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Fluffiness(Alice and Jasper)

Basically just a fluffy scene between Alice and Jasper. It's really cute and will bring smiles I hope.

VERY FLUFFY!!! If you dont like fluff turn back now!!! I fyou do like fluff read on!!!

1. Chapter 1

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“Hey darlin’ what’s wrong?”, Jasper asked as he enveloped me in a hug.

“Nothin’. I’m just not sure what to do…”, I smiled as I hugged him closer.

“What do you mean you’re not sure what to do?”, he asked again.

“Well, even though he isn’t here Carlisle said that I can’t go shopping anymore because I…well I went shopping 10 times in the past week and spent over a hundred thousand dollars in three trips. Bella, Edward and Renesmee are out on a family tripand won’t be back until tomorrow. Rosalie and Emmett are touring Europe again and are coming back tomorrow. And Carlisle and Esme have been in Isle Esme for two weeks and aren‘t coming back until tomorrow. And the werewolves are at La Push and there is no impending doom to prepare for and well…it’s just me and you in the house and I have nothing to do. Eternity can be soooo boring sometimes!”, I exclaimed huffing in frustration at the end.

“Darlin’, is forever with me really that bad?”, Jasper teased ruffling my hair.

“Of course not.”, I softened.

“Well then if its only the two of us in the house, why don’t we do something together?”

“Okay…what do you have in mind?”, I asked grinning.

“Well….it snowed a lot yesterday and last night. There is about a two feet of snow there.”, Jasper grinned back.

“You do realize if I go out there I’ll be up to my thighs?”

“Yeah.”, Jasper laughed.

“Well come on then!”, I laughed getting up off our bed. Jasper laughed as well as I tugged him up too. We put on a pair of mitts each and a earmuffs. Although we decided that we could stay in jeans and sweaters. Because the front door wouldn’t open without breaking it we decided to jump out of the attic window. Yep…four stories above ground…..this is going to be fun!

“You go first.”, I said pushing Jasper out the window. Even though he didn’t expect it he still managed to do 3 or 4 flips. He put in a few twists and turns and grinned up at me before doing a belly flop in the snow. I laughed. Jasper resurfaced covered in snow. It was stuck in his hair and even in his eyelashes. The soft sweater that had been originally dark blue was now white and his jeans were unrecognizable. His shoes were probably ruined. The mittens and earmuffs had been lost in the sticky snow. The imprint of his body in the snow almost looked like a starfish.

“Come on Darlin’”, Jasper called still grinning at me,” Or are you too afraid I’m better than you?”, he taunted.

“You don’t stand a chance!!”, I yelled as I jumped in to the air. With my small agile body I was able to do 7 flips (front and back) 3 spins and twist and then finally landing in on my back. Jasper helped me up as I shook the snow out of my hair.

“I was better than you!!”, I teased Jasper laughing.

“Oh really?”, Jasper got a mischievous smile on his face.

“What are you planning?”, I asked eyeing him carefully.

“Oh nothing…”, Jasper aid nonchalantly. Then he picked me up and said, “ Nothing …except tossing you in the snow!!!” Jasper said as he tossed me a hundred feet away.

“Aaahhh!!! Jasper!!!!”, I squealed as I landed waist deep in snow. “Jasper help! Damsel in distress here!!! I can’t get out!! I’m stuck!!”

“Well my fair lady I’ll just have to get you out then won’t I?”

“Yes , yes you will.”, I said as Jasper put his arms around me.

“Hmmm…what if I don’t feel like it?”, Jasper asked.

“Some prince you are. Next thing you know I’ll be slaying the dragon all by myself.”, I said joking.

“Of course you have to slay the dragon! There was no prince at all! For I am the evil dragon thou doth speak of!!”, Jasper said with his southern accent mixing in with his newly acquired Shakespearian lingo.

“Ahhh!!! Save me!! Save me!!!”, I squealed as “the dragon” picked me up.

“Now I have you in my evil clutches!!!”

“Not for long!”, I said slipping out of his grasp.

“Take that! And that!! And that and that and that!!!!”, I said smiling as each “that’ was followed by a satisfying “splat” of a snow ball on Jasper’s chest.

“Oh no!! I’m dying!!!”, Jasper groaned falling down on his knees and backward into the snow.

“Jasper! Are you hurt?”, I asked as I ran over , I wasn’t entirely concerned but it couldn’t hurt to check right? Wrong. As soon as I had bent over him Jasper’s eyes snapped open and his arms clutched me in a strong hold against his chest. At first I fought it but then eventually gave in and just snuggled up against Jasper.




Four more snowball fights, 20 more “jumping out of the windows” competitions and countless foiled “dragon steals the princess” attempts later Jasper and I were snuggled up at 1 in the morning on the couch with a fire going in the fire place. We had a blanket (though it wasn’t necessary ) and a steaming mug of cougar blood, or as we liked to call it hot cocoa. I snuggled into Jasper.

“What Darlin’”, He asked putting his arm around me.

“Oh, nothing…just, I had the best day with you today.”

“You enjoyed yourself?” I nodded “Me too.” I smiled.

“I love you Jazzy.”

“I love you too Darlin’.” I smiled as I watched the dying embers of the fire. I had so much fun today, too bad everyone was coming back tomorrow.