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24 Hours

Bella Swan is told she only has 24 hours to live. How will she react and what will happen when she runs into a certain vampire? Based on the song 24 by Jem.

Story based on the song 24 by Jem. Also, for the purpose of this story, Bella is not Edward's singer, it would make things too complicated in the short amount of time this story will take place. It will be about 24 chapters, I think. Maybe 25, I don't know. Enjoy. Also, I still don't own anything, Stephenie Meyer does.

1. Chapter 1: The countdown begins

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24 Hours

In 24 hours they'll be
laying flowers
on my life, it's over tonight
I'm not messing no I
need your blessing
and your promise to live free
please do it for me

24 by Jem


Chapter 1: The countdown begins

It was around midnight when I finally got of work - I worked weekends in a restaurant in Port Angeles, near my hometown Forks; I was working overtime tonight. I said a quick goodbye to Angela, my best friend and colleague, grabbed my bag and coat and went on my merry way.

It was storming when I walked outside, lighting and thunder roared in the skies and rain was falling down with a vengeance. I hated the rain and couldn't wait to get to my car as soon as possible - it was parked about 10 minutes away from the restaurant. It was rather ironic that I hated the rain, since I lived in Forks, which was the most rainy town in the history of the US.

I was glad I had my raincoat on and some protection against the fierce weather. I began walking my way to my car. It was 10 past twelve when it happened - I clearly remember the time because I had just looked at my watch.

It came out of nowhere, the lightening, I didn't even have time to blink as it struck me and send me flying to the curb. Of all the people in the world, I had to be the one to get struck by lightening. I really was the most unlucky person in the entire world - it was as if the world wasn't satisfied until it killed me. It was bad enough that I was the biggest klutz imaginable, but I also seemed to have some weird attraction to danger. I had no idea why that was.

After the lightening struck me, and I had fallen down, I felt like I was floating; it was the most liberating experience I had ever had. There were no worries where I was - no concern for Charlie, my father - no feelings of hurt as I thought of my mom who left me when I was just a baby - nothing. I was free.

The feeling didn't last long, however, as I felt something shock me back into existence. I had no idea what it was, but next thing I knew, I was being rushed to the hospital. Apparently no more than 5 minutes had passed before Angela found me and called 911.

So now here I was, lying in a hospital bed in the ER, hooked to all sorts of machines, waiting for a doctor to come and tell me what kind of damage I had brought upon myself this time. Though, it was strange, I felt no pain - I actually felt perfectly fine, so I had no idea why they were keeping me here or monitoring my heart. Sure, it had stopped beating for a few minutes, but it was fine now, no reason to worry.

After what seemed like forever, but were probably just minutes, a doctor walked in; he had a very sad and serious look upon his face. I immediately knew something was really wrong, or he wouldn't look at me with such pity in his eyes.

"So, what's the verdict, doc? Am I stuck here for a few days?" I said, wrinkling my nose in disgust; I hated hospitals, though I spend half of my time in them.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news."

'Oh, that doesn't sound good. Doesn't sound good at all.' I thought as I looked at his pained expression; he clearly didn't want to tell me whatever it was he needed to tell me.

"Okay..." I said, not sure what else I could say, I needed him to speak first. After a few moments of awkward silence, he sighed and spoke, "Isabella-" I cut him off, "Bella," I corrected, he nodded.

"Bella, when the lightening struck you, you went into cardiac arrest. Now, we were able to bring you back by shocking you, but not without damage," he said, I was silent, I knew there was something bad coming, so I waited for him to continue.

"It seems that when the lightening struck you, it did irrevocable damage on your heart. I'm sorry to tell you that your heart will most likely give out within 24 hours," he said, and for a moment, I was stunned beyond speech. I could hardly comprehend what he told me. I was going to die? Then the panic hit me - I was normally a very calm person, but not this time.

"I-I'm going to die? In 24 hours?! C-Can't you do anything?! Can't you help me?! Please, I'm only 18 years old. I haven't even graduated high school," I begged, traitor tears falling from my eyes. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, I was going to die in 24 hours? The world really did hate me! What about Charlie? What would he do with me gone? What about me? Would it hurt a lot? I was right all along - the world was out to kill me, and now, it had succeeded. I might as well be dead already, it didn't matter. I only had 24 hours left; no, not even that much. If I counted from the time the lightening hit me, I only had 23 hours and 15 minutes left - it was 5 minutes to 1 am.

"I'm very sorry Bella, I can't image what must be going through your head right now. And I am deeply sorry we can't help you, I wish we could," he said, though his voice sounded far away and didn't quite seem to reach me. "Will it hurt?" I blurted out without thinking. Did I really want to know that? "No, it'll hit you very sudden, you'll go into cardiac arrest and hardly feel a thing," he answered my question. At least it wouldn't hurt much, that was a relief.

He apologized once more and left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts. How would I tell Charlie? He would be devastated, I was all he had left. No, I wasn't going to tell him. I would tell him I loved him, one last time and then see what I'd do next. I would be better if he heard it once I had died, not a few hours beforehand.

I wasn't planning on staying in the hospital until I died, either. If I only had one day left, I would make it as good as possible, though I had no idea how to do that - I wasn't exactly your biggest party girl. There was so much I still wanted to do with my life, so much I hadn't done. I had never fallen in love - I had never been with a man - I had never gotten drunk - I never even partied. I would die as a clumsy, nerdy, virgin. That was just great!

I glanced over at the clock on the wall - it was 10 minutes past 1. As of now, I only had 23 hours to live...