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What would the story be like...if the roles of bella and edward were reversed! Ok Ok I LOVE YOU ALL WHO REVEIWED SO EXPEDIENTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY YOU ARE JUST A-GIGGLE-FIT-BUNCH-OF-FUNSICLES!!!!! PROPS TO YOU, and here is your reward! Chapter 4 is posted thanks guys for being patient!


3. Anger and Control

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 752   Review this Chapter

I was early like I had said, sitting all alone at my desk. Ignoring every pestering thought that bombarded my conscious being. When HE walked in front of the goddamn vent and HIS scent washed over me drowning me in a malevolent tidal wave of sheer longing. Longing in a way that was definitly not beneficial to his current state of living. I wanted to feel his blood draining from his body and coursing through mine. I had never felt such a desire to be an abomination in my life. Why did this happen now! Today of all days!

I hadn't gone hunting in over two weeks, I thought that I could withstand today with no complications but OH NO...today was the day that Edward, Freaking, Swan had to plague my pitiful exsistence.

It was Utterly perfect. Nothing could have been worse. Alice had seen something coming and she didn't even bother warning me. That was my motivation. Alice had scene this encounter and she didn't see the threat, so I didn't do anything I would regret. Ok, cut off the air flow, cut flow, cut flow, cut flow.

Oh no that mantra wasn't helping at all. It was making the venom form a treaterous pool in mouth that I desperately swallowed to attempt to escape the longing that was growing in the pit of my stomach. He was still just sitting there, I pray to what ever being created all things that he wouldn't move a muscle, though that was highly unlikely to come true even by praying for he was human and they couldn't still themselves for long, they lacked the patience and discipline to do so.

He turned to face me and attempted to make small talk. "Hi, I'm Edward Swan. I am looking forward to making your acquaintance over the next few weeks and would really appreciate it if you would stop treating me like the pariah." He added that last part with a twinge of disdain or so my extra-sensitive ears detected. I gave him a glare that said don't mess with this, you can't handle it.

"Please, Edward Swan, I don't mean to treat you like the pariah you are, but could you please slide over. Don't be offended its for your safety and the safety of those around you. I don't like sitting in such close vicinity as one such as yourself. I also don't intend to make your aquaintance during our purgatory together in this class. So if you would refrain from speaking to me, it would be a smart move." As i said the last segment a smile spread across my face dazzling him into what seemed like a mental coma. He couldn't think straight and I laughed at that. Of course it only made him even more entranced by my presence, so that would make his attempts more forth coming in the near future. I sighed internally great just what i need, an Edward fan club.

He managed not to drool on the desk as he blatantly stared. Mike's thoughts cut into my own I feat that made me loath him even more, "Great check out Swany, totally lost to her perfection. Oh God she is staring at me, and it isn't hateful! YES! wow her eyes are wonderful. I wonder what swany said to make her angry, such a gentle lady, he must have been very rude. pity. Oh well, guess I can try again now that he was shot down, SWEET!" I stopped the chattering right then and shot him a don't you even think about it glare.

Glaring is something that gets my message across. It is also something I do frequently, and it is something i am proud to be able to do so well, i could stop someone's heart instantaneously if i so wished it and that made me happy. Although i wouldn't want to stop this Edward character's heart, why did i just think that. Ok back to reality. Ok Biology, boring. Tiny biological creatures, still boring. I wonder what Edward's thinking. hmmm...lets take a peek. Nothing, all quiet upstairs. Does he know how to block his thoughts? No he couldn't, he is too naive to know about us. Or could he. This could be a problem. I better not give him anything he could use against me. Or this could spell trouble big time for the Cullens.