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24 Hours

Bella Swan is told she only has 24 hours to live. How will she react and what will happen when she runs into a certain vampire? Based on the song 24 by Jem.

Story based on the song 24 by Jem. Also, for the purpose of this story, Bella is not Edward's singer, it would make things too complicated in the short amount of time this story will take place. It will be about 24 chapters, I think. Maybe 25, I don't know. Enjoy. Also, I still don't own anything, Stephenie Meyer does.

2. Chapter 2: God-like angel and 23 hours left

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Be careful they say
don't wish life away,
now I've one day

24 by Jem


Chapter 2: God-like angel and 23 hours left

I only had 23 hours left - maybe even less if the doctor's were wrong, maybe a little more - before I died. It was hard to think about it, so surreal. I wished this was all a dream, but those wishes were futile, this was all too real.

I got up from the hospital, changed out of the hospital gown and back into my own clothes, and left the room to go sign out at the front desk. The doctor that told me the 'bad' news headed me off before I reached the counter.

"Ms Swan, I really recommend you stay here so we can continue to monitor your condition," he said, still looking at me with pity in his eyes - I knew I was being irrational, but it sort of annoyed me how he looked at me.

"I'm sorry doc., but as of now I have less than 23 hours to live and I want to live them in the real world, not stuck in a hospital. Can you understand that?" I said, speaking to him as if he were a 4 year old. He was bugging the living daylights out of me, or something; I thought that's how the saying went, I forgot.

"Yes, I understand. Again, my sincere apologies, Ms. Swan." I nodded and sauntered toward the front desk to sign out.

Once I had my papers in order - which caused me to loose another 10 minutes, leaving me with only 22 hours and 42 minutes to live, I walked outside - it had stopped raining - and breathed in the cool air which was oddly soothing to me now.

Just as I took another step, I slipped on the icy surface and began to fall down. I prepared myself for the painful encounter with the hard, cold ground, inwardly cussing, but the pain never came. Instead, I felt two, icy cold hands against my back - they were so cold I could feel them through my clothing, causing me to shiver - preventing me from falling down.

I opened my eyes, preparing myself to thank who-ever it was that helped me, but was stunned into silence as I found myself staring back into a pair of golden/topaz eyes, the most beautiful and unusual I had ever seen. The boy that helped me looked about my age and was an absolute god-like creature send down from heaven, in my opinion. Besides his enchanting eyes, he had the oddest colour of hair: bronze-like, untidy hair; it looked like he ran his fingers through it a lot. I also noticed that he was lanky, but not bulky, and with a lot of muscles.

Suddenly, he flashed me this stupid, crooked smile, making me want to jump him right there and then and never let him go - it was strange, I had never reacted like this towards the male population. My heart was in overdrive, which couldn't possibly be good considering it could give out at any minute. But behind his smile, I thought I detected a little bit of annoyance, probably due to the fact that he had saved me from a painful fall and all I could to was stare instead of thanking him.

"Hi," he suddenly said; his voice was like music to my ears. A sweet, velvet, angel-like voice; it made my heart flutter.

"H-hi," I managed to choke out as my cheeks began to blush a dark red; I was so pale it was always so obvious when I blushed. I had always thought that I was the palest person alive, but it seemed as if this boy was even more pale than me. It was rather odd; his cold, pale skin and topaz eyes, I had never encountered such a person like him. If you could even call him a person; he was so beautiful it was painful to look at.

"Are you alright?" He asked me in that same velvet voice, I could do nothing but nod. Finally, much against my dismay, he let go of me all too soon and set me straight so I wouldn't fall again. It seemed like only seconds later when 2 other, extremely pale and beautiful people, also with topaz eyes, joined my saviour and me. One was a short girl with black, spiky hair, who looked like a pixie. The other was a lean, muscular boy with honey blond hair - he looked like he was in pain.

I suddenly felt rather sad, as I thought of how I wanted to get to know these seemingly unique people, but would never have the chance to, since I would be dead by the end of the day. The sadness disappeared as sudden as it came and was replaced by a sense of calmness I didn't want to feel right now. I looked toward the 3 inhumanly beautiful people who suddenly reminded me of those vampire movies I used to watch when I was a little girl. Why that was, I had no idea.

When I looked at the pixie-girl, she smiled at me, but suddenly her smile faded away and her face turned blank as her topaz eyes glazed over. The boy next to her tensed up and the boy that saved me seemed a little shocked, as if he knew what she was thinking. She snapped out of it a little while later and looked at me with a sad expression in her eyes, as if she knew I was going to die soon - but she couldn't know that, could she? The boy with the pained expression and honey blond hair looked confused and on edge as he took the pixie-girl's hand in his and rubbed soothing circles on the back of it.

I looked toward my saving angel and he seemed to be in the greatest pain of all of them; he seemed so sad, as if he had just lost someone close to him and he would never be able to recover from that loss.

I was beginning to feel rather self-conscious as they continued to stare at me, all with saddened expressions, even the boy with the honey blond hair seemed to share the other two's expressions now; it was extremely weird.

"I-I need to..." I stammered, unable to finish and proceeded to walk away from them, but was stopped by a cool hand on mine. I yanked my hand away, not because of the coolness, but because of the surge of electricity I felt when it touched me. I turned around and once again found myself staring into those beautiful topaz eyes of the god-like boy who had saved me. The other two were beautiful, but he possessed the most beauty, in my opinion.

"Y-yes?" I stuttered, waiting for him to say something. He said nothing, instead, he offered me his hand as the pixie-girl and the other boy looked at us with a mixture of sad and wary expressions. I didn't know why, but I took his hand, even though I didn't even know him. For all I knew, he could be a deranged serial killer, but I felt safe with him around, comforted somehow.

"W-what time is it?" I asked, I needed to know how long I had left; I had no idea how long this little encounter took, but I imagined it stripped me of some precious time - time I would never get back.

"20 past two," he said in a sad, grieving tone, as if he, too, was sad to see so much time had passed already. I nodded, oddly calm for someone in my current situation, as I realized I now only had 22 hours to live. Not even a full 22 hours, I only had 21 hours and 50 minutes to live.

The bronze-haired, angel/god-like boy started walking, dragging me along with him, away from the hospital, as we left the other two behind us. If he killed me now, I hoped he'd do it as quick as possible without much pain. Though, I didn't think he would kill me, didn't think he had it in him to inflect any harm upon me.