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What would the story be like...if the roles of bella and edward were reversed! Ok Ok I LOVE YOU ALL WHO REVEIWED SO EXPEDIENTLY AND CONTINUOUSLY YOU ARE JUST A-GIGGLE-FIT-BUNCH-OF-FUNSICLES!!!!! PROPS TO YOU, and here is your reward! Chapter 4 is posted thanks guys for being patient!


4. An Insightful Realization

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I had thought that I had been rather clever in my first and only statement to her. I mean how much can you really expect a guy to think of to say that is witty when you have the embodiment of all worldy, other worldly, and ethereal beauty sitting in front of him? Her comment was not what i had expected. It was brash and cold just like Mike had said she was but it took me a little of guard with the way her voice tinkled. It was like a soft, fierce xylaphone chiming away. The sound was nearly so overwhelming that i didn't interpret what she was saying. I almost wished I hadn't because the amount of malicious venom she put into her words no matter what the tone was seriously disturbing. I wasn't prepared fot that to escape from her lips, which happend to look like cherry colored marble, perfectly shaped as if by a master artist with the most scrutiny possible using a needle. No flaw was detected in her delectable lips.

I slowly realized that she was mad considering the simple fact that I had been blatantly and rudly staring at her. For some reason the only thing I could think that would bring that amount of frusteration to her face was that she was uncomfortably self-conscious! Brilliant I can try and use that to gain some sort of favor from her. No matter how long it takes. I have two years to do so. This is going to be the chase of the century. But even as I thought of that it sounded false inside my head. I couldn't precisly picture her being a gazelle, graceful and swift, while i was a lion, strong and confident. Something jsut made me think that she was serious when she said the smart thing would be to stay away from her.

I don't that that is going to deter me from the pursuit though. I turned slowly towards the front of the room, just as I did so the bell rang and the sound was so deafening to my ears after all the uninterrupted silence between me and my esteemed lab partner. This semester was going to be the death of me.

She quickly loped from the room leaving trace amounts of her smell behind her as she went. I soon followed that direction toward the parking lot in hopes of catching one last glimpse of her before the night to come. I didn't suceed instead I entered my vehicle, if thats what you call a tank of a truck, and headed for home to visit with Charlie before being left to wallow in my thoughts. Tonight just keeps sounding better and better

I couldn't keep the whiny tone out of my thoughts as they kept drifting back to tonight. When i reached the house I quickly said hello and then ordered a pizza. Neither Charlie nor I could cook, I never felt the need to learn and Charlie was an old dog who couldn't learn new tricks.

In the solitude of my room I began to go over the events of today and try and register how I had responded to certain situations. A good twenty minutes surpassed as I replayed the conversation and relived the rush of testosterone I felt at looking at her.

I decided finally after much frusteration and simpering that I did not in fact love her. It was a purly rash response to the ungodly beauty that happened to reside in the desk neighboring mine. But there was an indescribable attraction. Of that I was certain, if only by one party. Her tone of voice and the rhetoric she used only suggest that she was very intelligent and interesting. Which of course is a bonus. The pursuit was still well under way. If only I could think of a way to BEGIN...