonchalant about it i hoped.

I turned to look at mike "who is that over there?" i asked care free.

Mike looked at me, and then at where I was pointing "Oh your looking at that Cullen girl huh? Dont bother, we have all tried, she's cold hearted man, don't waste your time." he said this in a tone that suggest she had refused him, numerous times. Would she refuse me? I really hoped not. It would definitly be a hit off my self esteem and a blow that my ego might not recover from. I was known as a ladies man and I intended to keep it that way.

"Why do you say she is cold-hearted? Maybe she just doesn't like you?" I asked in a tone suggesting that he wasn't worthy of her graces. Which frankly i thought was true, no one was worthy of this angel. Not even me. And for me to admit that I am not complete, well, you understand the severity of that statment.

Mike just looked at me incredulously "What?! Fine go after her, but i'm warning you, there is something...not right with them...their like...no, never mind" He looked away rapidly after that last statement.

Now i was curious. What could he mean? What could possibly be wrong with this beautiful, pale, stunning, confident girl? "What's not right with them Mike?" I was a little agitated that he would even suggest that She was flawed. It made me furious, if i admit the extremity of my aggrivation.

He looked hesitant, like it was something taboo, "They just...well...they are like a poisonous flower," he said this with such conviction like he was being serious i just had to laugh at him, so I did.

"Mike you can't be serious.." He shot me this glare and i immediatly shut up and listened to what he was saying.

"They are like a poisonous flower, pretty to look at, but deadly to touch. Don't mess with them Edward, not if you know what's good for you." He took the time to warn me. Not hostilly as i expected, but with concern. He actually thought them dangerous. This was something new to ponder about the archangel that captured my heart and wouldn't return it.

The bell rang, and i got up to leave. I looked back at their table and they were all gone. Save one, the short, pixie like girl. She was approaching me! I was alarmed that she would be so bold in front of all the students who feared her..this would be cause for gossip later, great. i sighed inwardly.

"Hi, I'm Alice Cullen. I assume that you are Edward?"

I could only nod, as she spoke my head began to spin. She smelled so sweet and cold, and like too much aftershave, it gave me a headache, but not the bad kind, just the disorienting kind.

"well, i see we are articulate." she said making a joke so i looked at her accusingly

"I see we think we're funny." I said retortingly.

She laughed and then walked away, apparantly satified. She had a very graceful walk. Like a dancer, except better, more refined. I couldn't help but stare, wide eyed in awe, but not the same kind I felt for her sister. That was eternal. A kind of undying admiration that I could never relenquish.

I walked to my sixth hour class and was shocked yet again to see the magnificent creature sitting in the only half occupied desk of the biology classroom. Great i would be her lab partner. I would be able to admire her from close by, and she wouldn't even know, hopefully, if i did this right. I went to go to the teacher and introduce myself. As I crossed in front of the desk that was occupied my lovely future lab partner, I heard the crunch of wood. I turned to see her staring at me. No, staring isn't the right word. She was glaring at me in a way that made my blood run cold. I was appalled. and all I thought was, Crap, what did I do already! I knew this would be the beginning of a wonderful semester.